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DIY Emergency Food Buckets- Earthquake- One Pot Pasta Recipe- AlaskaGranny Rides Out Earthquake

DIY Emergency Food Buckets- Earthquake- One Pot Pasta Recipe- AlaskaGranny Rides Out Earthquake

DIY emergency food bucket kits stockpile food prepping prepper pantry one pot pasta recipe food storage hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper one of the
strategies that I have for stockpiling or storing food for emergency survival prepping situations is to take several meals worth of shelf stable foods that all have about the same expiration date and store the foods together emergency food bucket kit together in a grab-and-go meal emergency bucket these canned packaged foods are just shelf-stable foods
that you can buy at the grocery store but you could easily know how to make a meal out of them no matter what your circumstances emergency situation foods to store they’re mostly open and
eat foods like chili beans peanut butter simple foods emergency pantry stockpile things that you need to just heat
up and make a meal like an instant rice instant mashed potatoes pasta roni some
foods that just add water and you can make a meal the reason you want most of
these food storage items to have the same shelf-life expiration date use by date that’s when
you know you need to use the food items rotate use eat you don’t want to put something foods that
would expire in one year and the other foods things expire in seven years and leave
it for seven years or part of your food could be spoiled so if you make your emergency food bucket kit storage foods have approximately the same age use by date use it around the date of the expiration of the
earliest item and your food is probably all going to be fine and fresh and
useful an must have prepping food storage item to make sure you have so that you can access the emergency food in your diy bucket kit meal
buckets is a bucket lid wrench these can be very difficult to open if you can’t
get your food bucket open how are you going to eat the food you don’t need the
frustration if you can’t access it when you’re hungry on top of the food in the diy emergency meal bucket kit
I always include things like paper plates a few items of silverware and a
can opener like this P38 can opener today I’m going to prepare a simple one-pot pantry pasta meal from foods
that came out of my long term food storage bucket you could also have these food items stored in your pantry and in your long term food storage and then it’s an easy meal to make just from things that
are shelf-stable and you have on hand at our house we
like to call these meals recipes cheap fast and filling yet delicious so try this one pot pasta from food storage
and see if your family enjoys it 16 ounce package of
pasta any shape 12 to 16 ounces of salsa a can of black beans drained a can of
corn drained and a can of chicken broth you could use a vegetable broth if you
prefer to make this a emergency meal vegan option boil the noodles and drain them then add your
salsa your beans and corn and your chicken broth or vegetable broth for vegan food storage pasta recipe warm it thoroughly and
serve it into bowls one pot pasta recipe from food storage is great with some shredded cheese as a topping if you have
some of that make sure that you’re prepping for emergencies putting away food for your family and
find ways to rotate your stored food so that it makes sense and you’ll still have the foods
that you need no matter what comes your way learn more at
please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel live Alaska Earthquake Alaska Granny rides out an earthquake sounds like an earthquake another good
reason to be prepared

13 thoughts on “DIY Emergency Food Buckets- Earthquake- One Pot Pasta Recipe- AlaskaGranny Rides Out Earthquake”

  1. Interestingly enough I'm just in the process of eating through a load of close best before date meal combinations I have put aside for SHTF situations.

    Over the years I've discovered perhaps the most important thing is to focus on variety of tastes where you can. Buying a load of cheaper tins/staples is great if money is tight… say hot dogs, rice, pasta, veg, beans, or tuna as examples… but learn to mix them with different flavors and cooking styles to change taste and texture. Or, rather than blindly buying a certain number of the same cheaper cans every week, save up a couple of weeks money and buy something totally different to give you more options. Every so often I lump my SHTF budget money together, and buy my prepping goods once a month. For around £120 (I'm in the UK), I can easily get enough food to feed me three good balanced and varied meals a day for 31 days, as well as sundries such as flour, hot drinks, jam, weekend treats, cooking oil, toilet paper/soap etc.

    Maybe a series you could do might show how many different varieties of meals you can get with similar ingredients. You can get quite creative with those one pot meals over time. The meal you've just shown is very similar to one I make at my annual clear out time, and yet it's a breeze to make.

    Other times I add olives, use couscous, and make meals more Greek/Italian in style.

    Or, simply just mixing rice or pasta with mayonnaise and tinned tuna/mackerel/veg of choice, works well.

    Taco seasoning is another favourite for chicken. Or curry spices. Or Chinese spices. Flour gives you ability to make both flat breads and pastry for pies. Anyway, I'm rambling. I know you understand perfectly without me going on and on. But it's a fascinating subject, and I could see you coming up with some great recipes that could provide inspiration for both new and established preppers.

  2. Another great menu item for me to try. BTW, I store Herdez Salsa Casera (medium hot), it's really chunky and tasty.

  3. I noticed you put a military-style can opener in the bucket. I've not had the opportunity to use one of these. Can you make a short video showing (in close-up) how these operate. Enjoy all the tips. Thanks so much.

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