Easy Homemade Fire Starter Idea

What I have in my hand here might look like
a simple old egg carton, but it’s actually half a dozen really great DIY fire starters. These fire starters give you a nice hot flame
that lasts long enough so that you can get the fire going, so let’s take a look at how
to make these DIY fire starters. First, you’re going to need some dryer lint,
a candle, and of course, an old egg carton. Once you have all of your supplies, drop some
of the dryer lint into a slot in the egg carton. Then, light your candle and hold the candle
tip down so that the flame rises up into the candle wax. This will cause the candle wax to melt and
as the wax melts go ahead and provide a nice generous coating of wax on top of the dryer
lint. Once the dryer lint is nice and saturated
and you have a good amount in there, go ahead and move to the next slot in the egg carton. After you have fully completed all of the
fire starters you can choose to keep them together in on nice fire starting package
like this, or you can cut them up so that you have individual fire starters. It completely depends on what you see yourself
using them for. If you’re out camping it can be nice to keep
them all together, but if you’re going on a backpacking trip you might choose to just
take one little fire starter with you. But that’s it guys. Let’s take a look at how one of these burns. So as you can see, it gives you a nice long
burn time so that you can get that fire going and be the hero of the night. I hope you found this tip helpful. If you did, give us a thumbs up and to check
out our other DIY fire starters click right here on this video.

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