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Drink if you want to hear the secret [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.15]

Drink if you want to hear the secret [Matching Survival 1+1/ENG/2019.10.15]

so we’ll divide the categories. We’ll get fruits, vegetables, and side dishes. Seulki can get alcohol and drinks. Yes, she’ll get something to drink. Seungseok will take care of the miscellaneous things. – Okay. / – You’ll get those. Then we’ll get meat and some shrimps if we can. – We’ll get some of those. / – She’s smart. She’s quick-witted. Let’s clap three times. Clap, clap, clap. – Let’s go. / – Let’s do this. I’ll do it. These must be the gift sets. – Should we get those? / – Don’t you forget… what you wanted to buy and keep looking at other things at marts? Salted pollack roe also goes well with it. Should we get some? – You could eat pork belly… / – Yes. With salted pollack roe. – It’s really delicious. / – Let’s get it. Or we could eat with flying fish roe. I couldn’t live without flying fish roe. – Do you like it? / – Who doesn’t? We’ll get the flying fish roe and salted pollack roe. (We’ll get what we both like) – Flying fish roe is… / – I think that’s enough. It feels like we’re newlyweds on shopping. (He smiles at the word “newlyweds”) They’re having a five percent discount on wine. Five percent? It’s Cabernet Sauvignon. (She naturally shops wine) Should we buy this? (Should we buy this?) Let’s try it today. (If that’s what you want, let’s try it today) I was on the Mart Date, and it felt real. As if we were newlyweds. It didn’t feel like I was on a TV program. It felt like I was actually on a date, shopping groceries with her. (Did he change his mind during the Mart Date?) (Seunghye and Seungseok are shopping other things) – We should get this one. / – Wait. – Paper towel should be… / – Yes. A bit brown. Then it looks like a proper paper towel. – Right. / – We’ll get this one. It’s also cheaper. It’s only a dollar different, though. This one has 50 in it. – This one has 70. / – This one has 70. – We’re so thrifty. / – Right. It’s because we spent all our money on Clamshell Room. – This is our concept. / – So we’re saving money here. – We’re like beggars at a resort. / – Right. – Do you like glasses like these? / – I always… Buy these which I won’t be using. – We could drink Coke… / – Or Sprite. Or Sprite just for the mood. I like these. – You’re the Little Mermaid tonight. / – I am. You bring these in the Clamshell Room, pour cherry soda in it, and stick a cherry on it. Should we get it just for the two of us? Should we? – Yes, we’ll keep it a secret. / – Yes. I can wire the money if they don’t allow us. (The crazy recognizes another crazy) The crazy recognizes another crazy. (This is how perfect their match is) I should buy a skirt. Really? Where are the swimsuits for the Little Mermaid? Would you like to wear perfume? Are there testers? (They’re not paying attention to grocery shopping) (They’re perfect even when they’re distracted) This is how they make it? – But… / – I like this one. This one? Alright. Okay. Listening to a woman always leads to a better path. (He wears the perfume she picked for him) (She wears the same perfume) Should we have worn something that smells like the sea or the clam? Sea scent. It’s neat. You and I are similar. We don’t do what we’re supposed to. We just do what we like. – Right. / – We’re similar. – We can’t finish a job. / – Right. (She’s shopping alone while others enjoy their date) This is good. I’m holding the camera by myself. I’m getting exclusive footage. It’s not bad. (She tries to tell herself she’s fine) I want these, but they won’t allow me. Yogurt sounds good for dessert. Does it? Is that okay? No one’s answering me. (She starts playing by herself as no one answers) (She plays this well in a mart) I see a couple over there. (She finds a couple) – No. / – I’ll push it. I’ll push. You just point your finger to what you want. I hope they’re happy. (I’m jealous) I had something I wanted to eat. Can we buy that? – Yes. / – It’s pizza. (it’s pizza) I want a pepperoni pizza. That’s a good one. Pepperoni pizza is the best. – Are you okay with this? / – Yes. – It’s a legend. / – I approve. It tastes amazing after eating meat. I want to eat perilla leaves. Perilla leaves. There it is. – Should we get some? / – We’ll get one. Are you doing okay? Let’s see what you got. (As Andrew Mun walks over closer) This is it. (Choi Hee looks at him) When Andrew and Yebin were matched for the Mart Date, and when I was with the two men, I thought it would have been better to have Andrew next to me. I was on a date with Choi Hee, I wasn’t really interested in asking her questions. We were just shopping groceries. We were like, “Which one? This one? Okay, put it in.” That was about it. – What’s this? / – I got salted pollack roe… And flying fish roe. We’ll put it on the pork belly. It sounds good, right? – She’s good. / – Let’s check out the pork belly. (Andrew liked seeing Yebin and her different side) (But Choi Hee kept troubling his mind) I already knew Choi Hee wasn’t Juyeong’s type. I was busy shopping groceries, so I looked from time to time, but they didn’t look so happy.

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