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Emergency Shelter Kit For Your Pocket- Mini Emergency Survival Kit EDC

Emergency Shelter Kit For Your Pocket- Mini Emergency Survival Kit EDC

emergency shelter fits in your pocket DIY emergency shelter Kit emergency stay warm kit prepping video cheap outdoor gear review hi it’s AlaskaGranny whenever you’re
heading to the out-of-doors know that the weather can change at any minute I
have a simple plan for an emergency stay warm kit emergency shelter kit that can fit right in
your pocket you only need two things that cost about $2 the first thing I
have is an emergency blanket emergency blankets are reflective you can use them
on the ground you can use them put around you you can even hook it up above
you to make a little shelter an emergency blanket is a must-have for any
emergency situation to help me stay warm with my emergency blanket I have some
hand warmers you can buy them in a 2-pack for only $1
these are wonderful to use a hand warmer you open the package expose it to the
air it causes a chemical reaction that causes the hand warmer to heat up there’s something
that’s in the handwarmer that reacts to the oxygen and heats up look for high quality
long-lasting hand warmers they can last from 7 to 12 hours depending on the
variety that you buy the one thing to know about hand warmers if they do have
an expiration date so look for the expiration date on the package of your
hand warmer feel them to make sure they’re still flexible that no air has
penetrated the package put your hand warmers and your emergency blanket
together you can fit right into your pocket and you have an emergency shelter
stay warm kit with you at all times learn more at please
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6 thoughts on “Emergency Shelter Kit For Your Pocket- Mini Emergency Survival Kit EDC”

  1. i know it all depends but how well do emergency blankets work do they actually keep a person warm? well i should just buy some anyways they do sound handy 😆😆😂

  2. When you were a Junior in High School, I would have liked to have been a Senior in the same High School. After you graduated, I'd followed you to your College and hopefully we would meetup there if we hadn't already met up in High School.

    I'd also want to be Blessed with the knowledge of who you are now IMO you're the Greatest! You're beautiful, you're cute as a button, you're smart, you're intelligent, you love the outdoors. The perfect woman for me that God could have ever brought into my life. Only he placed us about 3800 miles apart.

    I Pray, maybe in our next lives (if we have more than one) we will meet.

  3. I had a idea to use the emergency mylar blankets at home under our regular blankets if for some reason we don't have heat when SHTF,Do you think that will help ?

  4. I made the same thing but I had more to it. I had the mylar blanket a poncho some foot warmers. With the credit card knife a credit card magnifier some water purifier tablets and some extra cash. I put all this in a Ziploc bag. I keep a small flashlight a pocket knife with a small knife sharpener. Also had a right in the rain tablet with pens. This was my pocket survival kit that I carried with me all the time.

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