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Eco – Glorious Bean Server Modpack Release & Mod Highlight

Eco – Glorious Bean Server Modpack Release & Mod Highlight

Hello everyone!
Welcome to Glorious Bean Server! Or not really, because this is a backup
running on my computer Joining us today will be Ma
which is my wife who is helping me on this ECO adventure Can you say hi Ma? Hello everyone! I’m Ma! So, what we’re going to do today, Gabe? Today we’re gonna see the mod pack
we’ve been working on
for the past week basically we’ve launched a server two or three days ago I’ve spent like five full days
making the mods work together So I thought, why not make it available for everyone, right? and the only issue with the mod pack is that we are very close to the 7.4 version of ECO
and this mod pack is for the 7.3.3 version but don’t worry. Starting tomorrow
I will work on making this 7.4 compatible of course I depend on the modders to do it This video will probably be a little long so I will make.. put timestamps
with the mods on the description so you can just skip ahead
and watch only what you want So let’s start? What do you think? Yeah! Sure Ok. So the first mod on the list
is a mod by Apaulsauce It’s called Trail Mix, and
it gives you something to do with seeds you get and you can see here prickly pear seeds
crimini mushroom spores fireweed seed makes exotic trail mix We also have forest trail mix grassland trail mix it’s really cool
gives you something to do always good new recipes the next mod on the list are the Arashi mods, which is the nature pack and the lighting collection It’s really cool everyone on the server is using light like you can see this I didn’t put this here This is actually on the server people are using those Japanese, I think, lights and Also those sorts of hedges or I don’t know how it’s called arches Yeah, this is very nice it adds a very nice touch in the aesthetic and you can also just place things like this Victorian lamp You know people who are good at building can make really appropriate looking buildings
I can’t, but yeah So as you can see people are using lights Oh yeah! Bean Town where it all started! two or three rounds ago, but anyway So the next mod on the list is a mod by Deru, I think it’s a newer mod It enables you like, Better Mining, Better Logging and it enables you to use right click to collect all mature plants around you as you can see I got 234 Mari is getting a lot more Just by right-clicking the range is five blocks so yeah, and the really cool thing is that it doesn’t Pick up any plants that is not mature enough to be collected so this could save a lot of time for farmers One might argue it’s a OP but it’s up for you to test and rebalance, right? Next up comes the mods from GeeknessFr Which is the light sensor and the floor light So, may accompany me, Ma? That street light turned on based on our proximity Sorry, Ma. can you come back?
I just trolled you a little bit And as Ma come back.. she will get out of the range of the sensor and it will turn out See? The lights go off Which is a really nice thing to have certain setups So we’ll go here on Gregory one of our player’s house where we did some, you know, customizing And this here is the sensor and you can hit right click to turn off all lights You can right click to turn all lights on might add certain mods doesn’t work Depends on the mod you are running You can also left-click to switch between daylight mode and proximity sensor Which means it will turn on only during night, and if someone’s close There is proximity sensor only mode Which is basically if someone’s close or further and it turns on and off and there is only daylight mode So you even have options to what you want to do With your lights and of course those floor lights here are also made by GeeknessFR It’s a very cool floor lamp very dim lightning or you can use many of them to get this effect the next three mods are made by Kirthos they are very useful mods especially for people who like mining logging and digging so the first one is this shovel it’s the big shovel the durability is usually 100 but for GBS mod pack I doubled the durability and also it can hold 10 dirt units actually, 20 yeah on the GBS is 20 because I doubled the carry capacity for this modpack oh, ok We can also show you the mining the better minning mod, you can see there’s three different mining skills One is the pickup range that increases the range this ability which is awesome by right-clicking you can get all the rubble around you automatically I right click *poof*
20 units And since GBS uses 2x to carry capacity from vanilla if you’re hit right-click you pick up 40 stone the other skill from better mining is Strong mining as you can see I already have the max level on it, so Every time I break this no big rubbles You know the little rubbles you have to break It won’t come off like this because every level raises 20% chance to directly break the big rubble so no big rubble comes along, and they’re just mine and right clicks There you go and the next mod from Kithos is the better logging you can come here on the carpenter profession *ramblings* There’s also three new skills here There’s wood pulp cleaner that breaks wood pulp around one wood pulp that you break there is stump cleaner breaks the tree stump in one hit which is great there is this very magical very Very strong expert lumberer skill that cuts the tree trunk when you have already broken its branches and it gets ready to harvest so Ma, can you hit that trunk? If you didn’t notice the whole trunk is ready to pick up after one hits can you hit? yeah She hits one wood pulp and it break it up *timber* can hit the stump and it clears unfortunately we only got wood pulp here
ONE wood pulp oh there was another one it’s probably because I have minimum view distance, but yeah, you can see It breaks everything with one hit The next mod is World Edit by lord Mampf, and it’s a really neat mod It’s based on the World Edit from minecraft So if you’re.. you know that that’s the same idea you basically get a wand by typing //wand Then you get a wand like I already have one here and you can type something like //replaceair
so if someone like an admin was really naughty was really bad you can just go and remove their house from existence Ma, do you have anything to show us? yeah Exactly Nah! Gregory’s a nice guy Yeah Are you tired after coming home from a long day of stealing resources from your neighbors yeah I didn’t even complete it and not being able to make everything into one stack then this next mod by Luke will be your solution this here Is the beautiful Container mod? It’s like a stockpile 2.0 and what I liked it the most is that it’s the same size if I remember correctly except, you know In the form of a container so it’s not cheaty yeah, I think this mod is my favorite one not only because there’s lot of space, but it stacks a lot of items like normal stockpiles would stack like 5 sands And in this mod, they stack 20 With this mod you can really put like bunch of stockpiles inside it It has 17.. 70! 70 spaces for items and the stack size is the same stack size of the server So it doesn’t stack to the vanilla value it stacks to whatever the server has set so that’s already really cool and the next mod is also from Luke which is It’s very nice-looking sci-fi hi-tech Forcefield so if you want to You know, really protect those wood carts these really high-tech wood carts you have you can use those forcefields here is how it looks little further away Next mod is Whovania mod, and it’s made by Doctor Who [MasterWho] it’s a really cool mod It reminds me of mods for Wurm Wurm Unlimited where a mod can do lots of nifty things really neat things by itself It adds new food items like the best of the best burrito supreme it’s a GBS/GBC favorite You have fish sticks.. fish sticks? Kenny West still does not understand us Yeah, and we have milk yeah Very cool food items as you can do a lot of them here on the kitchen as you can see You can also upgrade your tools On the anvil
So you can.. if I remember correctly Here it is Can upgrade your iron axe Using steel and you can get an iron a.. a steel axe, right you can also Do the same thing for your steel and turn them into modern items here on the factory There are some changes to vehicles I will set up that and show you in a second and the change to the vehicles are you can come here on the powered carts come here and use biodiesel Yeah, like a hippie fuel so it can go around driving around town on dead animals basically yeah, I’m looking at you bison and they also changed with the Whovania mod They make them more efficient at driving around as you can see over there on the bottom left corner 200% efficiency it makes the vehicles faster Ma asked me to drive so I had a little idea which is you use World Edit to.. I think it’s //asphaltroad And then we can can you move hold w the problem is I don’t think I have a full-length road
*Oh this is fast* Yeah, this is not vanilla I’ve never drove this before Next mod on the list is the GreenLeaf modpack it’s an object pack you can see here We have a really good-looking double door and it’s three by one so it’s centered, and it looks really nice our players are using it everywhere pretty much and It also adds, which I would like to see more in the server Double Vertical windows which you can open Sliding windows and you also get
here in Dess’s house let’s see where I can put this Can put it right here There we go metal sliding window, which looks really nice the cool thing about the door is that the wood carts, they pass through it so it’s a nice door to have on mines or some places that you need to pick up stuff Yeah, it really is I didn’t think about that before you don’t have to make a double vanilla door And yeah squeeze your carts through it It’s really nice, and I have spoken to Phlo and he”s going to keep updating it Maybe a little slower, but still looking forward to more objects It’s really high-quality, and it doesn’t drop FPS Which is super cool Next mod is Admin Utils or Admin Utilities by Pradoxzon it’s a really good mod Like it’s a pretty much a must-have You can do really simple things like /backup Our /save and we’ll back up and save your game You can also do stuff like dump command lock which will dump the console output from the server You can do export item list export chat log export stats and will create log files basically on a folder in your server It’s a really good mod. Pradoxzon is coming back, I think next week and he will keep updating this and he will also update group manager, which is another mod that we can’t.. I cannot use right now, but I tried my best to use on this mod pack But it doesn’t work in 7.33, but maybe next week He’ll update it, and it’s a really good mod, too so watch out keep your eyes open for group manager Spoffy Rubble and Debris Removal other mod that really should be vanilla It adds commands to remove all kinds of debris from the world and rubble So here we have some logs and some debris right on Dr. Rump PhD’s farms He won’t like it. So you can just go and clear rubble with debris it takes a little while Because you know if there’s 300 rubble in the world it might take 10 seconds, but you can also do Falling trees and it removes logs Mari, can you show us? the next type Yeah you type /clearrubble stone It removes all stone and it does that for the whole world not just where you are at so it’s a really powerful command for admins that are having lags on their server because people are not using excavators how they should or they’re leaving a lot of rubble debris behind this helps a lot And for this next section I will show you my mods or mods that I adapted to work better with GBS the first one you can come here to survivalist and you get a new specialty it looks really vanilla Mari did the icons here is all the construction skills is under the Builder tree now and research that usually require a construction skill like stone construction skill now actually requires builder if I give myself no skills whoops I erase my skills I still have builder because it’s a zero cost specialization all you have to do when you start the game is research it and then you read the scroll and you will unlock it
It does not count towards, you know.. Specialization costs you can just come here and buy each one normally as we already had some playthroughs we were really interested in giving the city a better aesthetics so it was really important that Everybody should be able to build properly so we didn’t want to put each construction skills in specializations we wanted to do a different thing so everybody can make beautiful houses without struggling that much Yeah, and I think it really paid off because what would happen on our previous playthrough with our group was that people would only build with the materials they unlocked or the professions they unlocked because we were using construction mod which groups differently than what I do it would group brick construction for instance with masonry and bricklaying and you would have it here
Which is a really good mod It’s another way to deal with it until the developers overhaul the construction But the way I did it is because I know the people from my group really likes to be able to be free to build However, I don’t like giving free skills I don’t like having you know it’s not creative mode so I wanted them to expand their SP and builder also forces if you look at builder skill book It’s not that expensive It doesn’t take too long to research but if you have say two three four people on a server or more they could collaborate to Make this research, and it actually Engineering depends on it and a lot of other stuff depends on it, so you can’t progress the game without it So what is does in my opinion is make people play together right from the get-go right from the beginning Ma do you have anything to add? No, I was just saying this is a very early playthrough only one or two days and the houses already looks nice it’s not end-game houses but They are not just blocks of wood or something This mods allows you this the earlist houses are already nice to watch to look Yeah, I agree next little mod on the list is crafting blast furnaces at Anvils I think this mod already existed, but was outdated, so I just made it I think you just have to change one or two lines, but it’s a really good patch I don’t really know why I can’t do it in vanilla because You don’t really should be making tailings Later on the game when you already have anvils and blast furnaces, so that’s all that adds Next mod on the list is default auth fix which is a very simple fix in Certain items like the ice boxes notoriously when you place them down They have public auth public authentication instead of inherited or whitelist Which is not really a very good idea to have on a public server And it also changes other items like the mint Which is usually public auth and that’s not a good idea at all Next one up is dirty money I’ve made this mod because we would always joke about making our currency bean based or Dirt backed there was also jokes about making sand dollars or dollars made with sand so that’s what you can do now can back currency and our official currency is usually Magic Beans So that’s what you can do Oh the currency name already exists in another mint because someone in the server already made Magic Beans And you can also make which it’s probably already exists Oh yeah, you can also do stuff with tailings now and If you want to download this mod pack or download this mod separately For your public server if you have a public server for other people to join I would remove this because it’s cheating we only did this because it’s funny because we had One of our members constantly say he wanted currency made out of tailings Gregory yeah, made that for you my man and you can also back it with dirt, which gives the name of the mod if I can find it here It is Oops, gotta give a name Dirty Money There’s another currency with that name so we can come here We have magic means circulation, which is the official I think for the server and then we have dirty money which is made by Ichzilla to compete We’ll see who will win and the next few mods are really small changes, but here on GBS We have two times to carry capacity so instead of 20 stone you carry 40 insted of 20 bricks you carry 40 and things like that and of course that’s inspired by the carry more mod It’s pretty much that with a couple other changes and Merging basically the other mods with the files we have on the GBS mod back There’s also some changes to Kithos’ to allow for this kind of grabbing 40 stone because Kithos’ grabs 20 maximum for now I have already spoke to him, maybe it’s gonna change I don’t know but it’s now grabs 40, and we also have the misc or miscellaneous improvements mod which for now it only allows you to add Wood pulp as a fuel for bakery oven and stuff like that You can see that I think CTK has that don’t know if other mod do it but currently misc improvements is the standalone mod I might publish it later on if it gets more miscellanious improvements Moving down the list we have planetary defense which is my mod It’s really simple right now I want to make it more involved and maybe a little more complex later on but what it does right now is just like Just like we have the Builder mod Putting out things here together on the very start of the tech tree we have planetary defense on the very last Research people will make and it’s much more expensive than the usual way That’s all the resources you need we might make it more expensive later on it takes 1440 minutes which is 24 hours a whole day to research planetary defense and what it does well Level one you can make laser level two you can make the computer lab why is it like this? well I’ve noticed during my play throughs that Usually one or two or a group of maximum of three players who rush the lasers while everyone is not You know is either enjoying collaborating enjoying building Community projects together or enjoying building up and playing up the economy some people like to have a store and restock it, you know
leaving the dream of the eco world and then two or three people rush the laser they build it they destroy it when no one is online and then take boast about it on the chat boast about it on Discord and then 5 minutes later they start making votes for a wipe, you know they start asking for the server to be wiped why do they do that?
I don’t know now if they want to do that you have to wait a day and that’s it that’s basically it Yeah, and if you work, and do stuff, study you don’t have much time to play and then in a week or maybe two they ask for a wipe and they.. everybody stops playing because the meteor is destroyed so it’s not very fun for people that don’t spend all the day playing and I think this will balance and Improve the game a lot more yes exactly
thank you, Ma That’s why this mod exists but I will give you a hint what I want to do and I know people that are already doing it And if they do it first I can just integrate my mod if there’s is make the difficulty more dynamic so if someone kills the meteor let’s say But if someone kills the meteor the idea to have the planetary mod to regenerate the meteor over and over again each time Harder taking more resources and less time for the meteor to hit so instead of wiping the server Which I don’t like to ever doing any game you have the meteor to destroy the planet and then you wipe That’s the dream and finally the last two months is pollute more with what it does is just a very simple patch flat 15% Increase in pollution made by all the polluters objects not vehicles which is stove, oil refinary, factory, cement kiln and blast furnace? the vehicles are not touched because they are ok compared to the those machines and the reason for couple of more it’s because in vanilla we had maybe 10 active players and maybe 30 total maybe more people playing casually and we didn’t even make any sort of dent in the environment whereas in another playthrough where things were polluting 300, 400% more in a playthourgh we had The planet started becoming Venus, so yeah you have to strike a balance With the pollution balance because it’s either doesn’t do anything or it kills the planet too fast So we.. I think each server might have to configure the pollution For their player base and Ma, can you show us? So the final mod is Toutboom Excavator Toutboom is one of our players he is a legendary dwarf on my eyes it makes little more pollution So the changes are here it’s 20% faster moving You know it’s more efficient running in different types of terrain is it has 20% lower fuel consumption 24% more polluting has more storage and more fuel space And now we’ve reached the end of the video Thank you for watching And I hope this help you get to know some of the mods that currently exist on our ECO community I hope if you don’t like mods that you at least give it a try what really brought me to the modding world or to mod my games was minecraft mods and after that I would play Skyrim with 140 mods or fallout 4 with 120 you know, X rebirth with 70 mods Modding is really awesome like I’d really like to thank the modding community on ECO people that have helped me And I hope that by doing this I’m giving it back at least a little bit for the community in eco Do you want to add anything Ma? Yeah, just thank you everyone for watching I also hope this helps you and I hope we were able to show how mods work properly and everybody can understand That’s it! See you next time hopefully on the 7.4 version Have fun!

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  1. Great video and the mod pack looks really awesome. I was wondering if any of the mods are dependent on each other? For example, if I wanted to remove a couple mods in the mod pack, will others break? Thanks for all your work on this

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