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DIY Edible School Supplies!!! *FUNNY PRANKS* Back To School! Learn How To Prank using Candy & Food

DIY Edible School Supplies!!! *FUNNY PRANKS* Back To School! Learn How To Prank using Candy & Food

Mmm. What their edibles can cram it wasn’t awesome. Yeah, they’re really good, but Bro, that’s a real one. Do what are you doing? AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rose why would you do that? huh tastes Good doesn’t taste good at all you challenged us to make a whole bunch of Diy Edible Back-to-school supplies that way when you get hungry a class you can eat there are two ways to make Candy Kranz What involve skills the other condon someone can open the bag? In there nice okay. I think I have one of my hair wait. I always hang is one of my shirt to the Best you’re up there alone. Yep, you can separate out the colors of my skittles And I’m going to start cutting this fondant into tran shape. Let’s do it Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? Why did the vitamins all in the red ones ah? Next mlb’s down and then turn it into a crayon now. I was going to try to poke them with you they break holes So cool. They look like little flowers or something so now we’re gonna peel these off. What are you doing? I’m growing it the old details now. I’m going to take these and I’m going to turn these into a crayon Another thing not enough for cran that does not look like it nothing in comparison to this. I don’t know it’s going to work through Oh, it’s actually working. Oh my gosh. Now. I’m going to kind of like try this into a point here I’ve made a crayon. There’s like the pointiest Crayon of all it buttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt You can eat that did you just grab one of my wrappers seriously devon? I want to see what color friend you made? Bro, do you whatever make like five different colors my eight years took a long time you ready. We’re going to eat them here We go three two One swimming away first I’ve got a challenge You want to see if you can subscribe to this channel turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a thumbs up in Seven seconds here. We go you ready for it. How many seven six five four three? Two one If you could do that comment down below Keepers walk right now. What are you doing? I forgot how to count on my fingers Rose I step back to school video desert here. We go alright. Oh what you actually caught that hog all right here I go come on. God No Buster just where you king man. Oh, this is so good without it our first day at school man. How you do it? You are about to learn how to make an edible glue singh you know there’s two different versions of this version number one No one to be with this frosting and the other one’s gonna be with Starburst definitely dismantle your glue stick You just have to remove the glue from the glue I like the widgets maple more to twist the glue out often and just I Can’t tell if this part was supposed to be but if you show it no I next I’m going to watch out your glue stick and one back next up. I’m going to start unwrapping my starburst What are you doing about to open this up without a finger? Oh oh man? Oh? First step for me is punching this starburst into this tube right here what ah? You have no idea. How hard this is okay. I think I got it. No. I’m not on the silver front. I mean my Rum crying 11th, all right now. This wise is not working mom. Sorry wrong messes. Oh, oh, no It doesn’t look like it whew this technique is working this works really well. Oh, you got it Yeah, you just don’t do it on the table because it gets tough a little bit excess on the edge for this What’s going seven finishing his I’m going to pop this in the freezer for a few minutes So yeah be right back hello to you almost home yep bam got mine out the freezer. Oh Look at that. Oh my God. That’s so awesome. Your thing is mine Actually look at the glue sticks ah I wouldn’t get in trouble, but seven on the other hand yeah I didn’t think about that. It looks ejected by the Instagram girl If you want to be shut up She’s got people unique check the description down below to find out how right now. It’s going to grab it loose I have to find it. I think I broke the five-second rule three two one oh Just going to glue my paper over you Oh my gosh shows that started a big Trouble yeah, I’m kind of can understand you. What’s local huh, I? Think you’re saying we’re moving on to the next round On it you can try to everyone with the next diy edible food right woody. Oh, whoo. This is so cool I’ve always wanted to eat this it’s so powdery and so delicious looking rolls. Oh I think I do way too much. Oh, whatever. How can we ever sit in my mouth? No emily? I’ve seen this on every Instagram not satisfied compilation whoa All right, we’re good in return You little religious spit all over me drive into London amorphous But you’re fun cause out like half Cos if you want to get super muscular cheeks We’re not saying you do, but if this is what you give grabbing some of these long balloon, okay? And then try to ball it out to devon go for it It’s actually really difficult like I married it early crying There’s hardly ten, but if you keep practicing every day someday, you’ll be able to do this What? we have Yeah, extreme cheek muscles, Da I kind of pop it Up. I balloon pie. So what you do is you just take this little part here, and you just wrap it around you get there What are you doing? I got that you’re gonna roll it up, and then toss it up cause it’s a gumball ha oh Nailed it right as I finished do you ready for this? I’m not sure this goes this way put it down in there, whoa Look at that. I guess you just pull it from here and then you oh It actually works This is an awesome frames You can pull on your friends when you go back to school basically if you take a glue container you empty it out Right now you’re gonna want to go to the sink and wash it out because you want no glue left in here whatsoever once you Get them out now. It’s time to fill them up with a liquid so jen’s got some water for his oh, this is gone Yeah, I was not smooth dove and don’t make me laugh. I’ll get some milk for mine. Woo then recision Alright there you go wait for some breakage the glue bro now this prepare your ready for the prank So here’s how it works spinning class sure You’ll desert. God when you’re opening water no one’s got water you’re like and then pick up your blue your Joel keep the dog Pam Not that rapidly no no no don’t shoot it straight out. No, that’s good. Now. We’re gonna make an eraser Oh no, no no, no I want it bro. What are you doing? I want to quit what again seriously Well, I guess we’re going to grab our three red ones each another yell at this one. We’re making a pink eraser Oh, and that’s just to keep in mind You’re not a yellow star versus and your paint one this next part may sound very Difficult, and it probably will be but we’re going to try to make it easy you can have to like meld three Separate star parts into one and now Where’s our bullet or when you really do this? do that The other have the Brilliant idea to first put into a ball and then from there push it into the eraser shape this looks cool It’s like a marble ball. Oh that was really neat alright. I feel like it’s a bouncing ball. No, it’s not bouncing I’m going to try to stretch my star aha, right Master Carver’s alright my eraser What is that for any rollers had to come in handy at some point of my life? It’s just going to get steps you can have two rulers to Shushan. I have a great idea. Let’s stop. You can start over Okay, so for this next part I’m going to use an exacto knife so for this part make sure you have parental supervision if you’re doing this at home That didn’t work Have a life like I have a life back no Dorian I had to be done and right now. We’re moving on to the finale a notebook olan whoo This is the big finale It’s an entirely edible notebook like every single thing is edible that we can write note to someone pass to them It’s like to heat your calls you out or you can lose eat the note this right here is something called sugar sheet those like Paper made out an entirely sugar. Can you get those pens open you get to gun it? They’re also pens this machine gives an animal. I guess using like decorate food with it and stuff so I wonder Don’t bump me down I’m making one more red line right next to it Going to be looking so spicy bro. Look at that. Oh my God. We look so good I the next up at the line, so I have the black pen for you, so I’m going to never know They’re blue the good thing. I’m making this so I’ve been doing that a different twizzlers I’m going to deconstruct right now and turn them into I on the book pages. Yo leave your cool You’re not eating it all right not Devin’s Gonna punch holes out of the pages as I decorate the artwork on the front of it I know you’re thinking I’m not an artist But I’m about to be I cannot wait to see what this turns out logo is going to listen to so I’m just realizing that I did this in the wrong order this stuff is supposed to be done at the same time that we have the cover and all of the other pages or none of the holes are going to line up, so Yeah before I reveal to you guys my masterpiece as well let you guys know one completely unrelated note I recently got stung by a bee on my finger which really hurt and here’s my cover What right foot and dude say oh no, and you like it to be and then there’s a bee and it’s a foot But in my favorite part is the foot is saying it’s a foot to be looking mad dangerous, bro Coming out of that stinger. Well, I think you nailed it. You may realize job. Okay? I’m gonna try to seal this off, okay So weirdly flexible I know some paper Think about that man rolling through the school year with this all year You’ll be the most popular kids for sure you don’t eat it before you get to the end I may because it was much more delicious than to be about a seat Etha put Like Sprinkles boom all right next up is the binding help the pages don’t grab and here you have it the coolest binder of all time Yeah, right now guys worried about take our very first bite But first if you want to be featured the next video comment down below right now is let us know what school supplies should we? Turn into an edible food By the Dam ready three two one Whoa watching a biter? Ms. Giggles good prisoner show cool mmm, huh? I got it’s a dummy Won’t be another video click right over here and right now the we’re here. I dare you look right here I dare you doing under right now. Look I love you, but

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