Extrémně minimalistická výbava do lesa – Hardcore Survival

Hello there! Me and my friend are going to a bushcraft weekend Theme: Fire and shelter I talked with that friend and he told me: Don’t take too much with you, Kraken. Take just a few necessary things And he named me a few things and I am not totally sure if I have everything I need, or if I am carrying too much Let’s take a look and write me into the comments if it would be enough for you or if I need some another things or if I can left some things at home. So at first my friend told me I need some piece of plastic. I didn’t know how big piece but I think this will be enough. If it will be necessary, so it’s two layers so you can split it and made a raincoat of it. Raincoat for some important part of your body. I have a cord. He told me I will need just a piece of cord So I hope this will be enough. But it’s made of more smaller cords, so you can split it in case of emergency Next I have a paper and… the pencil is too big in my opinion, so I took just a graphite. For the notes. I hope the paper will be big enough to make a note if I learn something new or something… The knife. I always carry a big knife, but now I do not know if I should not break it because this seems too big for me. But I hope it’s ok. For fire… I think one match will be enough. I have skills so I think I cane manage it. Next is food… He told me he will take a few beans, garlic and jerky. So I took a few beans too, garlic… I will take the smaller one maybe. This one will be big enough And piece of jerky. Isn’t it too big? Wait a minute… Much better! Now it’s perfect. Maybe too much beans… Now, I will leave like that. I hope I don’t will fart too much… So, if I do’t let you know at the monday, so I probably don’t survive. But if you have some tips what else take with me, so I will be happy if you will let me know, because I don’t have too much experiences. So thanks a lot. See you!

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