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Emergency Bug Out Bag for Dogs DIY

Emergency Bug Out Bag for Dogs DIY

emergency bug out bag for dogs DIY pet emergency survival disaster kit make a dollar tree emergency kit pet care tips hi it’s alaskagranny our pets are members of
the family just like you prepare yourself for an emergency situation
make sure you assemble a bug-out bag survival emergency kit for your dog in a survival or emergency
evacuation you want to take your pet with you and you need to take some pet
supplies let me show you the things I put together in a survival emergency bug out bag kit or pack so that if I have
to evacuate or bug out I grab my bug out bag I grab my dog Alaska Sammy and his emergency bug out
bag and we all have the things we need to take care of ourselves for several
days let me show you what I included in Alaska Sammy’s bug out bag emergency survival kit the first
thing I packed is food and water I have a dish to put the water in I have some
dry food and some wet food dog food that is easy to peel open and a ziplock bag to store
it all in next I have some first-aid supplies secure flexwrap first aid tape
it’s a tape that won’t stick to your dog’s fur it sticks to itself antibiotic
cream I have some gauze squares and some hand sanitizer I also have a ziploc bag
to store all of the first-aid supplies for my dog together I included an extra leash with
a harness a harness is more secure to take care of your dog in an emergency a dog can pull out of a collar far more easily
than out of a harness I included a carabiner in case I needed to clip the dog
leash to something to keep him under control
attached to the leash I have a container that holds dog poop bags and then I also
have a pack of puppy potty training pads you never know where you’re going to be staying or
what your conditions are and your dog needs to have a way to relieve himself use the bathroom
these items all fit together in a ziplock bag as well I have a baby
blanket for my dog an emergency survival blanket two high-quality glow sticks and some
zip ties in an emergency you crack and shake a glow stick and then it will glow
and a good quality glow stick will glow up to 12 hours then there’s a hook on the glow stick you
could hook it over something or there’s a hole if you need it to you could put a
ziptie through this and attach it to your dog’s
collar or leash so that you can be seen in the dark or not lose him in the dark
I can also store those items together in a ziploc bag so that I can find them in
a hurry keep a copy of your dog’s identification shot records license his
emergency contact information veterinarian number records and a favorite little toy to comfort him in
times of emergency when he might be scared now I have every component to put
away in a dog emergency bug out bag to make sure that my dog has everything he needs in an emergency survival or disaster situation evacuation
I have food and water first-aid hygiene supplies
identification some comfort and bedding items I can put it all together in a bag
I already had zip it up and then I can put it on the shelf with my emergency bug out bag survival emergency
gear and his dog carrier and know that we’re ready for anything we can grab and go our emergency bags if
we need to and we know we’ll be okay make a bug-out bag for your pet you
never know when you might have an emergency survival situation learn more
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8 thoughts on “Emergency Bug Out Bag for Dogs DIY”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I have my fur baby a bug out bag, you have show me I need to add some things I haven't thought about. Thanks again.

  2. I don't know why I haven't thought to do this before watching your video. I never thought about having glow sticks and small zip ties for the collar/leash. Thank you for the sharing the absolutely genius tips!

  3. My baby is a bit bigger than yours, American Bulldog, so she has her own bugout bag that she'll be carrying. It has a 1st aid kit, dry food and water, a tie out stake with an 8' lead, comfort toy and a blanket. Amazon has harness packs for different size dogs and I recommend getting one and conditioning your dog to carry it.

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