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DON’T ESCAPE 4 | Part 1

DON’T ESCAPE 4 | Part 1

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, And welcome to “Don’t Escape 4… .. Days… .. I N A W A S T E L A N D” If you remember “Don’t Escape”, Er, if you don’t remember “Don’t Escape”, here is a synopsis of what it is. Uhhhhh… You don’t escape. There’s been three other games before this, It started out as a flash game that was tryna like,
reverse the concept of an escape room Wha– why am I giving you a history lesson? It doesn’t matter. This is “Don’t Escape 4”, the games were amazing, They’re made by Scriptwelder, they’re really cool. Let’s do this! Good. Glad we got that out of the way. Oh, also… They’re horror games. If I didn’t mention that. You probably noticed because the whole intro sequence was so spooky. That doo- that door has got some issues on it. (READS ON-SCREEN TEXT) Okay. (READS) Now, you say “sturdy looking” door, I say… .. shifting in and out of the plane of existence of reality that we’re in.” A kinda like trans-dimensional door. What about the chimmneh? (SEDUCTIVELY) Ohhh, yeah. Also, Scriptwelder has a really unique
pixelated style for their games. It’s really cool. It’s locked. Why am I not surprised? Is that what I want though? (WINDOW SMASHES) OH! OH GOD! OH GOD NO! No, wait, no… Wait, was that bad? Was that good? Oh. Oh okay. Alright. (READS) Yeah, maybe it was the stinging, and laying eggs in my eyes. (READS) Alright, well. Got my backpack. Uhhhh… Move my head for a moment! N I C E So that’s where my backpack is. But uh, I guess my head is gonna move to the other side of the screen, in three! Two! One! HUAGH- (EXPLOSION) Ok, good. Now we’re good. (READS) That’s not a good idea! (DEEP VOICE) Oh-kay! You got a story behind that, or are you just gonna say that
the Moon’s broken to pieces? Okay, Mr. Depressing. Alright, thank you for that. That’s real nice. I don’t see nothin’ else, so uh, guess here we go… Run… Yeah, you know what, you’re right about that. (READS) Oh yeah, wait. Hang on. You saying that you have powers of foresight? Journal. Ok, here we go. (READS) Oh, the swarm, you say? Alright. Okay. I love this game already. I’m so into this. Love the setting, love everything about it. I’m down. I mean, I got nothing else to do,
so I might as well go for it. Well, good thing there is a nice human-sized hole. It’s like Blues Clues! Do YOU see a way to get to the other side? (READS) Alright then! (READS) Alright I will take that… O H N O ! (READS UNTIL “It’s 07:00 am”) Well, I mean, yeah, I guess that’s not that much time, Hang on! Let’s hold on here a second.
I wonder what’s inside. Alright, let’s see what is inside the shed
before we do anything. Oh. A sledgehammer head! A Sle-DGEMERhead! Alright, so if I combine it with this pole here… See, I ain’t too dumb! Here we go. Solid wooden pole, solid wooden sledge. Let’s sledge this wall! Habooski! Habaoo! Habawaaa! N I C E Alright, I guess that is what I wanna do, right? I’m taking everything very slow and cautiosly. You guys know that I am not one to rush into danger, so I don’t want to rush in anything that I’m gonna regret. “Can get through”… Well I guess I could come back,
but i don’t know if I want to, so… (LAUGHS) Here we go! Oh that’s not good! (READS) OK! (READS) Okay… Well I don’t want to, but here we go… (READS) Shift? Ah! Alright, well, maybe I shouldn’t drop it right there, ya know what I mean? Maybe I should drop it… over here? That’s so cool though. Like a persistent item thing. Heh, that’s so cool. Alright let’s do this! (MARK MOANS/SIGHS) Alright… (READS) “A vast desert lies ahead.” (READS UNTIL “It’s 7:03”) I mean, yeah, I got nothing else to do, right? Whoa… And the journey b- Ouahh! That’s pruetty COOL! Alright, I’m down for this! Nice tutorial, story based tutorial, that’s nice. (HORRIBLE PRONUNCIATION)
Matoose… “Scriptwelder” S– Ah, okay, I’m not even gonna try. I’m not even gonna try that last name. Wow… Wow! I’m excited about this! This is a good intro sequence, getting me hyped for it! That was pretty cool! If you haven’t seen the other, uh… Don’t Escape games, or if you haven’t played ’em for yourself… I’ll put it in the description below, like… They’re not story connected, but thematically, you know… they’re all about not escaping. You know what I mean? Trying to find a shelter, trying to shore it up. Trying to make it… nice. “Well, this place looks promising.” Alright, sure, yeah. Is this a dickbutt? “Gas station sign”. I was close. Road east, road west… (READS) Well, I don’t know if I’m gonna need anything from the gas station yet, so I might as well just go for the house, I suppose. “Leads to a decent-looking farmhouse…” Uhh, let’s go to the first place first. Oh no… Wait a minute… I remember that window! (CHUCKLES) Wait a minute! Hang on a second! IS LAWCKED! “I have to break that glass if I wanna get inside.” Um! Alright! Let’s go find something. If only I had my trusty sledgehammer,
maybe I could SLOODEHOOMER THAT THING. Water sprayer? That’s not gonna be any… Kitchen door? It’s locked! …For some reason. Alright, I guess there’s no pomp and circumstance for getting that. Alright, tractor… “Rusty piece of junk, the sad thi-” Woah. (READS) That’s not as sad as you might think it is, but, yeah it’s sad. (READS) (READS) Probably something about… water, cause I just got, like, a water spigot thing. A short pipe! I’ll take THAT thank you! And a… haystack… Uh, take a roll in the hay, nice nap. (HAY RUSTLES) POOF! TAKE THAT, HAY! (READS) Probably. TUH! Really? (READS) (CHUCKLES) Alright. “Pesticide inlet.” (READS) You’re probably right. There’s a cargo box over here… Ooohhh! I can probably break in with this pipe. that is convenient on the cargo box. “I should find a way to get in the house.” Yeah yeah. Alright let’s go bash the window open. I’m sure that nobody inside will really mind, right? Really warp this thing! Not gonna do me a lot of good for trying to keep it safe inside, but you know… c’est la vie, bygones are bygones, and whatnot “This place looks abandoned.” Also familiar! (READS) Okay (READS) Okay this is where my decisions can probably go awry. Aalright… “Painting of an old-fashioned”– Hey! Hey that’s the house! That’s the one, that’s the one! The first one– the first one? Maybe the second one, I don’t know. (READS) Yeah if it gets cold it’s bad news. I’m gonna explore that house first… see if there’s anything useful in here. (READS, RATHER CONFUSEDLY) Nope! okay I guess it’s locked. (READS) Alright good to know. (READS) Won’t? Or can’t? Mirror… (READS) Oh come on! I’m so handsome, you think that
I wouldn’t be looking at my own face? It’s me we’re talking about, come on. (READS) Well that’s not- that’s not nice! That’s not nice at all! Actually… also did it get quieter? “A nice view around the wasteland…” Yeah okay, whatever you say man. Uhh creepy! What’s that– keys? Oh, keys! That’s nice. Okay. (READS NOTE) “Buy milk.” (READS) “I think they never bought that milk.” Well let’s check. (READS) Heh, heheheh! (READS) Alright, well. (READS) Well, alright then. “It’s locked.” That’s probably for the best (READS) Okay. Oh there’s some music, okay. I think we’ve gotten everything that we need. Can we use this on the door? Alright I guess we should close the
door as well, right? That’d be smart. (SOFTLY) …Or close it first. Douche. Alright cool, it’s locked. I mean the windows still problem, but it’s locked. Alright, good. Umm I guess I’ll go this way, down to the gas station that’s probably over here. Oh no… (READS) Okay well… I guess we got to go somewhere. “Destroyed bridge”… would there even be any point of going to there? AAH shit I can’t make any decisions without any knowledge! “Small spade”? That’s good. Ohh you goddamn idiot! (READS) You just broke the shovel! Was that my own eagerness just getting in the way of me? (READS) Well I got a wooden handle, that’s nice! Okay well whatever. Alright a ravine… You want me to cross the ravine? “This action will take two minutes.” Yeah! I guess, right? Sure, okay alright. Two minutes. Yeah I’m probably gonna want those two minutes back by the time I get to where I need to go. Hello? Hello? Anybody? (READS) Alright… Nothing left that could be useful… crowbar… “Do you want to free the crowbar using brute force?” “The crowbar seems to be really stuck in there.” “It might not be easy to get out with your bare hands.” Uh I guess I’m good. I’ll take the hunting rifle though. “Gas canister” Yes please. (READS) I mean what about the charcoal? that seems useful. (READS) (READS) I’m guessing that’s not what happened. (READS) Well I guess that didn’t go so well. SODIE POP? Metal bars… ah useful. “It’s too heavy, I have to put something down first.” Um, probably one metal bar is gonna be good– A bag of charcoal is ten kilograms?! Do I need charcoal? Probably not, you know… Since that was the item that was like,
“You don’t need everything!” Maybe I don’t need charcoal. Well I mean I don’t know I don’t need charcoal. Uh… Alright. Um… well, I don’t know if I need TWO metal bars, but I like the IDEA of having two metal bars. I really like that idea. Ummm… Bahummm… Baprrrrr… I don’t like having to make these decisions. These decisions aren’t as fun. “Small rock”? Why am I looking at the window? Hang on here we go. (READS 08:20 AM ENTRY) Well I can fix that window,
that’s the first thing that I could do. The plastic would help with that, right? Probably. A ROCK! Guys it’s a rock! “Item weighs one kilogram”. Oh I can’t
even pick up a rock! Huh… alright well, you know, what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna just… I guess… I guess what I’m gonna do is… I’m gonna drop this. I’m gonna drop
this for now. I’ma drop those, I’m gonna go get the rock, because I like the rock, the rock’s gonna be my friend! Everybody say hi to Shiny Rock! No, Teensy Rock Toony… Tata… Piddly Pebble Paul! Piddly Pebble Pierson! Peter- Peter the Piddly Pebble! Piddle… Piddle Peter… Pe- Peter… (SLURP) I D O N ‘ T R E M E M B E R I have no idea. Fuel valves. (READS) Good question, how DO I open? SHOOT IT! I shouldn’t do that, but I want to. Hang on, wait, let me see… save game.
Here we go, let me save real quick before I use… bad idea. Are you sure about that? Are- are you sure about that? “I can’t see how that would work.” Well you’re stupid then. You lack imagination. Alright then, fine! Light it on fire! “Not really…” all right whatever screw you you nerd so
I think that’s probably everything in here besides the crowbar I mean it’s
only five minutes so yeah that’s a good idea right it was a good idea probably I
could take another plastic wrap with me I’d be good and then I’m pretty full up
I think this is good enough right I don’t know what I need so I guess I just
got a guess and work back just just knowing what I was doing there was a
window that’s broken so logically Oh God carrying more stuff affects my climbing
speeds Oh God alright whatever then let’s go back home
first drop off some stuff see if we can like I don’t know let’s climb in that
window uh let’s see if we can like plastic the window up it’s just hanging
there I still should do something to attach it to the wall around the window
well I could burn it I’m a Stephenie R remember your
inventory is limited you can put item here for later use you can also just
drop them on the ground they will not disappear alright we’re gonna put the
metal the plastic we’re gonna keep the crowbar we’re gonna put the fuel
canister in there keep the rock with us it’s a small rock small rock Smith No
puny rock Percival that’s what he is that’s his name puny rock Percival no
he’s she’s strong many rock marshall battle that’s it no meanie rock max yeah narc Marshall mini
Rock Marshall yeah okay mini rock Marshall okay alright mini rock Marshall
put a face on that rock that rock is the new mascot get our tiny box cam you’ve
done yeah we got this we got this yay I don’t know what I’m gonna need so
I might as well keep the light stuff uh crowbar probably useful
all right mini rock Marshall all right let’s get out of can we just burst
through this cool so I put the heavy stuff away wait no I did not
let’s do that okay that’s good now I should be able to get more stuff and we
don’t have to take this goddamn plastic wrap with us okay let’s see what else we
need oh god those corpses are partially eaten the swarm got them it looks like
these men put up a fight and killed a bunch of the insects but they didn’t
stand a chance in the open yeah that’s obviously true something
shines between the pieces of the torn bag that he was carrying well as well
grab it there was a strange remote controller and the corpses bag alright good great I have to take a closer look
to check out this vehicle well I don’t want to do that yet Oh a wrench let’s
hope this will be more useful to me than a most of them there is a small leaflet
tucked between the folds of the ripped clothes attention team as of this week
we’ve been hired by the locals to help deal with a new kind of locust
terrorizing the area perhaps we’ll finally use our sonic repellent device
it fans off different kinds of insects you just have to installed on the ground
but before you can start counting on it you have to know exactly what type of
insects you’re dealing with and set the right frequency with a remote controller
I know this job sounds exhausting and a bit dangerous but at this point we need
the food and fuel the locals are paying with alright ok let’s just search this
car let’s do it get plenty of time the car is busted so it’s not going anywhere
one part that seems to be fine is the ignition coil but getting it out won’t
be easy well I don’t know that I need it yet I guess I could remove the ignition
coil but I wouldn’t even just will wrench for that oh well I guess I got
one well let’s see 45 yes do it why not I don’t know what I
don’t know why I need it but um I got it wasting my time right bye
see you guys thanks for the supplies hey there truck the back door is locked
how about a crew burr there we go I knew I got a good reason for getting that
yeah this don’t look so good what if we got kin of pesticide oh
that’s good it’s locked well is it locked for me nah nah yeah
yeah there we go whoa what the hell is that
sonic repellent device drop this item to set it up okay yeah all right why am i
carrying that no no oh there’s a note hang on oh oh that’s handy oh well let’s
take a look at that that’s why I picked this up okay all right so it’s got
stubby legs these things go back it’s got two long pincers I don’t know oh I
kept the note okay here we go all right so stubby legs like this legs
go back and forward stubby pincers and fat legs I think it’s
4:20 I think 4:20 is the answer yeah yeah
4:20 yeah 4:20 yeah okay I think that’s everything in here oh god I didn’t know
that guy well I got what I needed I think anyway
so yeah okay goodbye I guess let me go drop some stuff off first I think I got
what I need to go get the fuel now I’ve got an adjustable wrench which I know
could help out so let me grab the fuel can let me drop off the pesticide I
might need the duct tape ignition coil I’m gonna keep here Sonic appellant here
remote controller keep the Kroeber that insect and this note can stay here and
I’m gonna keep this stuff just in case and I can grab more if I know if I’m
careful about what I bring I could grab more stuff I’m guessing I don’t need the
rifle I want to keep this rock on me hammer with a broken handle maybe I
could do maybe I could fix this that won’t work
I need a new handle for this hammer oh well oh well that was easy but do I need
this hammer with me is the question yeah maybe yeah why not okay you know what
why not alright let’s go for it let’s do this
now let’s use the wrench on this there’s a valve from which the fuel should open
but I open it with the wrench there you go
whoa whoa wait wait what oh yeah wait no yeah I by man idiot I’m an idiot yep
there we go that’s I’m real dumb I’m real dumb real dumb oh yeah perfect
perfect okay cool how much dude that way ten ten my left
no I shouldn’t have brought all this other car I really shouldn’t have
brought this other crap um okay well the only thing that I can bring is the metal
bars so I’m gonna bring the metal bars I meant to bring more plastic but you know
I always come back bad you know it’s fine actually wait let me let me save go
quick maybe I should’ve saved before I’m gonna make so many mistakes I already
know this I’m gonna stop by this place real quick cuz I want to go to the car
right here real quick it was something else that I need I have a wrench so
let’s take the wheel off I don’t know if we’ll be able to carry it yes her from
almost falling off the cliff once all went well I got the wheel Oh perfect all
right good then we’re good we just got to go back and then we got to make sure
that we don’t die here so he’s kind of uh we got a buttload of supplies I don’t
know what else to get I don’t have nails oh I have duct tape okay so let’s get
the wheel there let’s leave the metal grade there as well we’re gonna take
this plastic and we’re gonna try to fix it with the duct tape which makes sense
but that there duct tape wait no I need nails to do this where am I gonna get
nails hang on let me think about this I could recycle from some of the nails
that hold this together but I need a tool for that hammer yes I need nails
nails are gonna be better than duct tape and duct tape is more uses than just
getting things to walls yeah we’re getting on to something yeah all right
this car seems to be in bad shape without taking a moment to inspect you
can’t be sure what it needs to be done apart from finding a spare wheel of
course checking on it will take some time yeah let’s do that
well the car could be started I guess but it doesn’t look very good obviously
a wheel is missing the ignition coil is busted it has no fuel well all right
wait do you want to pour some fuel yeah I fueled the car I have
all those things I have all those things I have all those things I have the wheel
it’s flat probably but I have the wheel and I have the ignition coil maybe that
would cut down my travel time do you want to do this 15 minutes yeah I do
mission coil 15 minutes yeah I’ve installed a part will the karst Hey look
at that I don’t know if it’ll go there because the truck might not be able to
jump that but I should go back get more fuel then yeah can’t be reached by car
there’s a broken bridge in the way that’s right oh that makes sense
but it can help me get I can get the rest of the supplies and then I could go
grab more gas on foot okay wait before I do that yeah cancel
this cancel this all right before I do that before I do that let me grab all of
the supplies that I had out of the chest the kind of tools and shit actually Han
let me just go ahead and put this up here a hammer nails to attach the
plastic wrap to the window frame the section will take 20 minutes I’ll hold
off on it then okay I’ll I’ll do that later then cuz I don’t I don’t know if
I’m gonna need these nails for any particular reason later cuz I might need
them to fix the bridge because maybe the wood I nail it down bada-bing bada-boom
I’m not gonna leave anything behind all right let’s do this I’m gonna take
the truck cuz why not it saves time I’ve spent the time fixing it up so I might
as well spend the time going here bro okay so now what I’m going to do can’t
take that probably use proper tools I have tools with that work use hammer on
planks hammer this will require one handful of nails but it will allow you
to travel to the ravine without any delays however you’ll still have to stop
your vehicle here if you have one it’s ninety minutes that’s a lot of time boy
I’m planning for the future here I’m planning for the future and if I’m
planning for the future then this seems like a good idea
nice okay then I go to the gas station I get more gas so that I have
extra if I want more gas and then I’m set up for success down the road I’m
guessing that this thing has so much gas in it that it’s never gonna run out
hopefully anyway all right what do I got I can carry another metal grate and
eventually the bag of charcoal but you know they said I didn’t need that so
whatever cool cool cool tight tight tight let me see if I’m let me see I can
put this in the generator and see what that does
fueled up the generator now I just have to start it okay house it choke didn’t
start come on start already yay it’s running shocking that’s good right oh we
have power well la dee de la Vida holy shit we’re really turning this place
into a home let me try to use the Kroeber on the patch I wouldn’t be able
to pry it open anyway I should just leave it for now okay whatever you say
man you big baby okay so that windows fine this window is
fine so in order to shore up this thing what I’m going to do is I need to get
more nails I need more I need more nails I need more nails all right so I got the
I’m gonna actually do the window this time right get that up do you always app
last hammer and the nails attach the plastic wrap to the window would it be
better okay would it be better I’m curious like cuz my instinct tells me if
insects are gonna be getting there the plastic would keep it out because of
mosquitoes but what if I double do it what if I do it double style cuz maybe I
maybe I only have so many nails it’s just hanging there what if I do double
there’s something else in the window I should remove it first so I can’t do
double my only question is that I don’t know if these bugs are gonna like slip
through the bars cuz they might they might slip through so I guess until I
know I’m gonna I’m gonna wait I want to I want to go get more gas cuz I can
because I have that time for it I think anyway
might as well go get more gas and get that last piece of plastic before the
night do planks oh cool put these in the truck storage okay I’m gonna head to the
bridge real quick I’m gonna hop out I’m gonna go west
I’m gonna grab even more fuel because I’ve got the time I’m gonna run through
your real quick and just double-check cash well you never know maybe it’s
gonna be worth something again someday yeah probably not but okay I like your
optimism the plastic wrap if I have the time I want to make sure that I have
fuel I don’t know if I’m gonna need this much fuel but having having a full
canister fuel cannot be a bad thing and then I got just enough for the charcoal
ah well fancy that and I think I’ve cleared this entire place out nice I
don’t know if the charcoal is worth anything
honestly I don’t all right so there are four hours and 15 minutes left what I
have to do is I have to shore up this house to make sure that the bugs can’t
get in and eat my flesh I am unsure about the strength of a plastic sheet on
the window but at the same time not the worst idea because maybe they would slip
right through the holes of the metal grate so I just got to make a call also
we’ve got this sonic device but I’m not a hundred percent sure about how to
utilize it if it needs to be like in the house I don’t know if that helps does
that help I have no idea I’m gonna take more stuff
from the greenhouse it’s because I want to get all of it because I just
remembered something in my dream the one where I died those little bastards just
blasted right the heck through my entire day they didn’t care that there was
glass there so I need something at the end of the day I need something stronger
than glass I think and is the best I just for if if okay it’s the hip it’s
the heavier thing I’m thinking that it’s the better idea either
I mean I’ve also got planks of wood I I guess I could the planks are too rotten
and fragile to be of any use here yeah yeah it makes a make sense yeah it makes
sense could put them in the fireplace I guess or save them for the fireplace but
I’m thinking okay they give three plastic sheets and then three metal bars
I’m thinking that the metal bars are I’ve got three windows in the place I
think that that’s a wait there’s a window hang on a
second okay no you can’t do that okay I’m thinking that the metal bars there’s
three broken planks there’s three of these things I feel like it’s minecraft
again I’ve got three of those let make him in like a t-shape I can make a shirt
nice Armour get that I’m gonna carry this on me now
ah indecision is crippling me maybe I could put this in the kindling box I
don’t have any fuel in the kindling box I don’t plan on letting a fire for now
all right fair okay all right I know I’ve saved my game like 15 times now but
I’m just gonna I’m gonna commit I’m gonna commit to this yeah I’m gonna do
this we’re gonna I’m gonna go for it we’re gonna go we’re good on for it man
I guess I could try the pesticide thing but I don’t know what the pesticide
would be for why would I need that I mean pesticide yeah the bugs but I
don’t know if that’s actually gonna help is it gonna help would it help I don’t
know man there’s no crops why would I bother with that let’s save it until we
know we need it and see that okay all right I’m done pussyfooting around with
indecision it’s time to get good or get gone I’m gonna get if we’re gonna get
good I’m gonna go for the metal cuz I’m metal no not not that um I’m gonna go
for the metal because I’m metal as hell you want to hammer the nails and test
the metal bars yes I do I want yeah exactly
okay I installed iron bars in one of the windows is there anything else I can do
not a thing not a damn thing was put put get some more get some more metal oh
yeah here we go baby oh yeah now this is what I have been talking about yeah it’s
what I’ve been talking about this is what I’ve always talked about everyone
knows this or here we go guys this is gonna be this is the real
deal this is what this one genius-level gameplay like this is what you really
signed up for right this is the kind of top-tier 200 IQ thinking that you guys
really appreciate so those aren’t bars they’re not going No
we’re yeah they’re not going nowhere oh we’re getting cozy up in here oh yeah
and you know what else I’m gonna do you know what else I’m gonna do I’m gonna
set of the sonic device right here in the living room ain’t never gonna get in
here no no no no way no how and I think it’s 420 420
I’m pretty sure I’m almost positive I am a hundred percent positive because this
foreleg sticky-outy long pincers Ford legs sticky-outy long pincers that’s
what that is right yeah that’s what that is okay cool
so I think we’re kind of good right there’s some time left in the day but I
don’t know what else we could get they move scavenged everything we possibly
good I think we’re good yeah let’s let’s save her up another I’m out of slay save
slots already let’s save Rob let’s do this do this are
the doors locked make sure let me make sure is it locked
okay it’s locked it’s locked okay those are locked time to time to go here we go
pick one item for unit or that you would like to equip during the night or cancel
if you don’t want to finish the day just yet oh god how about a wrench because I
don’t think a gun would be good to shoot bugs do a wrench yeah I’ll do the wrench
yeah it didn’t really help the other guys but you know probably better than a
gun yes do this an evening sky darkened is the black cloud of swarm arrived you
found a hiding place in an abandoned farmhouse you deployed the sonic
repellent device to fend off some of the insects it was placed inside the hideout
the walls probably weakened oh shit the device seemed to be set to the
correct frequency fending off 25 insects oh god damn it the front doors closed
keeping away all the 35 locusts that would have entered through it the back
door was closed keeping away all the 35 locusts yeah
the window on the ground floor was reinforced with metal bars the bars were
nailed to the frame out of 35 insects that tried to enter the house through
that window 9 were stopped oh we know how the upper floor was reinforced out
of 35 10 were stopped oh the bathroom was reinforced the bars
were nailed to frame oh they got in oh a wrench was your last
line of defense you managed to knock down 20
oh god no oh oh oh no the death was painful and slow not merciful at all
that was a painful death just like in your nightmare maybe there was something
that could have been done to prevent it oh right I’m just gonna pick this up and
oh well shit right so that was very death first of all we’re gonna put this
bad boy right here drop that bad boy right there I’ll put the sonic Norris it
should scare something so I configured it right yeah well yeah 420 okay all
right no weak signals here all right so I’m gonna also do like the insecticide
stuff cuz I’m thinking now that maybe maybe I shouldn’t wait maybe maybe
waiting isn’t the best option maybe waiting is not exactly what uh what we
were hoping for okay let’s do let’s do some of this okay first off we’re gonna
fix this bad boy we’re gonna fix it fix it right up right we’re gonna fix it Wow
we’re gonna fix it right up yeah fix that bad boy okay that’s fixed good put
enough duct tape make it last till the end of time well until Thursday that is
why what happens Thursday what are you saying what happens to stick all right
so then we’re gonna put some insecticide in there then we’re gonna switch this
over because we don’t eat house power why would we need house bar water pump
and water pump and irrigation control system okay overnight mist spray
irrigation this should cause the night sky to be soaked with a dense mist oh
yeah oh whoops oh oh so it’s a puzzle well good thing I’m so good at these
done all right I scheduled the water sprinkles to put us a wall of mist with
some extra pesticide solution can I improve my chances somehow okay what if
I do I have to use all of it though I think that using all of it might be
unwise we’re gonna close this lock that up close this we’re gonna lock that up
good duct tape doing no ooh wait no I already got
they’re already affixed already there it’s already perfect
all right cool let’s save her up I think now we’re gonna have a much better
solution to this alright ready who’s ready I’m ready let’s do this let’s take
the ranch dad perfect okay here we go found a hiding place in a house
automated sprinkler system kicked in as the swarm was getting the air despite
being old and faulty the sprinklers worked perfectly yes fully covering the
air above the fields with a dense mist as a result 32 insects will stop at the
sprinkler yes it was a strong pesticide mixed with the water making this wall of
water more dangerous to the incoming swarm killed 24 insects us deployed the
sonic repellent to fend off some of the insects this place area hideout so the
signal was strong the device seemed to be set to the correct frequency fending
off 50 yes front door was closed keeping away 19 backdoor 19 window guards were
nailed to the frame 9 were stopped 10 were stopped 10 were stopped 27 that’s a
lot Oh Oh God 7 got through their bites were painful as they’re tiny sharp teeth
shredded your skin but it wasn’t enough to kill you somehow you managed to tear
that each stagger off your body and killing in chaotic dirty fight wait no
what no wait no stop I don’t want to know this wait no stop I can do better I
know I can do better I can do better guys stay with me I can do better
I can do better doesn’t sound like words anymore I can do better I can do better
I can do better I can do better I can do better you got to believe me I can do
better ok let me do I want to try something
else no not that I want to try this and yeah I got this hang on guys I could do
better everybody hold on I’ll be right back ok so now I switch it out to
plastic wrap I don’t know if that’s gonna be better than the middle but I
also use double the pesticide so hopefully hopefully it’ll be fun and I’m
gonna use the gun not that I think it’s gonna be any good but I’m gonna use the
gun ok so we’re all good use the gun and let’s see what happens
okay fine hiding place 32 we’re sought by the sprinklers 48
killed by the pesticide that’s pretty good
see 50 insects gone 14 14 out of 14 incest to try to enter the through that
window 14 were stopped yes plastic is the correct answer oh oh oh
hell yeah Oh plastic was right ah oh oh that’s what I like to see us what I like
to see that’s all them you fend it off all the insects before they even entered
the house you went to bed early and had a well-deserved rest allowing you to
regain some strength plus 5 kilogram permanent Gary whip Oh using that you okay cool great got
that now now I can know what the hell is happening here Wow a helo chopper
oh god damn you to hell oh it’s money it’s my dream uh-oh Wow
this ain’t too good a little ooh dude it’s locked the window oh oh god oh god
oh god oh god oh what the hell I’m burning on Oh God okay well I’m dead now
ah that’s no good okay well that’s a problem
what was that the attic yeah okay all right well a destroyed barricade
destroyed just destroyed bullshit what do you mean destroyed did they
actually destroy it all oh shit they did I didn’t know that that was temporary
well shit well anyway so that is all the time after this episode of don’t escape
for but I want to play through this whole thing and there’s four days four
days in the wasteland so one a day in episode and I will look forward to
playing through this we got to go up into the attic next but thank you
everybody so much for watching let me know what you thought down the comments
below and as always see you in the next video

45 thoughts on “DON’T ESCAPE 4 | Part 1”

  1. Mark would probably be one of the first to die in an actual apocalypse cause he would be that one guy that's always carrying a rock around as his weapon

  2. 15:10
    Mark attempts to find a name for the rock. Takes sip of Coke Zero
    Me: "JACK! Lol wait, better thing, 'Coke Zero, so good you'll forget what you were saying.' Yeah" laughs

  3. NO! Tiny Box Tim will always be the mascot. How bout Tiny Box Tim is the hero and Miny Rock Marshal will be the side kick or something like that but u cant kick him off like that 😥 love u mark

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