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Everyday Carry Food Kit Items for Emergency Preparedness #edc

Everyday Carry Food Kit Items for Emergency Preparedness #edc

SURVIVAL BROS!!! Hey. What’s good Preppers? Cameron McKirdy here with your emergency preparedness
blog: Survival Bros dot com. Thanks for watching. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE. Today I’ve got a badass video, because I’m
showing you my one day emergency preparedness food kits that I’ve been working on. They have everything that I need to survive
nutritionally for 24 Hours! Right here, I have over two weeks of supplies. I designed these kits to take them with me
either backpacking or for more #vandwelling fun. But it’s also great in my #EDC or everyday
carry backpack. Now, let me show you what’s inside of one
of these quart Zip-Loc bags. Here’s an example of a one day emergency food
kit… First, I have protein powder. So, all you need is a shaker bottle. This is a whole food vegan gainer, so it will
have a bunch of Carbs in there for extra energy. I got these from my local health food store
(GNC). There’s also some raw protein, and a multivitamin
in powder form. Then I had to include some MREs. This is peanut butter, and chocolate peanut
butter spread. Plus, I have chicken pesto that should be
good for a few years. Also, packages of salmon and meat will last
a long time. Here’s a bread snack. I want to have greens in my kit, plus amino
acids. So I got this hydration powder with coconut
water extract. Of course, you need electrolytes for stamina. This will get you back in the game. If not this Pre-Workout will, it’s Bucked
Up (with deer antler powder). Another free sample I got. I thought it would be smart to add a couple
birthday candles to a few of my bags as well. Plus, chewing gum…for The Ladies. And I’ve included towelettes, and toilet paper
for hygiene, and an extra caffeine pill. I do like to carry honey around, and some
kind of sugar for a mind stimulant. I snagged these honey packets from a coffee
shop, and I also include things like mints and chocolates, but I ate the chocolate already. I added some instant oatmeal (and tea). This is my men’s formula, extreme training
pack from GNC. And finally, I got a sample of probiotic that
can be mixed into water (for digestion). Everything you see here is basically ready
to eat. All you got to do is mix it up, or grab a
fork. Let me know what you think of my one day emergency
preparedness food kit. If I forgot anything, tell me about it in
the comment section. But as you can see, I have my electrolytes,
greens, protein powder, meat, and caffeine. I think I’m set. So if you think so, make sure to give this
video a LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE. Thank you so much for watching. Big Hugs. I’m Cam.

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