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Empyrion Galactic Survival S1EP4 UHC Story Chapter I Human Remains

Empyrion Galactic Survival S1EP4 UHC Story Chapter I Human Remains

what’s up everybody Viper here back in
Imperium and today we’re gonna go ahead and start up some of these solo missions
if you go to f1 it’ll bring up your PDA and then I’m gonna go to solo missions
and activate the human remains mission and hopefully this will be the one that
takes us to the different mother ships or carrier vessels behemoths or whatever
alright so we gotta open up the personal log gives you a bunch of information I
gotta wait the list goes off go away alright it’ll give you all the
information basically communications between the two and then we need to go
find this an unidentified vessel but before that I want to go ahead and open
up my my blueprints and open some weapons up I don’t even bother with the
projectile pistol the shotguns not bad the I kind of like the assault rifle the
rounds are pretty easy to make I’m not gonna worry about – because I think –
I’ll open it up but I think – requires a bunch of different stuff so I’m not
gonna we’ll see what I can make and then tools going up in the multi-tool and the
drill I think I already have an or scanner going yeah I’ve got an or
scanner so I don’t need to unlock that they give you one of those and what else that should be enough for right now so
I’m gonna go ahead and start building some of these assault rifles and then it
needs projectile rifle rounds so I’m just gonna use this one to make those
and then I don’t know quite a few of them and then let’s build our oh the
multi-tool anything else we need right now
I can’t build the the drill because I don’t have this stuff for it all right
another thing I want to build is some cores and I’m just gonna build ten of
these all right so I didn’t have enough copper to make a bunch of course all I
got four of them done but that should be enough at least for now and then I’m I
saw rifles done and my multi-tool if you happen to die you can make your your
survival tool without any without any resources all right so let’s go ahead
and go to I had the unidentified signal or go to the signal and where’s that on
the map so we got to go up here to our Northwest on these turrets you can turn them off
if you turn the turrets they should go back inside yep so let’s kill and keep
them on let me check my power and add this small little tank in there I’ll
probably have to do some more mining off-camera sometime to get some more
fuel hopefully we can find some promethium pellets and stuff like that
alright I noticed on my last video when I was editing that I put the Hamel in
the wrong box and I need to put it in the so you got to put it and make sure
you put it in the ammo controller or ammo box alright so we’re going to go to
the unidentified sick vessel which should be
this tight in front which is four kilometers away just checking out my roll rate you can
get if you change the our CSS or put more our CSS and you can roll a lot
faster yeah we’re closing in on the crash Titan front I’m gonna be starting
to look for different drones that are up here I don’t see any of it check the map it’s right on the outskirts of a Polaris
Territory and he’d find some power supply for my
multi-tool so I got to find the mid-part my life’s
actually just go in here I’m just gonna park here and hopefully I can lock on to
it which I did and I’ll take a steak and then I’m gonna go and try to put my
core in here and then I’m gonna once my core is in I can go ahead and use the
logistic screen and I can take the stuff out of it cargo box there’s a drone hit me and look around make sure there’s no
other drones all right so we should have gotten everything off there we’ll go
ahead land because hopefully I’m gonna be able to
take off the engines if I got a power supply let’s see if I got one
what is this multi charge yep so now I can reload this and we could go for
salvage I’m just gonna leave my ship running just because it’s a case I get
another drone attack and then I’m gonna come over here and I’m looking for good
parts so I’m gonna go into the device and then I’m looking for engines thrusters make sure I didn’t miss none stuff
that’s got good valuable resources on it so let’s see a couple engines thruster
and then I’m gonna show on HUD container all right so this one just has wine so
now I can see it on my hood and I’m basically just going to work my
way over to it I can get out of there is that should be right here try not to
waste too much of a charge right now all right so I got the thruster yeah I’m
gonna have to get rid of it on my my map screen Oh drum I gotta get to my ship get out of here let me put in that core they’re just
it’s pretty much attract him so leaving my ship on I’m able to quickly get in it
and then find that drone if I could not hit the ground I’m gonna go ahead and salvage my tool
buy my mic or just so I did don’t don’t leave it there
like I remember where I put it I think it’s right here the tree blocks
let’s see if we let me retrieve it no sometimes it will let you retrieve it
sometimes it won’t and then when I get more more charges for my my tool I’ll
come back here and completely dismantle this whole thing I’ll just start from
the ground level and then chop it up and then it’ll it should like fall I mean
you can pick up like whole big stacks of stuff at once oh yeah I gotta get rid of my ow got
heart on my map alright so I’m gonna go over here to these on the top right you
see these map markers and then I’m just going to delete this thruster so now we
got to go to the mid part is it even on the map no but it should be around here
somewhere it’s either east or north that’s the rear so we’re going for the
little red the red part on the top on a compass all right so we’ve got the mid part
right here check energy current for a place I can land turn my lights on
I just want to land kind of where I can get out rather quickly in case there’s
uh drones coming at me let’s get good enough turn my light on coming over here strange scratches ooh scary all right now it’ll probably tell me to
go to the last part find the Titan back part so we’re pretty much done here so
I’m gonna go back inside my ship is and I’m gonna put down another core put it
right there and then I’m gonna connect to the
logistics again this is the mid and then I’m just gonna start taking stuff only
one closet hooked up to that it’s kind of weird but whatever I’m gonna go ahead
and dump this stuff into my office alright does it have anything useful in
it thrusters three thrusters doors fuel tank it’s going to take that Oh to
station I came out if I need to take that or not I can’t run what it gives I need to access it ventilators rap no all right so now
we’re gonna go take this stuff out I’m gonna go ahead and salvage this stuff I
don’t want to try to take it because I don’t have the thing to be able to scrap
it grab this one no ice now I’m gonna go back into my map
and I’m gonna get rid of the ones that are really close to me five point seven meters should be that
one fuel tank I like to take them off as I do them
just so I can easily find make sure I get everything worthwhile and where’s the o2 station Paris all right that’s mostly everything
worthwhile on this part just grab this and head to the last area put this stuff
away all right so we got to go to the back
part oh I missed the so2 station get off my map which way is it that’s right yeah that’s a drum go ahead and collect him up if I could
find him already go for more drums these four Gatling guns early on are
pretty good at getting rid of these drones now when you start messing with
the PIO eyes or you know those ships out in space large carrier vessels in there
they’re a little bit under a gun all right so we’re gonna have to get inside
here and probably end up going up in the top of the top of the ship so let’s find
a good place to land and get up in there and we are docked let’s go I’m looking
for the elevator here it is I think this is elevator yep
and then you just space up till you get all the way up hit the spacebar me alright we found a ship log and it looks
like they got an attack with somebody the Titan was destroyed I believe this
is where we start going to space but we’ll see so okay alright same deal
I’m not gonna put this the core down here I’ll put it down closer to my ship and hopefully there is quite a bit of
thrusters here and where’s my ship it’s over here but if you want you can go through and
you know search the ship that actually fired all the little containers and take
the stuff Rory you can do it the easy way and just put a core in it and then
you can just take it that way let’s picture that’s good enough I just
wanted to be shot so I’m gonna put it kind out of the way and you can move
stuff directly from your ship or from the like the Titan to your ship so I’m
gonna take take these alright I think that’s everything on
this one let’s go to my friend who I got put this stuff back in my my ship
I gave me some potassium for the reward that you’ll need that to use for your
shields or for your warp drive alright let’s go ahead and list off the good the
good stuff let’s go find all this stuff looks like a lot of it’s in one location
so it should be her you know a lot of its scattered together alright that was three RCS is get rid of
them then we’re looking for thrusters looks like they’re in two different
areas and then two more thrusters than what we
had to go let me get a little bit higher now all right that’s our thrusters let me
find out where my ship is there it is I’ll grab my core real quick or the
stuff from it alright so just from doing those one little side missions
I am looting all the boxes inside them we’ve got quite a bit of quite a bit of
stuff once they get more multi charges I’ll completely strip that uh these
Titans down and that’ll give me a whole bunch of steel plates and hardened steel
plates I’m not in the video here we went ahead and finished up the uch story
chapter one human remains managed to get all the all the stuff have the cabinets
out of the three different parts of the Titan and salvage the the basic good
stuff like the thrusters and RCS is before I record next episode I’m gonna
go through the map and I’m gonna try to find some Pio eyes we’ll end up hitting
the the xyrix Xerox people I usually try to stay away from the Talon and pull her
up flares just because they’re their missions are next and I usually like to
do the zyre X last so we’re gonna start up the ancient revelations shortly and I
believe that’s when we go to space you know so I’m gonna try to find how a good
amount of Auto miners before we actually do that thanks for watching and I’ll
catch y’all later

2 thoughts on “Empyrion Galactic Survival S1EP4 UHC Story Chapter I Human Remains”

  1. That's such a great idea with the player core and going to the logistics panel to grab the loot.
    There still might be the (rare) alien loot containers which you probably can't capture when adding a core.
    i found a couple of them on another section of the Titan.
    Those do have randomized loot, when I checked the same containers with a couple reloads.
    Just going to pick what I get on 1st go now, but i was curious when i found an auto-miner core in 1 of them.

    One thing I do not quite understand is
    when removing blocks in faction territory from structures that are not flagged as part of that faction.
    Does it lower faction rep or not?

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