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(EngSub)Let’s play Minecraft – Survival Island Seed

(EngSub)Let’s play Minecraft – Survival Island Seed

Hello everyone! Runa here! Today i’m going to show you some minecraft 1.9 I thought.. But if you were awake you noticed that it said minecraft 1.8.1 I don’t know, when i logged in today there where lots of updates
so i assumed they had released new stuff, but i was wrong I name the world 1.9 because i still belive that it is that I saw lots of Minecraft 1.9 on youtube so i
thought it was out, but i was so wrong! Anyway, this video wasn’t just happened. I had fraps running because i bought
a new harddrive, 2 TB, so I have more space for my movies So i thought i could have it on if
i happend to run into something fun This seed was quite nice. Started on an island, water everywhere Now i run around and have a look. One tree here….and one over there So only two trees, the resourses are quite limited on the island I have starting to catch a cold so i must rest
my voice a bit or i get this bad cough I wan’t to do my videos in english because more people can watch. And
i reach more people but today i’m to lazy for talking english I have to put in a lot more work and it’s a tedious work I can’t speak as freely and there is a lot
of retakes of the clips. I sounds horrible So today you have to live with me
speaking swedish, maybee I’ll add subs later Please leave a comment about what language you
think i should use in the future Because this seed was survival island style I
might play some survival island after this I have played a newer version of survival island
before, but not the original, with my brother That island is a bit large and rather rich with
resourses so it’s realy not that hard to survive I will play the original instead, And now you also have the hungerbar to worry about to
stay alive. And there is not so much food so I’t will be a challenge I don’t know if it will work, guess we’ll have to wait and see Later this evening I will try to do something with my brother.
I’m not sure what yet, probably some kind of adventure map So hopfully if nothing changes, there will be some more clips today As you’ve seen I’ve been running around a
bit now and there is water everywhere I’m going to swim around a bit now to see
if I can find the main land anywhere I will try to do some live comentating on the survivals island I will do
after. Usually I add the speach after, during the editing of the video. I don’t know yet if that will be on swedish
aswell, i haven’t decided. It’s much easier though Even if I can speak decent english, the flow just isn’t the same and you struggle a
lot with trying to find the right words. This also adds a lot of Ehm Ehm.. And that’s not so fun to listen to I will also try to remeber to lower the sound, lot’s
of music and other sound interfering with my speak, As you can I see contuinie to move out between
the islands. And there are still just islands everywhere Some Jack o lanterns over there. Always fun to find exciting things like that. I wonder if the map is wrong somehow, there
is loads of land under the water everywhere Well, we’ll have to wait and see if
we’ll find any main land around here Still only islands I don’t know what you think, but I think the seed was realy nice, different.
I have never started, or yes….oh have to take a break, phone is ringing Sorry for that, phone rang so I had to take a little break Where were we…hmm good question! A yes well, nice seed with many islands and odd spawn point. Actually my first seed ever in Minecraft, I started on
an island, but there the mainland surrounded the island So it’s a bit different, here are only islands. Hmm i’m not sure how long we’ve played. 7 min til
we actually find this, which is the mainland. As I will notice when I look around a bit This looks nice aswell with mountains and a varied environment. Not sure what I’m doing right now, just running around.
Trying to get up high to see what’s around More jack o lanterns, they aren’t so common. Many at once. Sorry! Many pigs. And it’s a mixed landscape, sand and the new
swamp area with the long stuff hanging from the trees Mushrooms! Shrooms! I will end the video soon, but I
will first climb the mountain over there. And then I found a special thing, I did stop the recording, but when I
found this I started to record again. I will show you in a bit It’s a bit annoying, I’m using fraps, and there
you can choose to record windows sound aswell. When I make my wow videos I wan’t to use this because if I
don’t you won’t hear what I’m saying on vent. It’s all silent. The problem is that when you.. …if it’s checked,it record everyting that you are saying. On vent I have
a button i have to push so others can hear me speak. Well here is the seed for this world
if you would like to try it! Anyways… You press the button to speak and..and if you
are running this setting with windows 7….FF!!! Well, now it became a bit messy… It was this I wanted to show you guys. This is,
how shall I put it… Mother natures own cobblestone generator. I thought this was awesome. I have never seen it before. I guess we
will see it more now with all the new mountaines and such. As you can see it creates new cobblestones. You’ll have to excuse me that I don’t have any
pickaxe. As you’ve seen I’ve just been running around trying to find the mainland. Mostly raved.. I’m planning to set my base close to this,
it’s nice to have your own cobblestone generator. Might even build a house around it, but that I haven’t decided yet. Maybee not optimal to have loads of water in you base
This stone I’m not sure how it got here. But it’s also cobblestone so probably there was lava there before aswell. I thank you for watching and please leava a comment
and a thumbs up if you like my videos

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