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EPIC Family Mountain Wilderness Camp – August 2019 | An ROG Film

EPIC Family Mountain Wilderness Camp – August 2019 | An ROG Film

“…then we have to give you a big ticket fine…” “What’s a fine?” “A fine is when grandma would have to pay them money” “This is like a morning surprise for me!!” Tasty? We thank You that we could strengthen our selves And our desire is to talk about You and Your Love for us… And to praise You “I sing praise to you…. Where are all the huckleberries at?! And then, Ananias decided to say a lie! Singing : “To value Your Mercy… ” Singing: “and its not clear to those who pass…” Singing “On this rainy day…” Singing “Why I am so happy!” I am going to tell you now the first clue in order for you to find the next clue, okay? Here is the question: Where did Jesus, when he was an adult, sleep? Search very well! Maybe its in this boat? Where in the boat though? Yeah, where exactly on the boat did He sleep? Aha! We found it!!! “Faith, hope and charity, find a person who has one of these names.” (Grandmas name is “Charity”) “I will try to show you where to go from here Now walk straight down that road, and you will find… That way? Yes What are you looking for anyway? Treasure Treasure?! Who is are biggest treasure in life? Jesus Thats correct. Okay, so go down that trail and you will find what the raven brought to the profit Elijah. Meat! or bread I found it!! We found it!! Here, hold the packet Jesus fed the hungry with bread. Find a hungry adult, and give them the bread! Uncle Art! Are you hungry? Uncle Art is not hungry Uncle Vlad? Are you hungry? Hmm.. Yes, you’re hungry! Let me think… No, I’m not hungry! Yes you are, you’re hungry! No, I’m not hungry I don’t want it! Uncle Eugene, are you hungry No Grandad: I’m no hungry either I’m so hungry! Why is it taking you such a long time to get here! I’ll finish it later I like playing this game! All people, and even children are supposed to try to keep something clean. Everyone has this… And they’re supposed to try and keep it clean… So that it would always be clean. And if it becomes dirty, Then you have to make it clean again. What do you think this is? The heart! The heart? Are you sure? Yes Right now, you need to go around camp Somewhere here in the woods, I don’t know where… On the ground you will see this Its made of rocks about this big Not very small ones, but about like this. Rocks about this big. Not tiny and not ones this big. They said to go together! Oh, I found it! Its here! Its a heart! Don’t touch it… Good, so you found the heart Do you know, that in order to find the treasure and make it to heaven… You need your hear to be clean, right? Yes! And its also written that where your treasure is there will your heart also be.. You found it! Where did Abraham and Issac go? Go there also, And find that which Abraham built. And then look inside. What is this? This is an altar! There is a little piece of paper inside. Vicky will read it… Find a shovel around here and take it with you. Take what? The shovel! Where is your shovel? Here it is! The shovel! Go to the place where Jesus cooked fish for his disciples and dig there. Right by the fire is where he cooked! I see it!! How many children are in this camp? Walk away that many rocks from the fire and then dig deep under that rock! 14 15 Under this rock! Move away! Kiddos, if you move the rocks from their spots You will lose the mark forever! Look, it says ‘Dig DEEP’ You’ve all go me off track! Everyone back off! Vicky is diggin! Move away!! Let’s finish tomorrow? NOOOO Today! What if there are gold crowns in there! And you’ll break them with the shovel! What if there is something glass in there? Wow! You found the treasure, and even the sun came out! Pull out this huge treasure! How could you lose the treasure!! Good job! You found the treasure. Was it difficult to find? YES! Was it fun? YES! What lessons did you get form this? To work hard. To keep our hearts clean. To not lie Yes, auntie Lana taught you that this morning. To not let thieves steal! What did the raven bring for Elijah? Bread and meat! Could you do this on your own? Yes! NO! Katie, could you have done this alone? No! Who could have found this alone? All together! Yes, you need to work together and then things work out well! Jenny is going to open our treasure! You girls! I won’t give it to you like this! Open… Nope! Mila: you need to take is slowly, take one and thats it 🙂 Yes! The smallest one takes one first… then the next. Singing: “This book [Bible] is almost in every house… Singing: …Be sure to read this Book!”

13 thoughts on “EPIC Family Mountain Wilderness Camp – August 2019 | An ROG Film”

  1. Very nice Eugene. You have a beautiful family and am glad that simple campouts and family get togethers are not lost in the hustle and bustle of today’s society. ATB Mike

  2. Before you listen to this; I wanted to tell you, that you are beautiful and exceptional. Also your a phenomenal human being; I love you and I hope positive experiences will start happening in your life, if they haven't already. Keep moving forward my friend; start adopting positive and beneficial habits & behaviors. Eat healthy and treat yourself with kindness, in addition to others also. Fair well my friend; God Bless you 💖

  3. Such a beautiful family and blessed time together. Being from North Idaho it’s like I was with you guys. Thanks for all your wonderful videos.

  4. Слава Богу! Для детей было предложено очень много сюрпризов!
    А в каком это штате и что это за местность?

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