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Emergency Food for Travelers and Vacations- Prepping for Road Trips

Emergency Food for Travelers and Vacations- Prepping for Road Trips

emergency food plan for travelers emergency food for vacations vacation emergency plans hi it’s AlaskaGranny I am on a trip with my son and
we’re traveling light so we didn’t bring a lot of supplies with us so the first
time we had the opportunity we stocked up on food and water for emergencies and outings for our trip stock up on foods from a local market so that we
didn’t have to go without the places we travel to tend to be remote spend the day there isn’t necessarily a
place to get something to eat food for traveling and vacation snacks doesn’t have to be complicated get
things that you’re familiar with and that you enjoy eating that is simple to prepare and
easy to take along you can see I have nuts and
dried fruit and raisins I have some tea bag we love salmon so have a few cans of meat and I always have a p-38 little
can openers if you’re not familiar with these I did a video on how you use
a P-38 can opener they are great and you can even have them in your carry on luggage and get them through TSA security and airline in your carry on luggage and
so that works for me then I got some common almond butter some fresh
fruit whenever I see a few extra
disposable utensils I grab those and some napkins make sure you have
water you can’t go without water you could
forget all the food if you didn’t have room just bring the water if that’s all you have
room for make sure you also take some warm clothes your first aid kit maps and things
like that and always tell someone where you’re going let me know what you do when you’re on a
trip vacation or holiday to make sure you are always prepared for emergencies make sure you have the
things that you need learn more at please subscribe to AlaskaGranny channel

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