DIY Camping Gear Using Straws for Water Tight Containers

Brett at back at you. had a question come in the other day about making survival tubes using straws. Try to get straws that are big and clear so you can see what you put in them. what you actually put in them. You cut your straw using a razor blade or pair of sissors. Heat up one end just enough to where you start seeing it crimp. Once it melts a bit grab your pliers, needle nose preferably and you’ll see I have a beautiful crimp right here. something you can do, everybody’s out there talking on the web about water proofing their matches and stuff like this this works out outstandingly. You can drop a couple good matches in there, and make sure when lighting this that you are lighting the end that’s not on the matches. So what we’re going to do is heat that up again and get it to where it starts to melt, crimp it, and you’re done. The other thing that this is excellent for is alot of times when you’re camping or you’re trying to put together your survival kit ummm…. kit and and you want to add some spices I’ll tell you something not only as we were discussing earlier that I fill one full of salt. This will actually give you a benefit in a dehydration situation or for nothing more than having salt available for you…If you don’t get a crimp well enough the first time just by heating it up you can grap your needle nosed pliers and give it a little heat on the back end like that and you have just…no, not quite not quite. We are just going to crimp it again..We are just going to run the heat over it again. …and we just squeeze her up and fill it up with salt. I’m going to do it without a funnel and once I’m done, same thing again we are going to heat this up. Sometimes if you lick your fingers you can actually pinch it together just like that and you’ll have a very nice tight seal as well. And there you have it. Brett…

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