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Echosigma Emergency Systems Get Home Bag (GHB)

Echosigma Emergency Systems Get Home Bag (GHB)

Emergencies are things we all hope never to
face The truth however is that many And perhaps most Americans will face The unexpected at some point Whether you live in hurricane or tornado territory An earthquake zone or simply enjoy exploring The great outdoors being prepared and Having a plan in place is vital for survival Should adversity strike your family Would you be prepared? In 10 minutes or less could you gather Enough supplies to endure? Echo Sigma has developed an emergency System that is simple, smart, and practical Both survivalist and novice alike can effectively Employ it to fit nearly any circumstance From the family outing on a hike To the potential Natural disaster We have a pack to fill the need The Get Home Bag by Echo Sigma is A medium sized ready bag No larger than a students backpack and Contains food water storage and other supplies That can easily bring an individual through A one to three day encounter The compact bag by Condor Outdoor is Durable and versatile It contains a 2 1/2 liter hydration system And provision pack which consists Of six 400 calorie ration bars 2.5 liters of 5 year storage water And paper napkins all contained in Weather proof storage A survival kit with Compass Whistle Magnesium/flint fire starter Duct tape Emergency blanket Butane lighter Water purification tablets 2 chem. lights Water proof matches Tinder kit 1 pad of paper 2 ball point pens And 1 set of ear plugs Is included as well as a 68 piece first aid
kit And Gerber “Dime” multi-tool 6 AA batteries Emergency tube tent Poncho A 170 lumen flashlight Signal mirror Thermal sleeping cocoon Zip ties 50 feet of 550 paracord Goggles Work gloves 2 respirator masks And 2 hand warmers complete this kit With an Echo Sigma Get Home Bag You can be sure that you will indeed get Back home and remember like all products Carried by Brownells this bag is backed By out 100% lifetime guarantee

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