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Emergency Candles from Dollar Tree 80 Hour Candles From Dollar Tree

Emergency Candles from Dollar Tree 80 Hour Candles From Dollar Tree

emergency candles from dollar tree survival candles from dollar tree prepping for power outage tips to light candles 80 hour candles from dollar tree hi it’s AlaskaGranny prepping for emergencies
doesn’t have to be expensive your nearest Dollar Tree store you can find
these tall emergency 80 hour survival candles for only $1 or maybe a little bit more but they’re very very
cheap and each one will burn for 80 hours so while your power may go out for several
days you’re not going to burn this all day long this is going to last you for many
many days that you could let it burn throughout the night you still have a light and it’s going to
last and last for $1 and I also found long matches 40 fireplace matches that were
also from the dollar store so that they can reach and light these once they burn down a ways
here’s another thing I found for $1 is a clicker you can use these to light those
or any other type of candle here’s a trick if you don’t find fireplace matches and you don’t have a
long clicker take a piece of spaghetti and it can reach down and light your
candle these also were good if you want to light lots of candles on a birthday cake if you need to carry it around the house put it in a mug place strike anywhere matches in a ziploc bag store them right inside the candle on the shelf then you always have a way to light them spend a
little money getting prepared for $7 here I have all of this hours and hours of
emergency light it doesn’t have to be complicated do what you can so that no matter what comes along
your family will be ok learn more at and
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11 thoughts on “Emergency Candles from Dollar Tree 80 Hour Candles From Dollar Tree”

  1. Go to a hobby shop and get some scented candle oil. Then when the burnin' candle has a good level of melted wax, mix a few drops of the oil into it (stir it with a toothpick or q-tip). It will keep the candle smellin' good all the way down.

  2. I have oil lamps and candles, but the matches I bought will be relocated thanks to your vid. Always pick up little tidbits…thank you

  3. Great advise on the candles.  Last year I bought all our local Dollar Store had in stock and felt like it was a great investment in case of a hurricane or lights out due to a ice storm.  Keep up the good advise.

  4. Got them, tested them. Only 40 to 50hour candles, still great for $1. Oh, and birthday cake candles work great for lighting multiple candles at one time.

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