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Durango – volcano island

Durango – volcano island

Hello friends, in this video we going to talk about new things in Volcano update. In weapon crafting, there are new weapons: lava hammer (1H and 2H), double skull bow and crossbow. In tailoring, there are new clothes: volcano miner and volcano assault outfit. In metal processing, there is new method called iron alloy. It might be the materials for the new weapon. I need to research it first. So the crafting will be in next videos. In building, there are new 6 plots house, lava kitchen and lava kiln. This video is just an overview about the update, the upcoming videos will talk about crafting. Volcanic island also has index 1-8, we might find tyrannosaurus in index 3 Crafting volcanic clothes and volcanic weapons will be uploaded in upcoming videos since we need to research the materials first. Now let’s see the condition in volcano island. We will find this lava river in volcano island, be careful not to step on it because can cause burning. In case you are in burning condition, immediately look for fresh water river and take a bath. This is ash tree log. The log has attribute charcoal so you can use it directly as charcoal in metal refining. In other place there also pointy branches which can directly used as nail besides as branch (stick). This is geyser where we can find hot spring water. The water is drinkable. Map reveal ticket is very important here because we can see the location of lava river, so we can avoid it. It is shown as red river. This is black capped utahraptor, the leather has lightweight attribute. It is used to make combat outfit with evasion buff. This is white stripped iguana. We can collect scale from it, which is used to make scaled leather. This is lava hadrosaurus, the bones are lightweight. It is better than parasaurolophus because the bone has no debuff. It has lightweight level 6 in index 1, which is higher than parasaurolophus. This is chasmosaurus, the bone has high density level 8 + sharp section level 2, which is better than centrosaurus bones. This is andrewsarchus, the bones are firm, same as sabertooth. The pelt is same as snowfield sabertooth with beautiful patter level 4. The pelt is good for making tailor set becase the beautiful pattern level 4=buff CHA level 4. Back to chasmosaurus, the leather has hermetic attribute which probably the resistant to volcano climate We going to find out more after we try to make clothes from it. This is volcano storm. Our health decreases during the storm, so better go home first when the storm come. Next are the tasks in volcano event. There are addition tasks in weekly, achievement and special tasks in Volcano island. One of them is to find tyrannosaurus in index 3 volcano. For volcano tasks, we accumulate the points to 1000 to get building called burning pagoda sauna. Next we going to try using restore torn plan skill, to get blueprints from torn plans. The blueprints can be placed in tamed domain to get volcano related furniture. We also get basalt from it, the basalt can be used to make statue. The statue will decrease gathering time. That is for now, thank you for watching. See you in the next videos.

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  1. Gacha smp sisa 30k ts buat dpt buff building abi lvl 15, tpi mentok 10 trs bang. Nasip nasip, kn pegel nabung lgi

  2. Bang buatin video cara dapat sumbat telinga buat nanti hunt tyrannossurus tdi saya itu dapat la saya juga gak tai awal dapatnya gimna

    Makasih bang

  3. Bg nobel sekedar info. Abg coba main warp acsleretion di volcano. Kalau beruntung nanti dapat accsesori kayak aku. Acsesorinya bagus untuk lawan trex.

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