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  1. I'm 27 watching this going I still don't no what I want to successful in this society. I want to spend my life figuring out why we are here why can't we just be spiritual and live in the wilderness.

  2. The best investment in life is yourself! Stop making withdrawals, and double your profits and appreciate your value! The only one that can tell you NO is yourself!! I love the motivation!!

  3. Eric Thomas's Top 10 Rules For Success
    That's great, so long as it isn't in writing.
    Should read- Eric Thomas' Top 10

  4. I hate motivational speakers just as much as I hate pastors/ preachers. But this guy is different. His speeches make sense and he uses real life examples and not some stupid parables.

  5. If "racism" existed, then he wouldn't be able to make any of his goals. His obvious success proves it doesn't exist, at least white on black racism. Black on white racism is documented and well known though.

  6. #3 No Excuses

    I've realized that every time I found myself stuck it was because I was making excuses. When I stopped making excuses I stopped being stuck. Thanks again Evan.

    George L. Rosario
    NYC's Hometown Realtor
    Coldwell Banker Kueber
    #glrosario #CBBigApple

  7. I love this guy… it's rare I find someone who understands how I am…. I'm sick af and can barely wake up cause my health is fucked up from a car accident…. But every chance I get I gtfu and get as much done as I can cause I don't know when my body is gonna shut down…. I am treated like shit by my oldest and her bf cause her bf said to me, you're a bad mother cause you're laying down or in the hospital… even when I can't gtfu I am on my phone… not playing fucking games. But doing research… making appointments for future work… learning my trade more… looking for ways to promote and expand what I do… so even when I can't get up I 90% of the time I am learning, working promoting myself to get clients and making appointments…

  8. This man has a talent for talking loud….

    Funny but this is totally bullshit… there is just not enough resources or jobs for everybody + not everyone has talent or resources for some sports or a education….

    the less-job problem wil be bigger in the near future, personally i don't think it's a problem, there are solutions for this problem… work less hours for the same money or/& basic income…

    The basic income will come, i think even company's wil lobbying in Washington & Brussels etc., because they need customers with money, not without.

  9. All of ET's top ten are great but my favorite is #3-No excuses. I don't always say it but in my mind I make up excuses as to why I didn't do something or why I didn't prepare well enough. NO EXCUSES!!!!!

  10. I love this man and his values but the point about sleep, I think, is wrong. If for example you want to succeed in sports or fitness you can't not sleep. Your results will just go down so bad

  11. Truth, I cant see weak ass people anymore , im talking about those people that always complain and critique others because they're weak

  12. Don't listen to a guy you've never heard of talking abiout success. Listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger or Conor McGregor instead.

  13. Love it! Thanks for making this. I Already follow him so this as bonus. "Stop crying to give up cry to keep going" Yaaas!

  14. Thank you Mr.Thomas I appreciate the light you bring to this world. I am better and want nothing but to express love and be my higher self.

  15. Are you a socialist? What do you think about the idea that race is a social construct made up by the ruling class to divide people. Because the more you think about it there's only TWO kinds of people. Those who haven't and those who took it from those who haven't. Dont matter if you're black,white, jewish, red, yellow. That's made up by the bourgeoisie to divide and conquer.

    All regular people, all those just looking out for themselves, their families and their fellow men should unite and fight the oppressors.

    Funny thing is that for the above you could call me a Marxist or a Jeffersonian and you'd both be right. Makes you think huh

  16. Mach weiter so, mir gefallen deine Videos sehr / Don´t stop doing this kind of stuff, I love your videos. Bye Chris

  17. Time goes forward, never backward, therefore, get into the path of going for your goals. Don't waste time. You will never see yesterday again.Live in the present and give God the glory.

  18. The part that sticks out is when he said "you will be successful when you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe"

  19. Hello Evan, I am a big fan of your channel. I just posted this blog about how these successful principles have influenced my art and other aspects of my life…here is the link to the WordPress article if you are interested. https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/49807233/posts/1814313661

  20. I wish I had heard this quite earlier on because I have been a bloody distractor. But it will change for sure now.

  21. When I found my passion, being an Evangleist, everyone stated to hate me.  Mark Ch. 13 vs. 13:  Everyone will hate you because of me, but the one who endures to the end will be saved.

  22. Hey Hey Evan,
    Hope you are having an amazing day!!!

    "What's your why" is the one that resonates with me the most!😁

    Context for below: Highest value is potential, or what you call your one word. Thank you for writing your book!!!

    My why: To help others pursue their potential, so as I am always pursuing my own!

  23. I'm 11 but your channel inspires motivates me.without your channel I would not wake up every morning fresh and motivated looking for success and victory

  24. You are amazing. I listen and hear you. I also share my experience, strength and hope by giving back what was so freely given to me. You inspire me to stay real and keep it real with my clients everyday. Thank you for motivating me and being my "wake up" after God.

    "work on your gift".sometimes we know what we want but we may not be aware of our gift.coz these can be totally different things.we r a complex creature so d success is.
    we dont have to follow d crowd or d day's popularity.so once u start questioning and continue till u find d answer then u will definitelly reach ur destination…

  26. I think your awesome I would like to see some new inspiration not that what I’ve heard wasn’t but everyday you learn and live and have new respect and knowledge.. I read your book back in 2012-2013 and you came to American Income… I love you I came from a hard life to… pretty sure I could write a book I’ve joked with friends about it lol.. your awesome and millionaires should be up at 3am lol only I work all damn night haha and I struggle to take care of my girls during the day but I get it done weather I’m passing out standing up at 4am working 3rd shift or not… I get over it by 6am life takes us so many places and so many directions and you have to decide I feel like I am doing my best( shout out to Andre at AIL) I will always love you and I wish you the best… I think your amazing ET… I still hear your words everyday.. that’s why I looked you up tonight and wrote you this message… I’m bout to make a big change in my life right now to make more money and my youngest daughters 1st birthday is this thanksgiving you know I spent 8 days in the hospital we both almost died and about 2 weeks after taking her home we barely made it out of a house fire December 15 2017.. I have so much to be thankful for.. and I hear myself thinking the same things sometimes that you say… it’s definitely from the heart that’s what it’s about

  27. This guy is intense!! That drive to grind and perform, each year, each month, each, day, hour and minute!

    That's why Eric successful!

  28. Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacX6JAo1EpmxT91r6VH53g?sub_confirmation=1

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