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she’s join us at the window get down get
down drop the light drop the lights it doubly saw is it definitely saw it it’s
a siren going off there’s a siren going off in the woods Logan I think they’re
coming oh they’re coming for us all right guys papa Jake here a drone
has tracked us to our treehouse fort and currently there’s a siren going off I
can do some sort of masked men coming after us
how did they find us here cuz we saw them on this to do these aren’t police I
we don’t know what they are yet they can be hackers that can be spies whatever
they are they want us and they want to capture us
I don’t know if we can overrun them Logan much straw tension to ourselves
Jake what are we gonna do they’re gonna come any second hide the files that we
have we’ve already documented most of them get him in here Logan we’re gonna
defend this place we’re gonna stop running papa Jake is tired of running
look I have night vision hunting cameras with us if I can set up a perimeter of
the four cameras we have we’ll be able to watch every single one from our base
we can push down the ladder and stay up here if they try and get up here we
fight them and defend our ground the only problem is it means I’m going out
with this look I’m gonna grab one of the radios you take the other there and you
radio at me when every one of these goes online Jake this is crazy I mean you
can’t go out there alone look at this the only thing I need you back if you’re
watching the monitor telling you when the cameras go online look how those
might run from this sort of thing but Papa Jake it’s gonna face these guys
head-on keep an eye on the forest if you see any
lights warned me they’re getting close I can feel it can’t be safe up there I got
this when you grab the rest of these you go out already you do you if I need any
help let me know when I get each one of these cameras online sounds good okay guys
fast I don’t know where these guys are keep an eye on the woods guys if you see
anything you need you call my below and let me know I don’t see any right now
oops it broke a hiatus – bought for the first camera yeah I’m in the first
position look I’m gonna set them up we got four cameras not including the one I
brought to film myself I’m gonna start setting them up you call them out when
they’re in place who’s that so I heard something wants to get this
camera set up I feel a lot better we’ll be able to monitor the entire area
all right Logan getting in position for the first camera I can set up on this
tree this is camera one and this is exactly what its gonna be seeing all
right time to set you guys up on the tree here we’re good setting up camera
one now all right there you go set up perfect okay Logan camera ones on line
how do you read it online hi perfect keep a watch on it I’m ahead
instead of camera – okay copy that let me know if you need any help all
right guys looks like camera one is up now it’s time to move the camera – I’m
gonna set this one up on the west I gotta keep moving up so far I’m not
seeing anything look in I’m in position to set up the
next camera you see anything on camera one okay you keep moving Oh like this
one bit man this is really freaking me out
I don’t know how dangerous they are and they’re definitely here I can feel it
all right this tree should be good to self camera two on let’s get it up in
the position Hey there we go camera two is online you see
it camera two is looking good though hi perfect I’ll start moving on to
camera three keep it on camera one has a friend oh there’s absolutely no sign of
them I don’t know if they’ve retreated or maybe are waiting to make a move but
so far we’re good hello can you see absolutely anything on the cameras yeah
I’m not seeing anything either hi guys let me know if you see anything
in the forest here’s a good spot for camera three let’s not this one up okay
there we go camera three is on line one more camera
and I’m heading back to base all right camera three is looking good I think it
passed about four camera four guys I really don’t want to be out here for
much longer oh there or not these guys are coming I
don’t know but I want to get these cameras up and back to base quickly I’m
the camera for spot setting it up now and I’m heading back all right camera
four is long line we’re good to go look at all cameras are on line I’m heading
back to base now keep an eye out for me all the way back get out of yet all
right there we go camera four is online I’m making my way back now all the
cameras are set up and we’re good to go I hear footsteps footsteps footsteps oh
we gotta go we gotta go okay brownie I can’t see anything I can’t see anything
I hear something in the woods there’s something there’s something or someone’s
following me someone’s following me we’re gonna keep moving I gotta get back
to base should be this way wait wait a second Jake camera three showing a bit
of movement Jignesh son on camera three does someone
okay with you gonna get over there now wait here something’s moving so this is
really this one right there this one right thing stop who are you
what do you want what do you want get back wait I know what just happened he’s
moved behind the tree Logan what was right here what was right
here moved away I’m coming back dude Louie started chasing me but when I
shine my light on him my flashlight he he backed away these guys are extremely
creepy did he say anything looking they didn’t say anything they’re moving
slowly through the woods they don’t have flashlights the only thing I know is
when I shine my light on he didn’t like it he moved away we can use this to our
advantage check the cameras let’s see what we’re
dealing with okay camera to whoever I saw doesn’t look like they’ve come back
yet three four when I saw me definitely haven’t breached the perimeter yet and
this isn’t it this is all right they wouldn’t ever treated like that
see if I can find out a flashlight maybe we can search through the woods
something anyway the new state one camera one camera one what’s up camera
one looks like everyone someone just walked by camera one what
let me see what’s going on we just got the camera put the camera destroy the
camera down you just throw the camera down resolve like Jake this isn’t good
there must be more than one person out there Logan we have to get that camera
back online I think of you to go out kikuchi
we’re gonna defend the perimeter I need to they’re scared of light I’ll take
this shine it on them so you see on the radio and let me know
where they are you’ll be able to direct me and keep me safe all right I’ve got
to get the camera back on if we’re gonna hold down this fort I’ll be back
honey back to south camera three this is getting out of hand this is this is too
much I don’t know who these guys are or what they want but we need to get out of
here I don’t feel safe I gotta keep movin at this camera I need
my radio I got socks it Logan all right looking let me know if you see
anything on the cameras I’m making my way to the camera three spot I’m gonna
reset it up and head back I don’t see any of these guys but great keep moving
please all right let’s see what the camera
three spot is I’m moving into position here’s something I think I lost them
it’s gonna shine my light on the way I see them
okay brothers disappear you reattach the camera through here and get back on line
all right camp news back online I’m getting home and getting home fast guys
my flashlight just died my flashlight just died
I’m running out of light I need all the way they can to keep these guys at bay
all right I gotta get back home so good something’s moving
I gotta hide I gotta hide let’s pray that there’s right up there absolutely
she comes I’ll show my light in it but maybe you won’t see me boo bye get out of here gene what’s going on
Thank You Logan the light really is working
every time I flash it on they move back okay that’s good it must be working I
haven’t seen any of them on the perimeter I’m getting really freaked out
I don’t like this one bit if you haven’t seen anything though
maybe maybe they’re retreating maybe they’ve stopped coming towards us
where’s the camera check it three before you know all the cameras thrown
every single camera we have to go right now there’s too many of them there’s too
many of them look we have to get out of here now
there’s no way we can take on all four of them double if we can use it to keep
them at bay make us calm all right remember if you see one shine your light
on it we gotta get out of here do you know where we’re going
yeah it shouldn’t be too far to get out of here keep moving keep pushing forward catch your breath for a second we gotta
move that we can’t stay for too long Logan come on we gotta go get over here
that’s given come on who know Hogan I think we’re surrounded
they’re everywhere they’re all around us keep your lights on them what are you
guys warm with us I can’t get my light on them at the same time moving closer
back off looking what do we do wait the box and the box lights all right it’s
working it’s working it’s working they’re gone I think we got all of them
we Zeke look I think he dropped his phone mister fallen out of his pocket
when he slipped let’s go back to the tree house and regroup maybe we can
figure out what’s on us figure out who they are
let’s get out of here before they get back it was way too close Logan we had
his phone there could be so much information on this this could solve all
of our answers the amount of stuff that we can pull off with this we could find
out who they are find out who these people are what they are
Jake are you able to hack into their phone the supplies we have here Logan we
have two batteries and one other iPhone I have absolutely nothing to hack into
this at home this could take me maybe 30 minutes here it’s impossible maybe with
this we might be able to get into it quicker the only problem is I’m gonna
need the supplies at home Logan I’m saying we get out of here and we head
home we know how to handle these guys now we know that they can track us
anywhere I think we’re safer at home McGee we give border fire our house at
home and more importantly hack into this abandoned iPhone we need to solve this
mystery Logan we need to put an end to this the only way to do is to get home
we leave tonight

100 thoughts on “ESCAPING THE GAME MASTER 3AM CHALLENGE IN THE SCARY WOODS! 😱 Escaping Hacker & Spies”

  1. Guys comment if you see anything in the video or have any info for us. I'm putting together a report with all your info also comment timestamps you see something. Also SMACK that LIKE button so spread the word! 😱

  2. Pushing the ladder wont do anything, they can just put it back up but if they bring it up, they cant use the ladder

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