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Emergency Water Supply: Shelf Reliance 55 gallon water drum

Emergency Water Supply: Shelf Reliance 55 gallon water drum

I want to show what I got. It’s a storage
barrel. It comes with a pump and here is the barrel. It is pretty sturdy, it’s a tough
plastic barrel. Water storage supply, it’s from Shelf Reliance. 55 gallon water storage.
I got it from Costco, Costco Whole sale and I got it Costco online. Here is a photo of
it with the pump. The components and stuff are really sturdy. It’s got more pieces to
it that connect. Yeah all the pieces attaches so it can go in here so that water can be
pumped out. It’s got a water filter, it’s got a pump. Arrows. It’s got measurements
that go up all the way up.. starting from 5 gallons all the way up to 55 gallons. Right
now it’s..the ocean is taking over. The Pacific Ocean is right over there and uh it brings
in the marine layer. The marine layer cools things off it brings in a nice breeze. And
I want to show the tree here this tree is so dense, I love this tree so much. The food
and they haven’t touched it, I don’t know they haven’t touched it yet. They ate up the
bird food I put in the first time I put this thing up. This is a new bird feeder. The birds
ended up eating all of the food, you know the first time I filled it up. And I don’t
know if it is taking them a little longer or what but look I have little meal worms
that I bought and they are dried worms that are for birds, you know for birds, in the
bird food section so I just put them in with the bird seed because I think they would enjoy
that. I love this tree so much… and I have it secured, I have it tied several times so
that it is safe. Let me show the tree, the tree, I love this tree so much. Giant. Love
this tree.

15 thoughts on “Emergency Water Supply: Shelf Reliance 55 gallon water drum”

  1. Wow, what a cool tree. I like it too! 🙂 You are very wise to believe in having the emergency supplies and I truly commend you for taking steps now for the "just in case" day. With all good wishes and hope you are having a beautiful day! 🙂

  2. I've always believed in being prepared for emergencies & I have been slowly increasing my emergency supplies until I have an amount I think is enough for several months at least. I've always lived on the ring of fire & I've been in some pretty big earthquakes (one in particular that was huge and many people died in that large earthquake). My dad had a water drum like the one in the video when I was growing up plus various emergency supplies in case we ever needed them. 🙂

  3. My dad had a water drum similar to the one in the video when I was growing up; I remember seeing it in the backyard and him explaining to me why he kept supplies like that. I think it's important to have emergency supplies in case of an emergency; I'll probably be getting another one of those drums, along with more emergency food an other items. I am really happy with the product. 🙂

  4. That tree is very beautiful! I love to sit under trees and read and that one is perfect!! My father also used to have an emergency supply of all sorts of things. You are very smart for doing this! Great video, more please!!

  5. It's always good to prepare, I'm the same way. I've started to grow my own food and even though I'm vegan I participate in hunting and especially fishing with my husband to help provide for our family and friends 🙂

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