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EATING ONLY ONE COLOR OF FOOD for 24 HOURS!! (Winner Gets $10,000)

EATING ONLY ONE COLOR OF FOOD for 24 HOURS!! (Winner Gets $10,000)

(whimsical music )
– Hmm, coast looks clear. Oh hey Sharers, what’s going on welcome to the vlog, welcome back to another awesome day. So if you didn’t see, in our last challenge video, things got a little bit crazy with the pond monster in the pond. Everything looks clear and good today but we need to
get some more supplies. So I ordered some stuff online, and I’m waiting for that to come in, and once it comes in,
hopefully we’ll be able to capture whatever monster is in there. But in the meantime,
we have another crazy, awesome challenge to do today.
(upbeat music) So if you haven’t already, make sure to hit that subscribe button,
(clicking) and get ready because today’s challenge is going to be very, very, very interesting.
(thudding) That’s right, we are going to do, eating the same colored foods for 24 hours.
(clock winding) How is this gonna work? I have no idea, but let’s go inside and let’s pick colors as
well as Grace and John, and see what’s gonna happen. Let’s do it! Oh, John, John!
(dull clanging) – What? – Whoa, you can’t have
any other color food than the food color you get chosen today. – Uh, okay?
(dull clanging) (dramatic music)
– No, whoa whoa whoa, Grace, Grace, whoa,
(screaming) whoa, whoa, hold on.
– [John] No. – What’s happening? – You can’t eat that.
– You can’t eat that. – Why not? – Today you can only eat the color that you’re chosen.
(whimsical music) – Well, what’s that? We’re all in green right now. – Okay well that can’t be forever, today we gotta pick the color food that we’re gonna eat today, and you have to eat that same color food for 24 hours.
(dull clanging) – The same color food? – Yeah Sharers,
– I better get a good color. – A lot of you were commenting that in the last video that that’s the
– Oh gosh. – Next challenge we should do so, whoever does this challenge the best wins $10,000.
(cash register chiming) – All right, let’s go. – You ready to put on the colors? – Oh, I’m ready. – Here we go, three,
(beeping) two, one, woo! (cheerful music)
Oh yeah, check it out, I’m gonna be pink
(dinging) so I can only eat pink food colors for the whole day. – And I got orange,
(dinging) so I can only eat orange colors. – And I got green
(dinging) so I’m gonna have to find foods that I like that are green. – Green’s probably the easiest. (dull clanging) – Yeah, I wish I got blue.
– Not for me. I hate green food. – I think pink is going to be the hardest. But Sharers we have to do breakfast meal,
(dinging) we have to do a lunch meal
(beeping) and we have to do a dinner meal,
(beeping) and whoever makes the best colored food meals is the winner. Remember Sharers it’s up to you to comment down below
(keyboard typing) who has the best meal. So let’s get in the car, let’s go to the grocery store, and let’s start with breakfast. (car honking) – [Grace] Oh there’s Stephen, hop on in! – [Stephen] Hop in, hop in,
– [John] Alright. – [Stephen] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – Okay so Sharers,
– Oh yeah! – The first meal of the day of course is breakfast and for this you have to make our own smoothies. – Smoothies?
(alarm ringing) – Smoothies.
– Smoothies? – Oh boy. – So the rules are you can get any ingredients you want, but your smoothie has to come out your color choice. So John, your smoothie has to turn green. – Ugh, uh oh. – Grace, your smoothie has to turn orange. – Okay, mine’s orange. – And mine has to turn pink.
(dull clanging) – I don’t really know
how to cook or make food, so this might be really difficult for me. Wish me luck, woo! (upbeat music) – Since breakfast is the
first meal of the day we’re gonna make smoothies. I’m gonna get everything
in here that’s red, because red plus a little bit of white, like we can use milk or something, can make a pink smoothie, so, strawberries check.
(chiming) Dark cherries check,
– [Grace] Ooh. (chiming) – Whatever that is. We can throw some of
this in, make it pink. Ooh perfect we’ll grab some yogurt, white yogurt
(chiming) and some white milk. Perfect, a reddish pinkish lid milk. That’s all I need,
(chiming) boom, I’m good
(dinging) with my breakfast smoothie. – Time to make my smoothie, let’s see what’s orange. There’s that. – [Stephen] Ooh, peach pie.
– That doesn’t really look, I can’t make that into a smoothie. – Sure you can, why not? You can make anything into a smoothie. – Ooh this this this, this is perfect. Orange, bingo. – [Stephen] Oh, orange popscicles. – Yeah. – [Stephen] Okay, those could blend up nicely.
(chiming) – I’ll blend that up and then, these look really really good.
(chiming) Hmm yeah I guess orange
juice is the way to go. I got some orange juice.
(chiming) And just one more thing just in case. Caramel.
(record scratching) – [Stephen] That is not orange, Grace. That is caramel toffee
– I think that’s brown. – [Stephen] Crunch ice cream, you need– – Nevermind, there has
to be orange somewhere. Sherbet, that’s so much better. Right here, bingo, that is orange. Okay let’s add it to the cart,
(chiming) I think I’m ready to go.
(dinging) – All right, for a green smoothie I’m thinking it’s gonna be pretty hard. – What are you talking about? This whole aisle is green.
– [Stephen] What are you talking about, you just passed all this green.
(squeaking) All green, all green. – This is all gross, I do
not like this kind of food. – Sharers, John has a problem with eating vegetables, he does not like eating vegetables. Comment down below
(keyboard typing) if you like vegetables or not. John.
– What, broccoli– – You’re literally
passing everything green. Spinach, peas, whatever
(dinging) that stuff is, broccoli, all that stuff you could throw in your smoothie.
– All that stuff is gross. I’m gonna go find something else.
– [Stephen] John, good luck. – [Grace] Then what are
you supposed to get? – [Stephen] You could even put avocados in, make
(dinging) that a green smoothie. You don’t even like avocados? – Or, what’s green that’s not a vegetable? – Oh my goodness John you’re
gonna have the hardest time, – I’m sure I’ll be able to– – [Stephen] Look, even that’s green on the inside. – [John] All right. – [Stephen] Mint chocolate chip, with green inside. Alright John, what else are you gonna get? There’s not much green here. That’s green, the pistachio thing. – Oh, pistachios?
– Oh my goodness John. – This is perfect it’s
even green on the outside, so I think it leaked a little bit. It says just Green Party Punch. – You think that’s better than vegetables? – [Stephen] I have no idea. – This whole bottle is green, so maybe the milk is, I don’t know. But it’s whole milk so it’ll taste the best.
(chiming) Let’s plop that in there,
(dinging) I think we’re good to go. – Okay well we got all
of our breakfast foods, let’s go home and blend them up. This is gonna be interesting. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Breakfast here we come. So Sharers, this is where the commenting comes in. Comment down below
(keyboard typing) who’s gonna make the best smoothie. You ready to do it? John’s gotta make green.
(dinging) – Oh yeah. – I gotta make pink.
(dinging) – And I have to make orange.
(dinging) – Here we go, you ready?
– Yeah. – Breakfast smoothies starts now. – I’m just gonna dump like
my ice cream in like that. I guess I need to scoop it in. – [Everybody] Whoa! – Okay I’m gonna take my strawberries, I don’t have as big of a
smoothie blender as Grace, I’m gonna do a couple
strawberries just like this. – Uh oh, my ice cream got a little melted on the ride home. – Oh dear.
(suspenseful music) – [Grace] Whoa, look at that. – [Stephen] Yikes, hope it doesn’t all fall in there. I’m just gonna try a little cherries, just like that. – Let’s see.
– Oh, yeah. Look at this, we got pink in here. – Oh, that’s pink. I’m gonna pour some liquid and I really don’t know how much to do.
(suspenseful music) Eek. – I don’t think I’m gonna like this. – Eww, it smells weird! – Yeah. – It looks super bright
green, like electric! – That’s true! – Hey, you could win with that! Wait, check these out
Sharers, bright pink. Oh yeah, putting those in! – All right, I’ve got my popsicle and I’m just gonna scrape it off the stick. There it goes! Oh yeah, that looks yummy and it’s orange, so I’m off to a good start! – I’m kind of having a problem. – Pour as much of that in.
– I’m trying! – [Stephen] If you wanna win, you gotta pour it in! – I’m trying, oh boy!
(suspenseful music) (screaming) – [John] Oh no! – [Stephen] Oh no. – Icy overboard. – [John] I need to figure out a different way to do this. – Check it out, Sharers! Got all the pink plopped in! Just gonna add a couple scoops of yogurt to make it super pink. Just like this. And, in no time we will be ready to blend it up and make this into the pinkest smoothie
you have ever seen! – I came up with a different
(cheerful music) idea, watch out. (crashing) – Oh!
– [Stephen] Woo, okay! What is that? – [Grace] What is that? – This is the very green part so I think I need to put as
(Stephen gasping) much of this in here as I can. – [Grace] What’s it taste like? – [Stephen] It’s slimy and green! – [John] I don’t know, it’s really weird.
– [Stephen] Yuck! – [Grace] It looks like frozen slime! – Oh, is this edible?
– It’s so gooey. This is crazy! – All right. – That looks pretty good!
– It looks pretty good. Let’s blend yours up. – I’m ready to blend! Here we go! (upbeat music)
(blender whirring) Check it out! Woo, yeah, look at that! Oh, yeah! That is what I’m talkin’ ’bout! It’s orange, it stayed orange. Now, does it taste good? Let’s figure it out! Oh, yeah that’s orange! – Putting the pink on, let’s do this!
– [John] Good luck! Three, two, one! (blender whirring) (screaming) – Oh yeah, that’s pink! – [Stephen] Oh yeah,
look how pink this is. – [John] Woo! – Does it taste good?! – Mm! Tastes like pink! – Time to blend, here we go! – [Grace] Here we go, will it stay green? (blender whirring) – Looks like green to me. Let’s see how it tastes. Mm.
(dull clanging) – [Grace] Hm.
– Not too good? – I don’t know what flavor that punch was, but it was not appetizing per se, but it’s definitely green, so it kinda worked. – So Sharers, it’s up to you to comment down below who you think won the breakfast challenge. Comment #Stephen if you think I won! – Or #Grace if you think I
won, Team Orange, oh yeah! – Or #John ’cause I think Green Team won. – All right, comments start now! Here we go, here we go!
– Oh yeah, let’s see who’s win.
(Stephen whooping) Who will win! – And, oh!
(bell ringing) Looks like I won that.
– [Grace And John] What? Oh, yeah Sharers!
– Mine was so good. – All right, I got one point
(dinging) for the breakfast round. I am one step closer to the $10,000 prize. Let’s move on to lunch.
(gong crashing) So, this is where it might get a little bit difficult. It’s lunch time now and I gotta figure out what food I can get that’s Pink Team for lunch. – [Grace] Huh, something like strawberry. – Oh, look at this! Toaster Strudel. – [Grace] That’s pink.
– Pink. That could work!
– [John] Oh, not bad, that works.
(chiming) – All right, let’s see. Oh, check it out! Pink peanut butter jelly, this looks good.
– [Grace] Yum. – There’s not really many pink foods. Oh, goodness. What am I gonna do when it comes to dinner time? There’s like nothing that’s pink. Ooh, this might be pink. – [John] The bag’s pink,
yeah, give it a shot. – Sun chips. I think these are pink. – Oh, they might be! – I think they are, I’m gonna get these. – [Grace] I think the chips might actually be pink.
(chiming) – Okay, well this is all the stuff I got.
(dinging) Let’s hope this is pink when I open it up. Grace, you’re up next. Good luck getting orange lunch. – Okay, it’s my turn, I’m excited. I need orange, orange, orange. Let’ see, I see a lot of red, a lot of brown, a lot of green. Where’s the orange section? – [Stephen] Oh! – Let’s see what it is. I think it’s a cheeseburger. – [Stephen] Yeah, some type of burger. That looks orange-ish. – Okay, so let’s put that in. Pizza Snackers. Oh yeah, this looks really good! Ooh, red.
– [John] Wait, Grace, look over here! – What do you see, what do you see? (Grace gasping) Yes, that’s a lot of orange. Perfect. Cheese pizza. – [Stephen] That’s really orange. – [John] That is very orange. – [Stephen] That matches your shirt completely.
(dinging) – Yeah. And, this. Some sauce, orange sauce for my pizza and dip. This will be perfect. (chiming)
Just like that. Oh, here! I gotta add this, orange, perfect! (chiming)
Woo hoo! I got some cookies. Oh, and this big bag of cheese. That’s straight orange. Oh yeah, this is perfect. – Okay, I don’t see anything green so far. – [Stephen] There’s a lot of green. That’s green, ooh! – Hm, okay! – [Stephen] And it’s not a vegetable, you might like that. – That’s true, it’s a
Toaster Strudel, okay! (chiming) – But will it have green insides? That is the question. If it doesn’t, John could fail this. – [Grace] You have to see
through the packaging. – Chicken broccoli. – [Stephen] Oh.
(record scratching) Chicken broccoli? – Nope, no, broccoli, no. I don’t see anything green in this aisle. I think I’m gonna have
to try the next one. Green chips, where do I find green chips? (alarm chiming) – [Stephen] Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa. Green, John. You might want to put those in. (dull clanging) – Pickle?! – [Grace] That’s such a gross flavor! – All right, I think I like sour cream and onion more. – [Grace] Oh yeah, those might be green.
– ‘Cause these have green specks on them. – [Stephen] Okay, we’ll see
(chiming) if that works! Oh, wait, green, these
definitely have green. Oh, you can pick out all the green ones.
(chiming) – And then wait! Green salsa!
– [Stephen] Green dip. – [Stephen] There you go! That looks good! (chiming) – That’s a start, that’s a real start. – [Stephen] You’re gettin’ there, John. You are gettin’ there. It’s a little bit of vegetables. You’re gettin’ there. – Oh, perfect! These have green on them right there! And the whole bag’s green, so. – [Stephen] Add those
(chiming) to the cart!
– Pretty good chances with that. – Ooh, green Oreos! – [Grace] Oh, that could work! – Perfect! – [Stephen] That’s a snack,
– Mint. – [Stephen] That’s a lunch time snack. – I’m gonna have a lot of mint stuff today.
(chiming) – Oh, wait, what about this? It’s like Jello. – [Stephen] Perfect, that’s green. (chiming)
– [Grace] Oh, bingo. – I just need one more thing, but I’m not sure what it is. Oh, I’ve got a good idea, follow me. – [Grace] What is it? – And check this out. Big Sour Patch Kids. (chiming) And I know there’s green things in there. Well, my carts full of green.
(dinging) I’m ready for lunch. Let’s go. – Let’s do it Sharers! Lunch is ready! The question is though, Sharers, is all of our stuff actually have the colored food inside? The rules for this round are whoever makes the most colorful lunch dish is the winner, so you ready to get started? – Oh, I’m ready. – Here we go. Three, two, one, let’s go!
(beeping) Make a colorful lunch dish. – I’m worried these are not gonna be green, just from the pictures on the packaging. – I’m already worried! (laughing) – Oh, that’s my color! I should have bought those! – Oh no, but, I think I can save the day. We got a little pink
in here, I could scrape some of this out. Maybe, I don’t know.
(dull clanging) – You can only eat pink, Stephen, look. I’m off to a good start. – Oh! – Okay! – Oh, wait, this isn’t any good. – These are open and these are green. – This popcorn is a fail, white! (flat horn sounding) Can’t use that! – That, that’s not pink! – Forget that!
– [Grace] What did you buy? Sun chips, are they gonna be pink? Let’s see. Oh no!
(groaning) The sun chips aren’t pink, they’re orange!
(buzzing) (laughing) – Those are my color! – Oh no, can’t use this either. – These aren’t green either. There’s just little flecks of green and I’m not gonna be able to take ’em off. – [Stephen] Oh no. – My hamburgers aren’t that orange or they don’t really look
that good either, but. Huh, I guess they’re kinda orange. – Sharers, this is my last thing. Will these peanut butter jelly sandwiches be pink? (horn playing)
(groaning) Oh no. Ugh, there’s like no pink
on the inside either! I think I lost this challenge, this is not going well for me! – So far, I’m doing pretty good. I got those fry things. Next, I’m gonna put this in a cool shape right like this. Whoop! All right, that looks pretty good so far. These also have green chips inside, so gonna put those next to that and hope they’ll look bright. – Sharers, my only option right now is to take apart these things and scrape out the pink jelly. That’s literally all I have going for me. I gotta scrape and work really hard but my plate might turn out to be very, very pink. – Oh yeah, nice dip with my pizza rolls. Oh yeah! I am all set and ready! – Woo, mine looks pretty
good, not gonna lie! These are super bright green. These are a little dull, but everything else is really bright green. And this is also neon green, so I think I’m pretty set. – And Sharers, check it out, I got mine! (whimsical music) (laughing) – What is that?
– [John] What did you do? – That’s all the pink I could get from all my foods.
– [Grace] That’s it? Just a tiny little bit, but hey. – That’s all the pink. It’s not even that pink. – The rules of the game was not how much you can do, it’s how bright your dish can be. – That doesn’t look– And does the pink match?
– [Grace] No. I think it does. Mm, jelly and it’s very, very, very good! – Okay, Sharers, now it’s up
to you guys to vote who will win the lunch round. Let the votings begin in three, two, one!
(beeping) Vote away!
(keyboard typing) (dramatic music)
Oh yeah! – Okay, well clearly no one voted for me. – Oh yeah, look at those go! Oh yeah! Oh! I am the winner!
(bell ringing) (John groaning) Woo, oh yeah, that’s
what I’m talking about. Team Orange. – Okay, the score is one
(dinging) for Grace, one for me, and zero points for John. – Yeah, but I was pretty close both times, so I think I have a good chance with dinner. Let’s go to the store.
– Well, let’s get dinner. Let’s go! Woo! (upbeat music)
Last meal of the day, dinner time! Let’s see, so far I’ve done pretty good. Let’s get some pink, ooh! Pomegranates are pink!
– [Grace] Ooh, yum. – That’ll be a nice add-on. to the dinner.
(chiming) Pink apples! – [John] Look, they even have pink pears! – Pink pears! – [Grace] Whoa, that’s crazy. – [Stephen] We don’t want too
much fruit, because fruit’s not necessarily a dinner. Oh, check it out, pink! – [Grace] (gasping) Perfect! Just like your shirt!
(chiming) – Oh, that’s pink-ish.
– Not bad, right? (Grace laughing) – [Grace] What is that? – I don’t know.
(dull clanging) Lettuce or something? Okay, and then, oh yeah! Pink potatoes.
(chiming) Lets load up. Look, they got giant pink ones too! Definitely pink, pink,
(chiming) pink all for dinner. Even a bag of pink ones right here. – [Grace] (gasping) Yeah, mini ones. (chiming)
Look how cute those are. – [Stephen] Check that out. – Oh, look, this is also kind of pink. Pink like an onion.
– [Stephen] Oh, pink onion. That looks good.
(chiming) Let’s get a lot of onions. I need the pinkest dinner possible. – [John] (chuckling) What are you making? (chiming) – I gotta make sure my meal is pink! – Why do you want onions? – Then, let’s see, what
else would be pink? Oh, pink salami!
(alarm ringing) That is definitely pink. – [Grace] And dinner, perfect! – Oh, and then to top
it off, check this out! We can top off dinner with nice, dried pink cranberries. – [Grace] Okay! – [Stephen] Oh yeah!
(chiming) Check it out! I got my pink cart. I’m all ready for dinner.
(dinging) – I’m gonna start off
with fruit for dinner, ’cause, this is orange. This is perfect.
(chiming) Let me put that in there. Now onto something
hearty, like dinner food. What’s orange? Perfect, carrots. These are completely
orange, and it’s dinner! That’s perfect!
(chiming) Yeah, cantaloupe, that’s orange. – [John] Not really a dinner food. – That’s perfect.
(chiming) Alrighty, let’s see, what’s down here? Hmm. – What about this? – Yeah, yogurt, I could
have that for dinner. Ooh, this is a little hard. My dinner might not be my best meal. Orange salad dressing? (dull clanging) Not bad. Ooh, this is perfect. Orange, orange peppers. Ooh, this looks like a good one. This looks like a good one.
(chiming) And, ooh, little mini ones, hm. I don’t know what these taste like, but they’re cute.
(chiming) Let’s put them in there. We got a lot of orange. I don’t know what this is. We got this. Oh look, orange noodles. That’s perfect. And, these little orange
chunks, I’m ready. I think I’m all set.
(dinging) (chiming) I got definitely a lot
of orange and a variety of yummy goods. – Hmm, green dinner food. I guess I could start with a lime, but I’m not sure what to put on it.
(chiming) It’s not really a meal by itself. A whole bag of apples. That’s perfect! And they’re all green too.
(chiming) Ooh, maybe a couple pears. Ooh, maybe grapes. Green grapes, okay.
(chiming) That works, we’re looking good so far. – [Stephen] There’s a lot of green right here.
– [Grace] Oh, right there. – [Stephen] You gotta
pick something, John. – [Grace] Something John.
– [Stephen] It’s all green! – It says edamame. – [Grace] You could totally win this. There’s so many options.
– And soybeans! All right, I don’t really like that, so I’m gonna keep looking. – [Stephen] Green
burrito, John, a burrito. You love burritos. – [Grace] You love burritos. And it’s green.
(crickets singing) – Organic beans and rice. I don’t think I’m gonna like this. (dull clanging) – (chuckling) That’s
what every burrito is! – All right, I guess I’ll give it a shot. Ooh, green pizza, I love pizza! – [Stephen] Oh! – Finally, you got something you like. – Not bad. – [Stephen] Okay, that’s a substantial (chiming)
meal for dinner. – All right, let’s see what else there is. I think I’ve got some good ideas. Wait, this is a green drink! – [Stephen] Green smoothie?
– It says right on it. – [Stephen] Okay. – Green. – [Stephen] That works.
(chiming) – That’ll work. I also do like salad, even though I don’t
really like vegetables. So, I’m gonna make a salad. First, I need some romaine lettuce, ’cause it tastes good. Perfect.
(chiming) All right, I need some dressing too. – [Stephen] Oh, John, there’s green dressing right up here, check this out. – Ooh, cilantro. Stir in paste. Okay, I’ll give that a try. And then on top, this is the only vegetable I like. Peppers, so, we can use that.
(chiming) We’ll put it on top of the salad. Oh, and then the last thing I need, a huge thing of broccoli.
– [Grace] Oh, that looks like a tree! – That’s massive!
(chiming) – Whoa, that’s big. – All right, I think I’m pretty good, not gonna lie.
(dinging) – Time for dinner, let’s go home and let’s make dinner! Let’s do it, woo! (sad music)
(sobbing) – What is wrong? – Why are you crying? – Oh, oh sorry,
(record scratching) I’m just cutting my onion. Sharers, it’s time for the dinner round! – Dinner round.
– Let’s do this. Whoever makes the best dinner gets a point and right now Grace and I are tied,
(dinging) so let’s see. I gotta make pink. – I gotta make green. – I gotta make orange. – Here we go, dinner round starts now. (dramatic music)
Let’s do it. Check it out, Sharers, the onions, oh, the onions
(dull clanging) are purple, not pink. Oh, that’s not gonna work for me. Forget that! Oh my goodness! Well, this is pink. Pink pomegranate. Put that on the plate! That’s looking good. – That is orange for sure! I’m gonna have orange pasta on the corner, just like that. – Ugh!
(flat horn sounding) This juice smells funny! How do you open this? – Pull from the side and tear it open. (upbeat music) – Woo, okay, let’s put some lettuce down. And then let’s put this
salad rub or something, I’m not really sure what this is. I think you’re supposed to just put it on, on top of that we
can put these peppers. Mm, that looks like it might be too many. – Check it out! We got the
pink meat, just like that. Oh yeah, and we got a pink pear to go along on the fruit side. And let’s see, this might be purple when I cut it open. Only one way to find out. (slicing)
(flat horn sounding) Oh no! This is purple! – Uh oh, this doesn’t look very green. I’m not gonna use that. – Check this out. I cut the top of this like, what is this?
(punching) Pepper off! So, it’s like a little bowl. So, I’m gonna put that right there and look at this. I’m gonna put that in there. Oh, look how cool that looks! Oh, yeah! And then, let’s see if this salad dressing is orange. Yep, it’s orange.
(dinging) Bingo! Right on top of my pasta. Just like that. The last thing I’m going to add are these kiwis that will go right there in that white spot, and look. Kiwis are normally green, but they say they’re orange on the inside. (groaning)
(flat horn sounding) Oh gosh, I can’t use those, that’s yellow. I need orange. – Almost done with my pink plate. Let’s top it off with
some pink cranberries. Oh, yeah! Voila, chef Stephen is in the house. – Woo, mine is looking good. All I need to do is put these two apples on just like that and boom!
(crashing) Mine is done. (phone ringing) – Oh, my phone’s ringing. Hello? (garbled babbling) Orange Team’s in the lead? That’s what I thought. – And check it out! I’m done as well. Oh, yeah! Voting begins in three,
(beeping) two, one, vote away! (keyboard typing)
(dramatic music) – Oh!
– Wait, this is a close tie! – This is a lot closer. – Mine’s looking pretty good! – Sharers, comment #Stephen! – Wait, mine’s looking really good! – Yeah, mine too!
– Oh. – Come on, Sharers! Come on, vote for me, vote for me! Come on, come
– Come on! – On, come on!
– I’m so close! (bell ringing)
(John groaning) – Oh, yeah, I got taken away! That’s what I’m talking about!
– [John] What? Team Orange, oh, yeah! That means I won the same color food for 24 hours, and I win the $10,000.
(cash register chiming) – That’s right, Sharers, major shout-out to all of you who commented that we should do the eating the same food for 24 hour challenge. If you have any ideas on what challenge we should do next, comment it down below
(keyboard typing) and until next time, you know what to do! Stay awesome and share the love! Peace! Woo!

100 thoughts on “EATING ONLY ONE COLOR OF FOOD for 24 HOURS!! (Winner Gets $10,000)”

  1. John has the best color he could get

    Green lifesavers

    Green suckers

    Green Skittles

    Green ice cream

    Green jello

    Green candy

    Green Oreos

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