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ESCAPE THE WEREWOLF! – Roblox Adventures

ESCAPE THE WEREWOLF! – Roblox Adventures

Get the brand new pals holiday package now available at Dennis Words Bob This is brutal. Oh my goodness and well Bob. I’m sorry, but you got to go. Oh boy Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Knights of the werewolf in roblox It’s so you know. I’ve seen this game. It’s so it kind of seemed to have come out of nowhere and It looks kind of spooky. I think I think it’s supposed to be spooky since choose a game mode on There’s this help thing here. What is this? Oh? So there’s a couple different. There’s a whole lot of different things here. What is this? There’s psychos scholars murderers and alpha werewolf, and I just normal werewolf You must kill all villagers and protect werewolves to win, and then the psycho you win if the town decides to jail you oh Man, so, there’s like a it’s like a whole thing. This is exciting. I’m excited to try this out, okay Let’s try out some game modes here. We’re all these game modes out There is some music playing right now there unfortunately don’t give you an option to just mute the in-game music Because I don’t actually know if it’s copy written or not by Seems kind of nice I wonder if like in-game if there’s gonna be No music, but sound effects and maybe I can turn it on but requirement to complete 10 games late for this Yeah, how do I get rid of this is an? Obnoxiously large player menu as well by the way look at this if I get rid of my webcam Look how much of the screen that takes up and then look how tiny the names are look how much white space? There is there that is ridiculous anyways Okay, where are we going where can we go? Can we go here? It shows that maybe this could be a game-mode for players needed, okay There’s one two, and then we need more minimum players for maximum twenty and then this is a classic so it has it seems to have everything but the alpha werewolf Hmm. I don’t really know how this works exactly which is why I could actually just read the help you just choose game mode here Classic, oh that’s so that’s here, and then there’s hardcore over there, so there’s only the two game modes right now That’s good nice and simple okay, so we’re gonna be starting up with ooh We got a decent amount of players coming into this one here. Well while we wait. We solve 28 seconds before the game starts Let’s see doctor you must kill all the werewolves and the Murderers who win so it looks like everyone’s gonna be given a different task that they have to accomplish within the town I wonder if everyone knows who each other is I don’t know each night You can save one town person from death. This is so weird I have no idea how this is gonna play, and then there’s an officer You must call the werewolves and the murderer to win So it seems like I don’t know this is actually self-explanatory or not I feel like I might actually end up getting extremely confused But I don’t know we’ll see we’ll see guys, so there’s an intermission here. I’m gonna turn the sound back on It’s just the music again Okay, it shows us all it’s like dead right now, and it’s a stranger’s above all of our names We’re ghosts and we’re all strangers to each other so maybe it is all gonna be anonymous and you don’t actually know who’s a werewolf who’s a Doctor who’s like any of that stuff This person saying well on how someone says Dennis. I’m a fan for a second. I was wondering how do they know? Who’s who’s who? Because just does it It’s all anonymous right now, so I thought people were walking up to me and like and they recognized me somehow That would have been weird And buy more cash. No. Thanks. I haven’t even played the game yet can wait until I play literally one game Okay, I’m gonna turn on the volume just to see if it if it changes changes at all oh now There’s 17 seconds use your spells if not assigned role Spells are given back. How does this work? I don’t have any I was I giving a role you want to buy the Oh Gene by spells or you. Can I maybe you’ll be given spells at some point in the game I don’t know how this works man Brown is starting here. We go. I am an investigator oh Okay, and it’s so just it’s just playing the music again Okay, I’m just gonna meet the music set here. We go everyone Seems to be anonymous we’re all just kind of doing our thing. That’s great if I go to help and I go Investigator, you must kill all the werewolves in the murderer to win you may investigate a player and find out three possible roles of that player okay This seems complicated who’s Bob he seems to be like the town mayor or something Is there anyone else around here that know this guy kind of looks like Bob to? Lanie and Bob they might be up to something okay night is upon us And we needed to discuss with the townspeople okay time to use your night roll What is night roll? What does this mean? What is the music still just the same oh? It’s changed up now ooh. Spooky stuff Okay well Use your night roll. I don’t know what that means oh Wait I can I can click on someone you have chosen to investigate CJ tonight. Oh, oh okay, okay interesting time for bed We all sleeping right now. There’s a werewolf among us run what Oh what what what is happening? We’re all just like in these dungeons to hell the boon begins to rise What is happening? I’m so confused Okay, oh, oh, I saw a knife over there someone had a knife. Oh, that’s bad. That’s really bad Oh werewolf claw marks, maybe Oh more money, I’ll take that sir That’s the werewolf no No Stop it please and not me take anybody else take anybody else. Please don’t do this mr.. Werewolf okay He’s right there. No no no no no bad very bad I’m gonna meet the music this really really doesn’t fit right now. Unfortunately this should be spooky terrifying, okay? The Sun rises we’re good. I don’t know how I survived that he was literally right beside me c.j. Possible roles murderer well We’ll werewolf or scholar Oh Interesting so now I got sauce on CJ. Hey CJ You I got a pretty good feeling that you might be the murderer huh or maybe a yo one of them, werewolves, huh? You ever think about that. What did it just tell me wait He was killed by the who was killed by the murder discuss who you believe is guilty. Well, I think CJ did it is should I just say that who do you guys think the killer is? Only the murderer would ask that I’m trying to I’m trying to be very incognito here. It was CJ. It was CJ Maybe baby click on a player to vote against the boom You’ve voted CJ on trial. I’m a scholar. Oh okay. He might be a scholar. I never mind then okay You know what I take it back CJ. I’m just gonna give it to riffraff take that riffraff What about you Paul and Paul’s a very suspicious name? Voted Paul the sky darkens the night is upon us and hmm Who could it be time to use your night roll? Oh? I’m gonna investigate Bianca You’ve chosen to investigate Bianca tonight Well, let me tell you something why am I investigating Bianca because I mean I don’t know. I barely know how this game works I mean why not right? We don’t have nearly enough information This early on in the game to be making any sound decisions pretty much anything that happens right now could very well be very random Hold on, so Lanie is dead, and that was an officer Okay, can you guys even see that is my webcam covering at my webcam is covering it great. Well Lanie’s dead That’s kind of some vital information there. That’s the murderers right there, what? Everyone okay, no ditch merchants. She’s got a knife It’s not please don’t do this okay great, so What what am I supposed to do just run around and collect as much money as I possibly can? The dude has a knife right there. I just got some more money didn’t even meet dude Oh, hey, okay, but for real though. We got to be very careful Murder was just around this corner here, and I actually don’t want to have okay the murders right there, please dude Oh, oh, oh more money, ooh Okay, I’m gonna get behind all these guys. I still don’t know who the the moon begins to rise oh Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this No you you could be the murderer for all I know you could be the murderer I don’t want that to survive one more second Dennis The Sun rises and who could it be Bianca possible you reveal her murderer or doctor okay? Well great how am I supposed to get anything out of that she could either be innocent or guilty it’s literally two well But you know what this confirms though. Is that she might be the murderer There’s a lot of people I could choose that could potentially it could just say potential rolls are innocent innocent or innocent so This is a good thing. Well. No this is a bad thing. It could be Bianca. I don’t know Bianca it could be younger though Everything about that could be Bianca could be Bianca just throwing it out there No, oh well, but I mean come on. Maybe like right one in a three chance Any defense Bob. I am no even a murderer okay find out whatever pop Bob Oh, no Bob. Was Bob was voted. Uh-huh Bob. What do you have to say no defense? Oh? Shall they be punished for their suspected actions well Yes Why not he’s just saying gosh hashtags at this point So he’s thought he’s speaking gibberish any last words Bob This is brutal. Oh my goodness and well Bob. I’m sorry, but you got to go. Oh boy Why did we vote Bob I voted Bianca Just to be clear I want everyone to know that I think it could be the Bianca or CJ It is my job as an investigator to really narrow this down I’m gonna investigate CJ again, okay? Because I know that MIT mate actually no cuz he could be a scholar though He said he’s a scholar, but maybe not what if it’s riff raff. Okay, how about this? We’re gonna investigate riff raff, and if he’s none of the no bad things. He’s only innocent innocent innocent then That narrows it down a bit, then that means that it could very well be Bianca and or CJ I’m having a hard time here guys I’m trying. I’m really trying. I want I want our first game ever. What was that? What was that there actually was not the werewolf someone just dropped down from the sky? Who could that be that is the what what is happening? Okay? That was weird that why are they making such weird movements to anybody else see that Also, if I see someone come up here as soon as he comes up. I just drop right back down What are they gonna do nothing done again? It’s actually good to move around soon you get somebody. That’s sweet sweet Okay the thing is like me as an innocent man. I have no reason to do anything In this stage. I just have to unless you’re supposed to be like really Investigating things here you supposed to be looking around and seeing but but it’s like it doesn’t make sense because it’s completely anonymous here So you can’t actually narrow it down at all even if you see someone with a knife for the werewolf doesn’t make any sense riff-raff Can either be a investigator scholar or murderer? What CJ CJ why are you dressed like that who killed me is he a ghost oh? No See you Bianca. It was you could be riffraff though riffraff is hiding right now riffraff Is hiding right now? I think it’s him wait. He’s gone. Oh, he’s I do by investigating on you, and then you leave No, man not, okay? Well now who knows who Paul could be night is upon us Okay, hold on. What did what was Paul saying has voted against Bianca? Has voted against bill okay, Paul. I’m investigating you I didn’t have enough information to vote I got an investigate Paul now So we can get to the bottom of this because now it is me CJ Bianca and Paul after this round as long as I don’t die We might be all right. We might be able to tell who it is and then I’ll tell everyone guys I’m the investigator, and I am Telling You it is this person right here You have to vote them if I’m gonna get murdered no No, no no no no Berta that instead murder them instead. Not me no me dude. No, please please No Who is the murderer who was it who did it I? Can’t believe it if I survived that I would I could have had a chance well now I need a stay and find out who was it this whole time? Could it have been Bianca could it have been Could it have been CJ huh, you know You just can’t you can’t tell you honestly just can’t tell this very very random very anonymous game. I still don’t fully understand How you’d narrow it down? It shows us up to discussion? Paul give an investigator dr. Revealing you see that would have been so useful to know because it’s wait I’m I’m still alive why am I still alive? It’s not Paul I’m an investigator It’s either CJ or Bianca take that not me I’m a scholar Okay, so now it’s bit so he decides. He does CJ. Okay Bianca its Bianca Its Bianca trust me it’s beyond kids beyond kids feeling good. It’s Bianca please please please Please CJ said they were a scholar so long ago, so long towards the beginning of the game And I just kind of believed it for some reason. I don’t know I mean they could very well be lying Bianca’s vote against CJ oh My goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness Bianca’s in there drunk is in there Bianca any defense Your defense what’s it gonna? Be was it you who killed me. It wasn’t me. That’s here That’s your defense that’s all the only way Bianca defends is by saying not me wasn’t me I am NOT the murderer guilty guilty I say off with a head come on three two One who voted who voted guilty was she the down vote was guilty okay? Any last words Bianca? Was it you? You can burn oh Wow, oh my goodness me well Bianca Bianca’s died and she was That’s right That’s what I’m talking about right there bill CJ Lainey and Paul when so wait you can still participate as a dead person It says I’m alive look if I get rid of my webcam It says right there that I’m alive even though I was a hundred percent murdered. I don’t get it I I was definitely murdered you guys saw this game doesn’t make any sense I Don’t know. I don’t know maybe I just am understanding it wrong Maybe you guys can help me out in the comments section below but for those of you who want to check this a game out for Yourself well night of the werewolf. It is still in beta right now, but I don’t know Do I recommend it? I don’t know like if I knew way more about the game Maybe it was kind of it was fun. Though. You know it was cool has a nice design I do really like the design and it plays like it’s all nice and smooth It’s well made we can at least say that Guys on that note, I would like to thank you so much for joining me for another roblox adventure if you enjoyed please remember to leave the video will like maybe even subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already and don’t forget to check out that pow solid a package link in the description below or just go to Dennis tailing comm But other than that I will see you guys in the next one You

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  1. As an investigator, you can investigate each townsperson. When the sun rises, the Server System gives you three possible roles that the person could be. It is a useful role for the innocents.

  2. As an investigator the first roll is usually the roll the person is ughhhhh (Edit) you were murdered but healed by the doctor which means you get to live again

  3. Denis you were killed by the murder and the doctor had chosen to revive you just in case you died that why you were still alive

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  5. I got a statigy for investigator.

    When you investigate someone and learn the possible roles, ask that person on what role are they and if the get it wrong they are the werewolf or murderer!

  6. One time when I played this game I got the role "psycho" so the first thing I said was "Your eyes look delicious"… I was voted out first.

  7. I knew it was Riff Raff (I paused the video but I'm pretty sure) if possible rolls are Investigator Scholar and Murderer and Denis is Investigator CJ might be Scholar and he even said so what are the chances of him getting one of those three so HAS TO BE RIFF RAFF

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