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Escape The HALLOWEEN Haunted House Challenge! BOX FORT High School (Roleplay)

Escape The HALLOWEEN Haunted House Challenge! BOX FORT High School (Roleplay)

quiet down quiet down class welcome back
to a new day of school today is a very special day because it’s my favorite
holiday Halloween I am quite a fan of it so today I thought we would talk about
Halloween dude Halloween safety come on I know how to trick-or-treat this is my
first rodeo as you can see today I’m dressed as an old lady but looking she’s
already angry lady now I should dress this one no Jake let her have it
first order of today is trick-or-treat candy
you brought the costumes though right wait and I didn’t bring the costumes I
thought you said you were going to didn’t bring the Kloster but I wasn’t
bringing the costumes you were the one that’s supposed to bring the costumes
how are we gonna go trick-or-treating we don’t have costumes Logan it’s Halloween
day at school really the only kids not to stop no carrots you’re treating class
dude now we have to sit through this in honor of costumes using your candy bag
dude you got check this out Jake quiet down gonna get some trouble look and I
can’t keep it down okay monster legends sponsored this video you
gotta check out this game Jake you know we’re not allowed to play games in class
come on put that away dude it’s a free to play game on both iOS as well as
Android not only that but you can collect the hundreds of different
monsters in the game look out my dudes here look at how cool they are it
actually sounds like it is pretty fun Jake
they’re so cute and awesome that I like scary monsters you can feed them to
evolve them and make them like even sweeter I turned a monkey into a big
monkey the other day it was sweet it’s even got really cool features like this
thing called monster lab where you can get new eggs as well as runes to upgrade
your monsters do check this out and play with Jason in math class right now we’re
doing PvP how do i download it I want to play okay why would you even ask that
you know how to download it alright there’s a link in the description of
this video use the link in the description and download monster legends
right now it’s free to play yeah gee was that your game no though that
wasn’t my game Logan that was that came from outside
Papa Jake quiet down I’m teaching you about trick-or-treating miss
macgillicuddy I’m pretty sure someone just says there’s zombies out there I
hear a lot of screaming there is nothing horrible going on out
there nothing is happening and there are no zombies now stop this nonsense
someone’s at the door this is got it too crazy I’m taking a break
class dismissed well you can’t just leave us around mister because of Toby’s
going on in the school zombie just came into class what’s
happening here do something weirds going on at this school class dismissed
I must stay around here to find out we get eaten by zombies or not let’s let’s
get out of here man come on all right guys
these are getting extremely weird here at this school I mean there’s zombies
showing up dude that thing look like a real zombie miss McGillicuddy took it
out I get out of detention and this is what happens huh you come on this whole
place has been converted into a haunted house yeah this is kind of spooky Jake I
don’t even get down the hallway just study boards here here use this okay Oh Jake if miss macgillicuddy just
gets to leave can we just go yeah man I’m getting out of here and going home
to play for Dad I’m not staying around here to get eaten even if it is some
sort of prank hi come on I don’t exactly know what the school looks like now
because they completely rearranged this place for Halloween but we should be
able to find our way out down the hall Oh gross all right guys well it looks
like they completely redid this place for Halloween I mean they turn this
entire school into a haunted house but if I remember correctly detentions down
there which means we should be able to exit through the doors at the other end
of the hall we head down this way we should be okay
calculations they were they were all correct
whoa we just the mechanisms doctor brains yeah keys are you what are you
doing in there are you locked up in there do you know what’s going on no
this this is my office but please I need to explain what’s going on in office
okay yeah yeah yeah we’re coming inside look something’s going on out here all
right come on let’s talk to dr. Brainiac care hope you have some answers
boss quickly in here as you can see I’ve been trapped in my office for quite some
time working on the equations and I hey I messed up I messed up boys so sorry I
shouldn’t have done it I just wanted this Halloween to be the best Halloween
the school has ever had what happened out there
well well at first it was started as a simple equation and then it went bigger
in the larger I was trying to make all of the Halloween decorations come to
life to be real to make this a real scary Halloween why don’t you try and
bring Halloween decorations to life this is madness that’s a terrible idea
unfortunately for myself he’s got out of hand and when I activated it in the
school they turned into their costumes they somehow then the formula I must
have messed up it turned everyone into whatever costumes they were wearing some
bees became zombies vampires became vampires it’s all my fault it is
horrible and that’s why we’re not turning in tiny cuz we forgot our
costumes well that’s one time Logan’s laziness saved us
hey I’ve saved us lots of times hey look is there any way we can stop this is
their way to put this to an end I did have a solution
I came up with an antidote I here this is the antidote the only problem is the
way to get this into the school and save everyone
people need to distribute it through the ventilation system now the main vent is
inside principal Pete’s office what is principal Petrus else he dressed
up as a dancing zombie that’s right beautiful beads are be dancing zombie
now the only way that we’ll be able to save the score is if you boys can get
this to that ventilation shaft simply pour it in there and it should be able
to distribute around the school saving everyone turning them back from what
they once were okay yeah will do will do anything to stop this give us the potion
here here you are boys I will stay in my office and continue my work okay we’ll
take this to the ventilation shaft and put it into this good luck boys you’re
our only hope all right guys it looks like this has
gotten a lot more intense than I thought it was kids are literally turning into
their Halloween costumes I mean we could have vampires we could have ghosts we
can have we can have werewolves if someone dressed up as a burger does
that mean they’re a burger guess Logan it does mean they’re a burger so if you
see a burger on the ground don’t eat it cuz you could be eating someone we know
all right come on I don’t like this it’s got an awfully
quiet – wait wait Jake do you hear that let’s board this place up Jake quickly I
think he might be coming okay here we go he looks like the t-rex went back but if
it does try to come this way this should be able to well slow it down all right
now we just need to do Cuse up poking me not poking you what do you mean you’re
not poking me master I have fought the company dry you have to score aliens and
I can do a well I guess that took care of the hand yeah I didn’t even get to
meet him all right well come on Logan the
principal’s office is just around the corner let’s keep moving
we’ve got the data safe wait Jake before we go what’s in this door never opening
up its spooky door ever again do come on stop looking in closets the principal’s
office just here you shall not pass not another one these doors
sporting of Sparta I have seen that I have seen hardships I have fought in the
cold of winter the dark of night nothing what did he just run away dude just look
past here you’re not right through a barricade
I guess the Spartans aren’t scared of spiders okay good to know
well now that there’s no one guarding the principal’s door I think it’s time
we pay principal Pete a little visit come on let’s get the serum into the
vent beware of zombie dog all right well
let’s hope you didn’t bring a dog and dress it up as a zombie or worse a
dragon okay principal P principal Pete is that
you what’s up rose look I know you’re a
zombie right now but we are gonna we’re gonna revert you okay we have a serum
we’re gonna put it in here and save you what do you mean I don’t want to be
saved I’ll be you dancing Gumby nope no no no
no principal Pete we’re gonna save you okay you’re not thinking straight
right do not come over here it looks like I’m gonna have to come over there
and stop you wait jinkies moving closer do something hold on I got an idea I’m
sorry principal Pete but it’s for your own good principal Pete’s for your own
good trapping me under here like that I wanna be dancing so quickly pull the
serum in the back okay okay that should be enough
not cool guys I prefer being a dancing zombie you’re lucky principal Pete don’t
write you up for detention well this has been quite the Halloween looks like Papa
Jake had to save the school once again wait you can’t take all the credit I
helped out too and I mean this crazy haunted Halloween crazy scientist thing
not for me I don’t know Logan I think I’m actually
just starting to like it here I’m thinking this is shaping up to be the
best Halloween ever and I’m gonna go home and play some monster legends
okay guys huge shout out to monster legends for sponsoring this video if you
guys want to check out the game and download it for free on both iOS as well
as Android there’s a link in the description go check it out I’m having a
bunch of fun and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

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  2. I don’t understand why people disliked this video it is unnecessary and it makes me a little bit sad

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