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  1. In rule No 3 : I really like the part of the rule where she said "There is no truth. There's your truth. Everything is objective". I already knew this but she said it in way that made even more sense for some reason.

  2. What an excellent example for woman. Thought 'Hire Big' was great! Hiring those who are young and have the potential to grow!

  3. #BTA24 The rule that stands out the most for me is #7 Take responsibility, thats a huge rule instead of blaming or pointing the fingers at outside situations or circumstances take responsibility for your actions.

  4. i'm actually doing my own business, and i gain tremendously from watching your 10 Rules! well done! u may want to do your own too 🙂 #justSaying

  5. She's quite a sincere communicator. She paid a lot of attention to what has worked in her career, and it shows in what she shares. Since there is such a thing as Truth, for example that I am me and that you are you, then her reasoning about how to be sincere is truly false, though understandably. It rather has more to do with watching a car accident at an intersection, or Perspective: there's the two+ driver's perspective, the non-involved perspective, the camera (if any) perspective and the law's perspective. What we must actually acknowledge when trying to communicate sincerely is that we simply cannot know All the truth without other people's input, for no one is an island unto himself, and be willing to say so. So, my friendlies, what have I missed about this?

  6. well will see how smart she is. I'm Dr YouTube Timothy Tucker xcontv Tucker. I'm a somewhat future planner. first crowd fund the electrical grid.

  7. in my opinion, I wanted to add below for the same play list..
    Sachin Tendulkar, Amithab Bachhappan, Abdul Kalam, Ratan Tata

  8. Definitely #9, find something you really, really believe in.. I can relate to that with my endeavors to consciously attract #prosperity consciousness. Evan, please try to interview Randy Gage. Randy is a Prosperity Coach (world reknown) and a man in his own class. #verygrateful

  9. When she says, "There is no truth… everything is subjective…" isn't she contradicting herself? I mean, isn't the statement "there is no objective truth" an objective statement about truth?

    So, is she really just saying that the objective truth she believes (ie, there is no objective truth) is the ONLY objective truth that exists? If so, isn't she committing the same error she is advising people not to make?

  10. I loved all Sheryl's "Rules", one of my favorites, and I hadn't thought of is "Hire Big! " Thanks for posting!

    Blessings Always.

  11. Today is Sheryl Sandberg's Birthday
    Facebook, COO
    And Founder of LeanIn
    This is a quick 2 mins video about her and her quotes


  12. 4 mins plus. "There is no truth" "authenticate effectively" authenticate what when "there is no truth" God? Religion?

  13. #10 caught my attention. Don't just look down or up, look backwards and sideways. Don't stress about the white space, the part you can't draw, therein lies the suprises and opportunities, awesome advice

  14. Such a pretty Witch.  She’s just dying to destroy America with Witch Hillary as president and her finger on the Nuclear Button.

  15. "Go for growth." Great advice. "There is no truth. Everything is subjective…so share your truth." Empowering. "Measure results, not face time." Visionary. "Maniacally focused." Validating. "Careers are no longer ladders but jungle gyms. Don't just look up. Look around."

  16. Excellent Evan, thank you for your very informative & succinct summary on the ethos of SS. Just read somewhere recently she was instrumental is the rise of FB – turning the org. profitable and sustainable. "Cash is king, Sales is God"

  17. Amazing Thoughts..Thanks for this. I would really appreciate if we can get to listen something similar from Mrs.Obama.
    My respect.

  18. Evan, Great video. I'd like to dig deeper and listen to the entire video from Sheryl's talk in the classroom, where she talks about authentic communication. Can you please comment with the link to it? Thank you immensely.

  19. Thanks so much for this video! I'm currently being interviewed for an DOO position here in DC and was looking a good source of reference on leadership, business development, and administration. All 10 rules were very helpful. Thanks again.

  20. Rule one for being successful; Keep on reminding everyone that you are female, and make sure the implied threat that goes with it is understood. Then people will be afraid to fire you, or promote a more qualified male over you. I thin k that covers it. She is brilliant at using the rules of liberalism to slither ahead. Which is why those rules must be broken. We need to return fairness to this country. Feminists are a minority, but a very political one, and they have managed to create a situation where men are undervalued, and it is leading us to financial ruin. Look at the earning reports of American companies. Unhealthy.

  21. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
    In Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg reignited the conversation around women in the workplace. This book CHANGED MY LIFE. I had been working in the same position at the same company for the last 12 years wondering why I wasn't being promoted or approached by competitors. Along with gaining experience over the years and building my own self confidence, I needed this book to push me to take the next steps. I know this sounds silly and self absorbed, but when I was reading it, it was like Sandberg was talking directly to me. She gave me insight into some of the things that were happening around me, and some tips on what I could do to change the course of my career.

  22. End $, march of facebook to join the gov march; dont repeat biblical mistakes; the greed of elites must be ended 🙂

  23. I dont let others measure my success. I measure success myself. I am an amazing Women of Faith, who raised 2 daughters and took care of my aging parents, and I also help raise my younger siblings. It was not easy, but I have a beautuful family. Now, I am pursing my abstract talent and writing skills. Sometimes, the rewards can come later in life, abd they come tons of blessings and much respect from the people you
    have lead.

  24. Her book "Lean In" changed my life as I only then painfully realized I had made many mistakes mentioned in the book, but late is better than never. Thanks Sheryl and wish I could meet her one day to thank her in person.

  25. This video was wonderful. The way you presented was great. Please make a video on Indra Nooyi as well. Would love to watch it.

  26. The one I need to work on is Measure results not facetime, It seems as though I have to "meet" with people to be productive. The one that I breathe daily in my company is Communicate authentically, this cuts down on so much time and issues with what if, did she really mean that. Being real because #YaEsHora

  27. I love this "Great Leaders don’t want compliance … they don’t want people to follow orders.
    Great leaders want real excitement genuine enthusiasm, real commitment.
    Great leaders don’t just win the minds of their team, they win their hearts.
    Great leaders don’t just issue commands, they heed the voices of those around them." — Sheryl Sandberg

  28. Thank Evan for sharing this, Sheryl has been one of many books that I've read that have stuck with me. The college gifted this book to us before graduation, and I read it in one week. Then paid it forward and blessed someone with it and bought another copy for me. This was very informative and a eye opener to continue pursuing my dreams to impact lives. Thank you,

  29. I truely like here view´s & ideas – I love rule 3 – "Go for growth " & also love <3 rule 7 "Take responsibility – own it..:) !" Amazing women indeed, so so smart & charming!

  30. Since people don't appreciate diversity it will be a good idea to enforce gender-apartheid. Steinem already is segregationist. She welcomes funds from everyone but she promotes only women's business. Likewise WFI Women for Independence in Scotland welcome funding from everyone but only women can become members. All over the place males become gradually second tide citizens, snowflakey women are welcomed the weaker and whinnier the better…so why we don't enforce an apartheid system for 25 years so we can learn to appreciate the diversity we had and rejected because we didn't learn to live one next to the other. I support steep punishment of people who harass and abuse others if its proven that it happened but since there are so many false allegations and all this snowflakism and victimhood around lets separate our businesses corporate settings and social environment so men-women not to interact so flawlessly as they did for the last 60 years…men can find alternative to hook-ups, dating and even relationships the value of which is not just questionable it is the lowest quality of the low…divorces skyrocket, there is a toxicity between genders so instead drama and whining we could set ourselves apart. Even the cars I the subway or social places like bars could gradually segregate areas keep buddy-groups separate from ladies-groups…How about buying a drink to a lady? this is science fiction…

  31. it's so wonderful, big motivation and great leaders. i get some advice from this video, i think if you wanted to change ýour life. must be to follow the rule

  32. I liked the 'take responsibility' and pursue things because you believe in it.. it will inspire us and others too 🙂 thank you for such a great compilation!!

  33. Loved the video! I love Sheryl! All of her rules, especially 'communicate authentically' and 'Find something you really believe in' are my favorites. How about adding Marty Cagan to this list?

  34. Looking for more of my Top 10 and Top 50 Rules for Success? They are now on their own channel. You can subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacX6JAo1EpmxT91r6VH53g?sub_confirmation=1

  35. number 1 live in a country where affirmative action forces company boards to have a fixed percentage of women… or where there is benefits to investors for promoting female ceos…

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