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FALLOUT 76 BOX FORT VAULT PART 1 πŸ“¦ 24 Hour Challenge

FALLOUT 76 BOX FORT VAULT PART 1 πŸ“¦ 24 Hour Challenge

and finally the third circuit breaker in
three two one oh there we go dude looks like tonight we’re gonna be having chili
with beans who’s that Logan close out the bumper all powers we
going to secure the vault door chief what do you mean someone’s at the vault
door hey you’re from chief with me and we are back with a brand new video and
today guys we are doing something you have all been asking for for the past
couple months and that is to do another fall out box board and with the brand
new follow game coming out just around the corner I thought it would be an
awesome time to jump back in the vault life flow get are you said I am so down
for the ball dude last time we did a fallout Boxford it was so cool guys we
had like you working fall tour we had working gas masks and so much more oh
here we go check this out guys right inside the
vault and there we’re in the hockey terminal room also guys as well let you
know if you haven’t seen already we just hit five million subscribers thank you
guys so very much that’s a great logo that’s a crazy number and so it’s a lot
of subscribers guys it’s just crazy and for us it comes after fourth that’s a
big number guys the Papa Jake family is super strong so if you’re not part of it
yet hit the subscribe button down below and guys this is a serious video so if
you guys want this series to continue smack that like button let’s try crush
30,000 likes because I know the Papa Jake fam can do that yes we’ve got a lot
of technical stuff in this guys that we’re gonna be adding into the vault as
we keep building into it and one of the most important things we brought is
guess what Logan we got air conditioning oh we’re advanced now we also put ton of
survival stuff so first things first I’m thinking we’re gonna start the building
process here and we need make sure this thing is secure so that no like
radiation can get in no bad gases also guys there are raiders that will be
trying to attack our vaults we need to make sure that we’ve got weapons to
defend ourselves as well as the super secure vault door alright guys well now
we have to start building all right so I think Bruce off will grab her cardboard
and start laying down the floor here and first we’re gonna come up with a game
plan as to how big this thing is I do want to be able to add on to it like I
said guys so if you want the series to continue if you guys love follow smack
the like button down below I’ll put a hashtag followed in the comments alright guys so check this out the fort
is looking sweet check this out guys alright this is the fallout shelter as
of right now I know you think Papa check this isn’t a follow show you can’t
survive anything in here which is true you probably can’t survive like even
like a ladybug attack but we are still going to be adding on the roof as well
as a bunch of really cool interior stuff guys I’m thinking running water I’m
thinking electricity I’m thinking like secure doors and a massive vault or at
the front that we’re gonna install after everything guys check out all this sweet
clear that we have to make this fort insane we’ve got pouches here that we’re
gonna use for running water as well as this is actually gonna be our rad ex kit
that we can use in case with some radiation poisoning and we’ve got a
bunch of fans that we’re gonna be adding on to it all with a fully working
electronic system which is going to be sweet so let’s get back there and start
adding on the roof because I want to start working on the fun stuff inside
the fort alright guys so update for you it just started pouring as you guys can
see the rain is coming down and it’s ruining our vault right now that’s not
good that’s not good I don’t want to sleep in soggy cardboard I don’t think
anyone does and guys this is a 24 hour challenge which means this is the only
place we can sleep tonight it’s raining the sun’s going down and unless we want
to sleep on soggy cardboard we need to get these tarps up this tarp up and keep
building fast guys this is not good hey guys so update for you I am completely
soaked right now and we’ve been working to save this fort as long as we could we
have tarps up all over the place we’ve got a massive tarp in here as well as a
tarp at the front of the fort and this place is completely soaked right now
there is lightning there is thunder I’m quite honestly a little bit scared cuz
Papa Jade you know I like making box sports put in the middle of a
thunderstorm probably not the best time to make a box for but I think we can
rebuild and I think using this tarp system we can get the sport up and
running and once we get the lights inside the fans the comfy blankets I
think we’ll have a nice dry place for tonight ah this is definitely not
optimal box for building guys but guys we’re gonna finish this point and I’ll
update you guys as soon as it’s done ok guys so the rain has died down a little
bit we are back and well check it out this is the fort now we were able to
repair everything that was a torrential downpour we barely survived that guys
but we got the roof on we got the walls repaired
we had to battle the as things were falling but we got it
done and so check it out the fallout vault is well almost
complete I’ll take you guys inside so we don’t have power online right now but
the vault is high and dry which means we’re not gonna get wet from the rain we
also need to get the running water going and we need to secure this vault or in
case renders come plus like I said we’re surviving here the Sun is going down we
need our food our sleeping bags it’s so much more so we’re nowhere near done but
at least the rain stopped and for now we get this thing running so let’s get the
wires in here and so wiring the lights okay yeah so we just got everything in
the vault set up and just in the nick of time things are starting to get pretty
bad out here and like I said we got to be careful for Raiders we got most of it
set up at least for tonight like I said we got to survive here for the night but
first things first we gotta get the power on let’s get in here you get it
turned on ah watch your step alright here we go guys so if all the
wiring was correct we should be able to activate the power using this switch
this switch first circuit breaker and finally the third circuit breaker in
three two one oh dude this is sweet this looks awesome
yo we got the vault power online circuit breakers are already turned down the
emergency switches here and let’s get into the computer logging into the vault
tech mainframe now look we made it in here just in time
looks like toxicity levels outside are rising by the minute this cardboard
shortage really has the world going to hell in a handbasket alright everything
should be online now oh yeah we got air flowing through here guys
check this out that’s fresh purified air coming in here so we’ve got our very own
oxygen to make sure we say stay G don’t we have to close the vault door now
that’s right alright let’s get this thing closed and locked up and how to close and activating the
airlock in 3 2 1 alright so I’m gonna be enacting a
24-hour lockdown which means we cannot leave this vault for 24 hours if we’re
gonna expand this later we’re gonna have to go out with our vault tech gear as
well as our gas masks Oh dudes a vault tech gear yeah check that out so far we
have one pit boy but I’d really like to find one for myself yeah do we can get
these on after the main thing though guys is these are our gas masks this is
what we’re gonna need to use when we leave the vault this cardboard shortage
has the world outside going into an all-out battle which means we need our
gas masks to go out there the outside talk to the city isn’t already raising
in here we’re safe but if we do go out to expand the fort
we need our gas masks which we definitely need to expand because this
isn’t enough space for the two of us some extra utility here but we
definitely don’t have everything yet guys if we’re gonna want to live in here
we’re gonna need a water filtration system more food we’re definitely gonna
have to go with some scavenging runs but my main worry is bandits and even worse
mutants yeah guys if we make a workbench we could actually make some sweet armor
coming your ideas down below on what we should add to this for it right well in
terms of supplies we have what we brought in here we’ve got sleeping bags
gas mats vault-tec gear power is up and running
although we haven’t been able to catch on camera but we are having the lights
flicker a little bit which means we might be drawing a little bit too much
power to this vault in terms of defense well you got a simple hunting rifle and
a pistol how much we can do with this we’re definitely gonna need to start
gearing up and getting an armory going how we doing on food looking I think we
have a few MREs looks like we have three alright that’ll last us at least 24
hours maybe 2 days tops but we’re gonna need to go out eventually
we’ve got gas masks and protective gear but like I said I put us down on a
24-hour lockdown well Jake what are we gonna do for 24 hours well do some
target practice that’s for sure we’re gonna be going out there into the
wasteland we’re going to make sure we have the skills to survive that’s your
three caps you can’t hit the lock on the vault door oh you’re going down you just
miss Jake oh dude I think you hit it looks like I got 24 hours to win those
back like video radio or some tunes in here but this place is definitely pretty
sweet guys I mean as far as Photoshop just go I think we did a good job and
the cool thing is we made this thing modular so we can keep adding on to it
you keep building but I feel extremely safe in here and do because the insane
stormy out earlier this thing is like weatherproof I mean you can literally
throw an O you know he’s got an even more survivable shelter in there another
thunderstorm at us and we’ll be safe in here we have the entire thing tarp on
the outside so it’s also waterproof which is sweet for us all right well I
guess now guys I’m gonna chill out I dig it this week check it out here see how
it works this is every bolt dwellers main tool that he uses oh yo I got radio
on this i’ve got map information data all right let me try to turn the power
on here we go let’s see if we can get the
radio going on this yeah that’s tuning into that oh there we
go have you got a rad indicator up here
dude so we can make sure that we’re not getting too much radiation that’s gonna
be key when we go out into the wasteland all right well I guess now we’re gonna
kind of chill out I’m gonna polish up the blaster make sure this is all good
and that will make dinner in a little bit I might take a little nap
yeah food quite a crazy day guys massive thunderstorm building this entire vault
now we’re chilling all here high and dry I’m pretty good right now us so guys
I’ve been chilling here for a little bit and it just started raining again so
hopefully everything holds up like dude hold on all right yeah that rains toxic
okay all right if that water gets in here we are in a lot of trouble not to
mention we have this whole thing powered with electricity plus the toxicity of
the water we need to make sure that this thing holds up looking hot well do you
think we made this vault it wasn’t a rain storm so it wasn’t our best fault
but it was pretty good let’s pick it up a little bit all right
Bo I’m confident guys Papa Jake is a boxful building master which means there
is no way rains getting in this thing it’s solid all right well I guess if
it’s raining outside we might as well make some dinner these are specifically
designed from having Apollo shelters in an apocalypse slash emergency looks like
tonight we’re gonna be having chili with beans who’s that
Logan poonam Jake what’s going on Regency powers going on what does that
mean power no no some of the vocal of all powers we’re going to secure the
vault door chief what do you mean someone’s at the Volturi
so let’s try to break in possibly Raiders we’re trying to get the power
back all the power is going to secure the door can you get in maybe but we
gotta get ready to fight Logan we got Raiders at the front door they’re trying
to break into our vault

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