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DJI – Phantom 4 – Winter Wilderness

DJI – Phantom 4 – Winter Wilderness

My name is Yannick. I’m from Sacre-Coeur, a small town 15 minutes from Tadoussac. I’ve been the director here at the “Ferme 5 Etoiles” rescue since 2007. Our main goal here is to save the animals that arrive at the shelter. The first thing I do before leaving in the morning is go see the dogs. The ones that you give attention to already know that they will be going with you. It’s important to have a mutual respect. It’s true team work. At the beginning, my question about the Phantom 4 was… Am I going to be able to pilot it? As soon as I got my hands on it, I realized how easy it was. You don’t need to be a great pilot because the Phantom 4 can fly itself. At the rescue, we have… Moose… Bison Deer Wolves As you develop a relationship with these animals, you can simply look at them and you’ll see what nobody else can see. One thing I love about the Phantom 4 is, as soon as an animal is lost… I can easily track him down. It saves us a lot of time and prevents the animals from going too far away. Then, it won’t crash because of the system it has, Which allows it to stop in front of a tree or any obstacle it sees. It allows me to take beautiful images of our land. We’re used to seeing images from the ground, but from the sky its completely different. It’s an incredible tool. We have a large amount of land… Which has allowed us to create a beautiful natural park for these animals. Which makes them feel completely at home in their natural habitat. That’s a beautiful thing for us.

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  1. DJI should consider dumping the subtitles and editing in an English voice-over. It's difficult to critically watch footage and read subtitles at the same time. Aside from that, this is a great PR piece and it looks beautiful!

  2. respect ! vraiment honorable ,
    myself im an animal lover, this video caught my attention really nice video, very beautiful place, summer time and winter time !
    cest comme Mowgli de Tadoussac , ahahah

  3. the link direct you to the page of phantom4
    go hang around and spend you money

  4. It is a great development .. But I had Phantom 3 .. The camera was very poor .. and Not suitable for high-quality broadcasting .. What i really hope that DJI Be More concerned with providing a true high-quality camera

  5. Very nice that DJI made a promotional video in beautiful Quebec showing another angle for the use of a Phantom, well done!

  6. Great video. It's nice to see a french Canadian in an international spot. But I have some concerns with the Phantom 4. From what I'm seeing in the specs it can only (or is highly recommended) to operate between temperatures of 0 and 40 degrees celsius. But DJI seems to market it as if you can use it in cold temperatures (below 0). I'm not an expert but usually snow starts to melt when it's over 0 degrees celsius. In this commercial it just seems to be extremely cold at the time of shoot. It's either DJI didn't mention that you could use the Phantom 4 in cold temperatures (-0 c) to back themselves in case of an eventual malfunction in those temperatures or it's actually the start of spring and it just so happens that the snow didn't melt yet. But then again why show so much footage shot in snowy areas? I just find it's a bit misleading but it's still an awesome product.

  7. So DJI, I have a question, for the Phantom 4 will you do the same as you recently did for the owners of the Phantom 2? Issue a Range Extender update that breaks the video connection. Then keep silent for a few weeks, hereafter don't take responsibility even hundred of customers now have broken drones? Then when the customers ask for you to repair it you, you send a mail back to them saying case closed because warranty is out – even it you own software who broke it.

    Is that the service that awaiting us if we buy a DJI 4 – just curious?

  8. by the way, I´ve seen Phantom 4 footage and you can still see the
    propellers. I think they`re letting Inspire 1 to be the only drone to
    have clear view. They call it professional drones for filmaking. I
    think there´s quite a big mistake. Professional drones for filmakers
    must be differentiated from regular ones in camera operation separately ,
    interchangeable lenses and more features in photography and video
    capabilities. All DJI drones must have clear view and not see the
    annoying propellers when in full throttle.

  9. I'm also curious about the temperatures safe to fly. I live in Wisconsin and was flying on a 20 degree day over a frozen lake. I immediately had an alert on my Ipad screen saying it wasn't safe to fly due to temperatures. The warning indicated the battery may fail. I warmed the copter and flew without anymore warnings, but I kept the flights short.

  10. Love this video BUT, when I read the specifikations it says that the remote controller, the camera AND the aircraft has an operation temperatur range from 32 to 104 F, or 0 to 40 C, .. So how could you make this video in the cold ?

  11. I believe that when they showed a MOOSE animal on the screen the dude was saying…. We have WILD BOAR… Des Sangliaux… des sangliers. ???

  12. Very cool video. How can I exceed the 400 meter distance on my P3 4K? Can I turn it off or do I need to keep hitting new home point?

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