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DIY Collapsible Water Canteen Water Storage Container- Home Made Emergency Water Carrier

DIY Collapsible Water Canteen Water Storage Container- Home Made Emergency Water Carrier

hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper summer is a great time to think about water and the preparations you need to make to be sure
that you always have enough fresh drinking water shtf emergency situations have you seen the collapsible water canteens and you wondered if they would really work why
are they so expensive how can I make one myself here’s a quick tip on how to make
your own water storage canteen when you have a bottle of water and you finish
drinking it remove the lid press the bottle flat
roll it up from the bottom put the lid back on and you’ve made your own collapsible water storage canteen it’s collapsible it doesn’t take up much room in your Bug Out Bag hiking gear emergency survival prepping kit and it’s going to last for a few uses fill with water these DIY water storage canteen containers work great in your bug out bag your hiking bag
your survival gear a few recycled repurposed plastic water bottles reused water bottles can go a long way
towards helping you make sure that you can collect fresh water when you have a
chance emergency survival situation leave me a comment on your tips and tricks on DIY survival gear learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

9 thoughts on “DIY Collapsible Water Canteen Water Storage Container- Home Made Emergency Water Carrier”

  1. Great idea. Thank you for all your prepping ideas. We are in the path of hurricane Dorian so we didn’t have to go crazy getting supplies because we already have them. Just the last minute things. We already gassed up the cars and got some fresh fruits and veggies yesterday. Went to Walmart today and not a bottle of water of any size or shape available. We don’t need any cause we already have water. I looked just for curiosity sake. Got a few more items and we have the rest already. We also have our wooden boards if we need to cover the windows. We save them from year to year. All these things really save time and money. Staying prepared as much as we can ahead of time!! Thank you again for all the tips!! God bless and please keep us in your prayers!! Thanks!

  2. Brilliant AG. Several would fit in a small space and be nearly weightless. Maybe in a small net bag hung by carabiner off a molle loop on the back of a backpack. Great stuff AG. Love all the videos. K

  3. Thank you for your video.
    I discovered by accident that one can "shrink" a PET plastic bottle with boiling water, … Everything seems to shrink to a "standard", except the screw top, and you end up with a "mini me" of the original bottle. EXCEPT! It's now thicker, stronger, although smaller, … lol Doesn't fold up either but could hang from your bag or belt.
    Seriously, give it a try, what are you out? Some hot water? … I think I used a funnel, … just saying.
    The new strength and thickness of the shrunk bottle would make it last a lot longer than an un-shrunk one, IMHO. The ability to survive a poke or a fall and last a while would be nice, if you needed that I mean.
    Oh yeah, I was trying to make a hot water bottle for some chicks I was picking up, … I thought that PET plastic bottle wrapped in a towel and filled with boiling water would be perfect, …. and it was, it was just shrunk.
    Have a great one.


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