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Dr. Phil, Lacey Chabert And Kelly Learn Survival Skills Using Household Items

Dr. Phil, Lacey Chabert And Kelly Learn Survival Skills Using Household Items

– In our smartphone world, it’s easy to forget that disaster
can strike at any moment. That’s why as a public service, I want all of you to be ready with what I call, Mad
Crazy Survival Skills. (Rock Music) – [Announcer] Crazy Mad Survival Skillz (Laughing and Clapping) – Here to show us is combat veteran, survivalist, and certified ninja. Also known as black MacGyver, Hakim Isler. Y’all give it up for him. (clapping)
– Thank you. – Okay. So for the moms at home, why do we need to learn survival skills? – In a world like today, we have survival as a hot topic. I mean, there’s disasters right
here in your own backyard. Ya got fires, blizzards,
there’s floods going on. So everyone needs to know, everyone needs to know
at least the basics. And you know, moms, more than myself, Dr. Phil, or any of us guys; moms, especially you ladies,
are more prepared than anyone. – I’m a Girl Scout. – You’re a Girl Scout. Especially if you’re a Girl Scout. – Exactly. – Especially if your a
Girl Scout, all right. So, what I wanna say is like, moms have survival gear
all the time, all day long. If you just look at a
diaper bag, for instance, you have, inside a diaper
bag you have water, you have snacks, you have a first aid kit, ya got sunscreen, you
got four kids, right? So, you carry all that. You probably got like five diaper bags. – I’m like a Sherpa. That’s every time I get in my damn car, I’m like “Good Lord.” (Laughing) – But there are things in a diaper bag that we may not think about. For instance, we have… – Antibacterial, okay. – Yeah, we got Hand San. Now, Hand San has a
high content of alcohol. You can use this to start a fire, you can use it to make
a small little stove out of a can if you needed to. All right, so that’s one aspect of that. And then, also you have a diaper. Right, a diaper, right? So a diaper has in it, it has a thing called sodium polyacrylate. So, that basically is something that it’s used on planes to
as a fire retardant. So, when you get fires happening, and they dump it out of planes. You ever seen that on television? – [Kelly] Yeah. So, what that does is,
it’s very absorbent. So, if you have a cut or something on you, you can use this as a bandage. Exactly, you can use it as a bandage. You can use it as a ice
pack, if you needed to. The cotton inside of it can be
used to start fires, as well. – My Gosh. – Alright, so that’s what we
have here in our diaper bag. – I mean, are y’all like “That’s crazy”? – [Lacey] That’s amazing. – [Kelly] I didn’t know you
could that with a diaper. – I had no idea. – Okay, let’s move down. What’s in here? Okay. – So, if you don’t have a diaper bag, one of the things that you could have is you have a purse on you. This purse will have all
these different things. You have your compact, the mirror. The mirror could be used to signal, if you’re out in the woods somewhere. If you were lost, right? And some things in here that
people don’t even think about is lipstick, right? So, lipstick you could use– – Shoot, I ain’t got that
in my bag. (laughing loudly) – So, if you get lost,
or stranded somewhere, and you decide you wanna walk somewhere, you can write on your
window where you’re going. And because it doesn’t come off easy, even if it rains it’s not
gonna wash off the car. – Yeah. – But another thing that people don’t know about lipstick is that it has a oil in it. And that oil will allow
you to burn things. – Fire, yes.
– Yes, to do fire. So, if you had some cotton, and the cotton burns really fast, you can slow that down by
adding some lipstick to that, and turn it into like a wick, right? – Man, when it hits the
fan I hope I’m near you. (Laughing) That’s awesome. – Yeah, another thing we
have is a credit card. Everybody has a credit card. Now if you want to you
can use a credit card to like pick a lock, or get inside a lock or
something of that nature. But if you use it and
scrap it against concrete, you can abrade it and you
can use that for cutting, as a cutting tool. – Or a weapon. – As a weapon, exactly. So that you could defend yourself, right? So, this is another aspect
of things that we have, that we carry on us all the time, that we can use for survival. – Wow, I love it. – That’s amazing. (Clapping) – What’s happening here? – Alright, you don’t have
any of that stuff on you. What can we use? What can we use? We can use the bra. – [Kelly] It’s so helpful. – Right, so the bra is definitely something that could be
used for not only survival– – Helps against gravity, yeah? – It helps against gravity, yeah. You could use this, you
could put it on as a mask. So when we had 9/11 you had all the dust
going through the world. – Yeah, or even all these fires. – Yeah, or the fires, right. So, if you dip it in water,
if you have the fire, you can use it to help
against smoke, right, so that you can breath. And then if you also have
dust that’s going around you can help to keep the dust out. You can use it as a dust filter. You can also use this as
a water filter, right? So if you want to filter
your water through it, to keep all the big stuff out, get clean water out of the
bottom, you can use it. Let’s take this one right here. – [Kelly] Okay. – If Dr. Phil tries to
push me in the chest– – I feel like I should get out of the way. – Oh no, stay there. Stay in the middle. Dr. Phil comes, he pushes me on the chest, I knock his hands down, I
can use this to come up, and I can use it to choke him. – You getting took down by a bra. (laughing) You didn’t think that’d happen today. – [Hakim] He didn’t
see that coming at all. – Only in Hollywood. – [Kelly] Exactly. – Now, he’s my buddy, he’s injured, right? So, I don’t wanna choke
him I wanna keep him alive. – Well, you just choked
me, now you gonna– – Help you. – [Hakim] I injured him,
now I wanna help him, right? So, I’m gonna take this,
I’m gonna use it as a sling. I’m going to put that
over Dr. Phil’s head. (audience laughs and cheers) I’m gonna bring it down, I’m
gonna bring his elbow up here. Put that right on his elbow. – [Kelly] Oh my God, I love today. – [Hakim] Let’s get it back to the elbow. – [Kelly] He’s a tall man. – There we go. He might need a larger cup size. – Yeah, you might need
a bigger cup size, bud. (laughing) That was her
joke, he just didn’t hear it. – [Hakim] Put his hands right
through there, that hand. – This hand?
– Yep, yes, sir. And we bring this up. – Back around? – Back around the head again. – [Kelly] Oh hey, but it did work. – Sling. – You’re about to get choked. – [Lacey] And now he’s
really getting choked. (clapping) – Dr. Phil, how you feeling about this? – I’m feeling like Robin
would never believe it. (laughing)

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  1. Kelly you need a new stylist stat!! You are FINALLY wearing an awesome flattering dress – but the shoes?
    And prior to this she had you in the most unflattering outfits? I just don’t get it?!?!
    U are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
    But I’m not sure wth your stylist is thinking?!

  2. i love how she clarified "it was her joke. Yall just didnt hear it" 🥰 isit just me or i hate it when someone steals ur joke and everyone laughed at it 🤣

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