oh yeah what’s going on Sharers welcome
to the vlog welcome to another awesome summer day it’s kind of rainy right now
but the good news is we’re almost at the beach
that’s right Sharers we’re getting so close we made it to the on the base side
of the beach we just got across the bridge over there and we’ll be at the
beach we’re gonna do some really awesome epic stuff but it started storming like
crazy it’s raining we just saw a lightning strike in the distance this is
a lot going on so graceful better get back in the car so we can finally make
it to the beach let’s go let’s go let’s go whoo world was there and Grace is Snacking always got to get across this oh wow
this is a long long bridge that we have to cross Wow Sharer we’re actually
farther away than we thought look how far away that bridges we had to cross
that giant bridge and there’s nothing but water on each side of us right now
this is crazy yes thing up we need to get there quick
and fast yeah get there grace look at all the rain coming down it’s coming so
are you we are on a drawbridge right now whoa Grace this is very very narrow hi
someone’s working in there whew oh my goodness wow it’s so narrow
grace you’re just snacking you’re not crazy if you’re gonna keep snacking and
least help me with directions where do I go – I turn left or go right where am I
going um I think straight are you sure that
does not but this does not look like this is the right way to the beach you
sure I should to go straight yeah just look at your phone real quick yeah yeah
one second oh great so looks like an abandoned Motel there I don’t know I
don’t have any service anymore Oh grace hold on I’ll just pull off here just
like this car hang on I just walk let’s see we get service Steve why’d you pull
down here oh my goodness Oh grace this is a scary where oh I should
not have pulled off here sharers where are we oh my goodness grace this is so
scary this is really scary I guess we’re at the hillside Motel
hotel still works great it looks like it’s been closed for a
long time I don’t know let’s just get out of here I don’t know Sharer’s I’m kind
of thinking grace we’re here anyways we should take a look at it no this is so
scary I don’t know it’s actually kind of cool like there’s just like random stuff
like a door hanging on the end like that like that’s kind of cool why is there no
roof there’s got to be some type of history behind here
yeah haunted history I mean there’s like a rundown swing set over there grace I
think we should just like check it out real quick just real quick I don’t know
come on sharers smash like button let’s check this thing out this is pretty cool
it’s storming anyways we can’t go in the water right now so we might as well do
something far away from the thunderstorm okay fine see let’s go grace you can
open umbrella inside that’s bad luck oh boy okay let’s just go let’s get out
let’s go let’s go let’s go come on let’s go let’s go explore this thing this
looks crazy it’s absolutely pouring outside but
we’ve got to check this thing out you ready for this grace no what oh my
goodness what is all this stuff whoa okay just watch your step
this is so cool this needs to be like little motel rooms whoa
do we go in one of these or what do we do grace this is so cool
whoa is that Thunder yeah whoa yeah there’s like stormy clouds Wow
there’s an old broom whoa Wow look at this there’s outlets in everything
what’s over there oh my goodness whoa this is so crazy grace Wow
oh there used to be a window there too grace we could find some like hidden
treasure here yeah maybe oh my gosh look there’s an old basket oh
wow look at that room grace there’s like actual stuff this must have been like oh
this looks like a different room from all the other ones oh wow there’s a lot
of wires in this room there’s like an emergency switch I’m gonna yeah I’m
gonna peek in real quick just be very careful there’s a lot of wires and I
think there’s thunder around I’m just going to take down yeah you think it
burnt down oh no way oh my goodness grace wait put
a hole a hole whoo look at that shelf do you see that
no no on the shelf by the window that is so scary there’s a book with pages open
hole in that windowsill grace that is actually really scary great I think we
have to go in I think we have to read what that says I think it’s a ghost
holding a book right there and the ghost is reading it if those pages flip and
they turn I’m gonna like really be scared
whoa great look just sitting there I don’t know oh why is it open to those
select pages I really want to see great I really want to read look these pages
are Sharers did we go in or not smash like button if we go in quickly
I don’t know I kind of want to see what’s on that book don’t you want to
see what’s on that book yeah that’s also creepy as anything I think we got to see
what’s on that book I’m grace I’m gonna go in I’m gonna look a little broke
quick I’m gonna go oh my goodness please don’t be oh my gosh grace there’s a
phone right there – oh my goodness there’s the phone sure is I don’t know
what kind of motel this is oh my gonna spit the weirdest thing is there’s no
roof do I pick up the phone or do I check what’s on the book I don’t know oh
my goodness I’m gonna take a step in here
hang on oh my goodness grace this is so scary I’m afraid to go towards that book
someone might be on the other side someone could be right around that
corner I don’t know and there’s a phone there a
light switch there’s like chains there this is getting scary grace do I go
towards that book what do I do oh no I’m gonna stay out here just to be
on the lookout oh you are yeah oh okay I’m gonna go look at the book
here we go oh my gosh oh my goodness that switch says gas burner okay Sharer’s
there’s the book I don’t know oh there could be someone on the other side right
here there could be someone on the other side what is this book okay so Sharer’s
I’m not gonna look at this book very long I’m gonna put the camera over top
pause it when I put the camera over the top and try to read as much as you can
oh whatever it says and comment down below if you can like make word of what
it says the pages are a little bit wet ink maybe a little smeared but let’s try
to the sake of this book okay here we go what I know here we go ready three two
one more the top of the book sure is try to comment anything you see any
sentences oh my gosh there’s a key Oh grace you scared me I was there running
out hold on hold on hold on Wow sure is this is getting good okay
I couldn’t read the book a little bit here did it say it I don’t know Cera’s
just pause pausing the video whatever that book says or whatever you can make
word of whatever it says in that book but grace that key is actually something
that’s actually really scary yeah is that key once the keys are kind of
broken look at this oh my goodness burnt I don’t know did
this hotel burn down what does stay on that key it says
master I don’t know what’s going on with that grace this is getting scary yeah
this is really scary oh we’re so close to the beach yet this hotel is like
really scaring me and me okay I’m gonna quickly walk down
here see if there’s any more clues about what this place is I’m like really
scared of looking these are the rooms oh my gosh oh my gosh
there’s like a door half open grace I don’t know if we can stay here much
longer oh my goodness this is like really scary oh my goodness great I’m
afraid in every room there’s some type of clue oh and the storm is really
picking off dude what’s down there I don’t know I’m afraid to keep going
this way good that I don’t know I hope you should go down that way great I
don’t know either but I feel like there’s a ton of hidden mysteries here I
know but the storm the storms getting worse this place is getting creepier we
already found a key a book I don’t know what’s going on this is a weird place a
book that was open to that specific page I know this shows I don’t know week
grades I wish you would have kept your phone on you and weren’t snacking the
whole car ride I know me too it’s kind of cool we found this place
but also what is this place this is so weird what else we’re gonna find licious
okay let’s just keep it be our eyes open and like look for other stuff I really
hope no one else is here that grace that one room was so weird I think we got to
look at it one more time I want it I want to look at the cover of the book
see what the cover of that book said this is the room yeah it is I really
want to see what the cover of that book said yeah saying this is the weirdest
room of all I have a certain emergency put right next to that book I’m gonna
flip the book over so we can see the cover hang on I’m going back in Sharers
here we go going in going in going in going in okay
here we go I’m gonna touch the cover of the book three two one oh hang on oh my
goodness Sharers what is that I can’t really make
out what it says it’s all like blurt out and lose that lightening grace yeah I
can’t read what this says it says something there but it’s like all water
locked it Sharers if you can read what this is saying comment down below
oh wow that storms picking up Wow Chris we got a uh we got to find some service
and get out of here whoa look there’s like a canister of like propane or
something there’s a lot going on here Wow oh look door number one why was that
door left of all the other doors why was drawer number one last yeah this
is really weird this is really odd place I don’t know what it’s doing in this
town I don’t know if we were meant to come here enough oh my goodness I don’t
know if we’re the only ones here grace yeah that was definitely not here on our
way I don’t think that was here we definitely would have noticed that yeah
we definitely would have noticed that the Sharers are you ready to see this
take a look three two one what is that grace I don’t think we should be
touching that that’s like something’s weird with that
yeah those not foreign scissors no I don’t know
what those are I think we got it sir getting out of here yeah that’s good
let’s find our way back Wow wait there’s like some chemicals in
there oh I don’t know what was that squishy thing hold on oh my gosh okay
grace we need to get out of here really get ahead there’s a fire
extinguisher okay let’s just I don’t know which way the beach is we got to
find service let’s get back Oh lightning storms
picking up let’s go grace that Thunder is really loud I think it’s like right
over ahead let’s get out of here this was like the wrong time and place to
visit this thing Wow it was the wrong time and place to explore an abandoned
hotel yeah that’s really scary I don’t know if the storm freaks us out or if
the motel was freaked us out or what’s going on but I don’t think that book
just naturally laid there like that grace no not with that one page half
open something was lifting that up why did that page even say Sharers pause the
camera on that and see if you can figure out what that says the good news is
though I did get the key I don’t know what this Keys gonna go to and it’s I
don’t know hopefully we can fix it it looks like it’s cracked in the middle
but we did get a key there’s a master key Thomas his master on it somewhere
where does the same master there it is and generally master music it’s like for
some lockbox so we got some type of key I don’t know if the book can help us
with some pages maybe there’s a map for something I don’t know why this place is
run down but it’s called the hillside motel
and put the abandoned there was some weird stuff going on there yeah
insurance is also this entire like a bandit house to explore I’m not going in
there sure if we should explore this more comment down below otherwise crazy
I think we should head to the beach yeah let’s get out of here
let’s get out of here let’s figure out our way out of here I’m just gonna take
a road any direction is gonna be better than this yeah hurry oh well there’s a
house down there oh you’re right oh there’s even more down there okay I’m
putting the car in drive grace I’m just gonna go down here a little bit to turn
around and then we’ll get out of here I hope there’s a way to place the turn
around because I’m gonna pull up a little closer to the block oh my
goodness oh the page grace just lets you see you back there oh there’s
electricity Sharers there’s electricity back at that house they’re in grace
there’s books more books that are open okay we got to get out of here this
video can get over 25,000 likes we’ll come back but if not I definitely like
I’m okay not coming back here no sure you gotta smash that like button we need
to come back here there’s a lot of clues and there’s a huge mystery behind all
this okay Sharers wallet this video gets twenty five thousand likes we’ll be back
here grace there’s even a port-a-potty right there this is so weird
okay sure so we’re gonna go try to find our way to the beach we’ll see you
tomorrow hopefully so until then yeah you know what to do
stay awesome and share the love peace!

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