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Dollar Tree Find Snack Size Portion Pack Ziplock Bags

Dollar Tree Find Snack Size Portion Pack Ziplock Bags

dollar tree find snack size portion pack ziplock bags food storage hi it’s AlaskaGranny I just got back from a trip to the lower 48 and did I ever hit up the Dollar Tree I like to go down to the lower 48 with a suitcase that’s nearly empty and fill it up with all the treasures from Dollar Tree that we can’t get in Alaska one of the items I like to stockpile from the Dollar Tree are the snack sized Ziplock food storage bags you’ve probably all seen them they’re like half the size of a sandwich bag they have a wide opening but they’re smaller they’re not as deep as a sandwich bag so you can put little amounts of snacks in them I thought I stocked up on more snack size ziptop bags from Dollar Tree I chose the boxes you can see there’s still pink but what I didn’t notice is that they have a new size I grabbed them without looking the box is the same size open the box and you can see the bags are only half the size what’s up with that well when I pulled one out I realized that the snack sized bags are called portion size bags that you fill from the skinny end top they have a double ziplock at the top they’re now called portion packs snack size bags with 1/4 cup increments they look like something that you may use with fluids would say if you’ve been a nursing mother and you’ve saved some of your milk for your baby this is the shape of the bag that stores the pumped milk for the baby and it’s about the same size that you may have used for that but these are snack portion packs and you can see if you turn the box on its side it says snack portion pack resealable double zip top bags food storage so my first thought was what am I going to do with those they’re the wrong shape but it’s only because I’m not familiar with them then I realized they have a lot of good uses I could use them to portion out trail mix pouring the amounts and the ingredients that you want and you can see how many you’re filling so that you have the proportions that you want in your snack pack I decided they’d also be great to make my own breakfast oatmeal packs I like to mix those up ahead of time I put in a 1/2 a cup of oatmeal with a handful of raisins and craisins measure a few portion packs of oatmeal you put them away in the cupboard and they are easy to pour out when you want to make oatmeal in the morning if you’re interested in buying snack size zip top bags from Dollar Tree look for these portion packs if it’s something that might be useful in your kitchen that are a little bit different and maybe they’d be handy I’ve never seen them before I bought them by mistake but I’m glad I found them if you’ve seen them before let me know and tell me what is your favorite use for the portion packs of the Dollar Tree zip top bags learn more at and please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

11 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Find Snack Size Portion Pack Ziplock Bags”

  1. I bet you guys in Alaska miss out on a variety of things made in the lower 48 . But you get to enjoy things we don't . As always I have enjoyed seeing another one of your videos . THANKS !

  2. I discovered these about a month ago. Thought they would be perfect for my BOB, instead of a bulky measuring cup, less weight too. They're also handy for taking snacks on the go. Great product!

  3. You can find them at most of the package stores and Wal-Mart and K-Mart have the most of those zip-lock bags in various sizes. I have some at home which I use to put small parts in to food items which I want to keep safe and not leaked out.

  4. I buy these every time I go to dollar tree for the past 1.5 years instead of the other. I put all my hiking snacks in them, I love them. I personally like the shape of these more and how they have the measurements on them and they are A+ quality and seal nicely.

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