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Fall Preview: Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones & Bobby Cannavale on LIFESPAN OF A FACT

Fall Preview: Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones & Bobby Cannavale on LIFESPAN OF A FACT

[music] –Wondering what the lifespan of a
fact is in a world of alternative facts and fake news is enough to send you to
bed with a cold compress over your eyes. But wake up! Because this new play stars
Daniel Radcliffe, Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale. It’s a better editor, an
author and a determined young fact-checker, and I’m sure it’s gonna
spark think pieces and dinner conversations and dorm room
conversations about truth versus fiction, and so forth. But most importantly it
stars Daniel Radcliffe and Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale [whispers] Daniel Radcliffe,
Cherry Jones, Bobby Cannavale… –[PAUL v/o]: The three stars of the show
share Laura’s enthusiasm about appearing on
stage together. –Are you kidding me? Look at this. Just look at this
–I was changing my shirt yesterday and and and
Cherry came in and she went, I missed it! Can you do it again? So, yeah, we all love
each other. –Even I, a post-menopausal lesbian. –And I went, You’re a lesbian? –I got a couple of emails from these guys
just before we started. Cherry emailed us both
them and I was just like Oh! These
guys are delightful, like this is gonna be a really fun play. –[PAUL v/o]: The Lifespan of a
Fact is based on the 2012 book of the same name by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal,
a creative work that documents their collaboration as author and fact checker
on D’Agata’s essay about a Las Vegas suicide. Cannavale plays D’Agata,
Radcliffe plays Fingal, and Jones plays their editor. — I play Jim Fingal, who’s a
fact checker who is assigned to fact-check this piece by an author who
is not necessarily used to he’s writing for us of a magazine with journalistic
standards, and he’s not really used to meeting those or having to meet those. And so I get sent him to make his life
hell. –They’re based on real people,
John D’Agata, Jim Fingal, who through many years of putting this story together, the
story about the story, have created a sort of work that really does blur the
line between fact and fiction, and fiction and nonfiction, truths and non
truths, half-truths, in a really delightful way that I think asks a lot of questions
and doesn’t really answer any of them. –[PAUL v/o]: Although the three characters
and The Lifespan of a Fact have different
approaches, they all strive for the same goal: to get D’Agata’s story out in the world. –All three characters want the same
thing, just versions of the same thing. You want it to be accurate, you want it
to be profound and emotionally true, and I just want to be able to publish it
because it’s brilliant writing! So we’ve
all got something at stake. –The Lifespan of a Fact starts at Studio 54 on September 20.

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