100 thoughts on “Escaping Game Master Safe House with Mystery Gift Drop! (Announcement Date Reveal Overnight at 3am)”

  1. Rebecca zamolo there they're using their for to get your identity and to get you to work for the car the crotch project you sure don't know what to say

  2. Guys my birthday is literally January 20th!!! What's going to happen I'm so scared what's going to happen on my birthday!!!

  3. I think the hair is for making a robot twin for all the youtubers so maybe the person who broke into your house is rebecca's robot twin!

  4. I love you rebbeca! You're the best! You can be to if you are subscribed to rebecca. If you are then you are the best! You can do this rebbeca!rebbeca you're twin is the one who wrote on your flore whith the lip stick!!!!!!!

  5. RT twin was on the TV just now when you didn't see Rebecca and Matt it was right on and it kept on going on and off and the R6 when was riding the lipstick so are the twin it's the one that's doing all of this to you so you need to go somewhere to your cabin

  6. Rebecca zamolo something is happening and I do not know what it's means when Matt went missing when you guys were doing the 24-hour Challenge and that one and then you get the 10 hundred dollars back on the thing on the video that I'm watching right now that I already watched it said

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