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Evolve – Survival Guide Trailer

Evolve – Survival Guide Trailer

Evolve is the next evolution of gaming pitting a team of four playable Hunters against one powerful player controlled monster. Or 4 V 1 Experience the intensity of the hunt online or hone your skills offline solo. However you play, no two matches will be the same. The playing field is as level as it is treacherous. Adrenaline is guaranteed. But if you want to survive you better listen up to what’s in store …. Team up and work together as the Hunters or evolve and kill alone as the Monster. It’s survival of the fittest and any side can win. Choose your side. I just got off the line with colony command. This is no longer a wildlife problem. It’s a full scale evacuation. Gear up. Welcome to Shear. Don’t be fooled by the planet’s natural beauty. Every living thing out here, big or small, has the potential to chew you up and spit you out. Or worse. To hunt here you’ve got to be tough. Or crazy. And that’s where they come in. Hunters Dropping onto Shear is the galaxy’s most lethal and…eccentric band of creature killers. The Hunters are a team of four unique classes. Assault, Trapper, Medic, and Support must work together to track, trap, and kill the monster before he evolves to the ultimate Stage 3 and kills them all. There are three characters in every class, each with a special load out, for a total of twelve hunters. Every class has a unique responsibility to fill and when the team works together they become an unstoppable killing machine. [Assault] Armed with an itchy trigger finger and a penchant for destruction the assault class is the damage dealer, bringing along a vast arsenal of lethal weapons and explosives to the hunt. [Medic] The medic class is no stranger to the front lines. They keep the team in fighting shape with first aid and emergency revives. [Trapper] You can’t run and you can’t hide when a Trapper is bearing down on you. Tracking devices lead the Hunters to their prey and a Mobile Arena ensures it stays there. [Support] And when you need a boost, the Support class is there. He can buff the team to make them stronger or use heavy weapons to pack a hell of a punch. When each Hunter plays to their roles, works as a team, and communicates effectively, they can emerge from a battle victorious. These creatures overwhelmed Colonial Security forces in less than a week. Clearly we are dealing with something far beyond ordinary wildlife. Clearly. [Monsters] The Hunters might have strength in numbers, but the Monster is a powerful and punishing adversary, all on its own. There are three known types of Monsters. [GOLIATH: ROCK THROW | LEAP SMASH | FIRE BREATH | CHARGE] Goliath leaves a trail of fire and rubble wherever he kills. He’s a savage beast of pure strength and brutality. [KRAKEN: LIGHTNING STRIKE | BANSHEE MINES | AFTERSHOCK | VORTEX] Kraken is a long range predator. Descending from above, this beast kills with dark energy and his vicious tentacles. From the shadows the Wraith strikes. [WRAITH: WARP BLAST | ABDUCTION | DECOY| SUPERNOVA] She is a fast-moving assassin who uses stealth and misdirection to pick off Hunters. Monsters evolve by feasting on Shear’s indigenous wildlife. The more the creature eats the faster it progresses to the next stage. Each stage allows the Monster to level up gaining more power and abilities as well as increasing their armor and health. Play to your strengths — and you will become the ultimate, one man army. When you have the Hunters in your sight, remember what it feels like to face down the baddest boss ever — because guess what… you are one. And they are afraid. Very afraid. [EVACUATION] Evacuation drops you head first into the ferocious battle for Shear in a totally unique and highly replayable campaign that can be played online or solo off-line Spanning five days, the campaign contains all maps and modes found in the game. Each day is a battle featuring a different mode on a different map. And the outcome of those battles directly affects the events of the next day. If the Hunters kill the Monster they might receive armored turrets or additional allies. If the Monster destroys an objective, the Hunters might face man-eating eels in their next mission. There are over 800,000 possible combinations in Evacuation. Expect the unexpected. Five days spraying fire. Melting faces. This ain’t a vacation. It’s fucking paradise! [CHOOSE YOUR MODE] [HUNT] In Hunt mode, the Monster must evade and outsmart the Hunters long enough to evolve to Stage 3 and destroy the map objective. The Hunters must work together to track and finally kill the Monster. If the beast downs all of them first, it’s game over. [NEST] In Nest, the Hunters must work fast to destroy the monster’s eggs before time runs out. Meanwhile, the Monster must hatch an egg to spawn a minion. Together they need to defend the Monster’s brood at all costs. [RESCUE] Rescue finds the lives of Shear’s civilians hanging in the balance. The Monster must kill the colonists before the Hunters can escort them to the evacuation point. [DEFEND] In Defend Mode, a series of generators are the only thing protecting an Evacuation ship from total destruction. It’ll be a desperate fight to the end as the Hunters defend the generator against a Stage 3 alpha monster and it’s minions. All of Evolve’s modes can be experienced online or offline solo. The battle for Shear is full of possibilities. Will you save the colony? or be the Monster that destroys it? [Text] 12 HUNTERS [3 MONSTERS] [16 MAPS] [4 GAME MODES] 1 DYNAMIC CAMPAIGN [OVER 800,000 COMBINATION] [EVERY MATCH IS DIFFERENT] [HUNT TOGETHER] [KILL ALONE] [CHOOSE YOUR SIDE]

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