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Fence Foundations building Tips and Tricks Ark Survival Evolved

Fence Foundations building Tips and Tricks Ark Survival Evolved

hello everyone, my name is Fresonis and welcome to ARK Survival Evolved the building tips and tricks Department
well in this video I gonna show you some quick tips about using fence foundations
so let’s get started so I think everyone knows this problem when you’re placing
lols and then there is a gap between wall and the floor well as you can see
you can’t place and so did you have to call them if you don’t have a lot on
your server you can use the collision well my solution for debt is to use
friends foundations you can see it as you see the wall here it looks like one
wall but it’s not let me go down as you can see I used friends foundations here
and above the ground you don’t or almost don’t even see them so that’s the
solution I want to give to you would use a fence foundations before you can close this gap you need
to do some things as you can see if my feelings over you and that will cause a
problem so we gonna started placing assuming here and you can use any
material you like placing of information on it and placing it on the inside and
not the outside well then you can snap it did not offend
foundations like you have here but then it will snap to the ceiling over here so
I need to demolish disputing Gaza I don’t need to finish the nation over
there and then you’re going to play defense for nation again so let’s see if
we can get it stepping correctly sometimes it works
sometimes it’s a little bit tricky I saw it there it is so close it like
this as you can see a complete all know and it blends nicely into the other wall
but you can also use a different different angle because as you know
maybe not turnaround of intonation redressing on
the PC but default operating right on the Xbox and PlayStation I don’t know so
I pressed eat please hit the wall is going to be the wrong way so pressing again oh why you can see it down here it
looks much better but up here you have a little bit difference between the wall
and the overall so that’s up to you what you like gas the first one you will have
this unneeded but if the wall is nicely blend into the wall and all alone is
like this so that’s up to you you can do it well you might run into some troubles
because as you can see I can place a wall here but I came here because it’s
more way to all his homeboy in the wall so
they have problems with its so what you doin can do is demolished this sport spot over here and keep in mind where
the transformation was almost was and India’s place it by hand so something
like this and as you can see you can place it now it is not perfectly placed
but yeah you can change that little bit more to lift or more to drive so that’s
up to you but at least now you know solution for that as well there’s also
another solution for closing the gaps between the wall and ground that’s it by
using formation of foundations will step two pillars as you can see you so
snippet of the pillar make sure there are no settings both ways to Sunday’s
insulation will skip the debt ceiling plays defense foundation and no you
should be able place of information here as well if you have a problem with it
just place one place and you can do more as well as you can see and then you can
place a wall and the gap is closed and of course you can keep defense order
foundation here but you can also demolish it and demolish this one and it will still
pending and will show you can continue doing this so the gap is now also closed
so there are some different ways to close the gaps between the ground and
the walls so good luck with building with this so let’s say you ever wall
like this and you want to decorate its you can do different ways of course you
can use the pillars streets this technique with phyllis was deceiving and
going all the way down but yet if you don’t want this will all the way down
then you have children because you demolish disputing what you can do for
that is just like this place in Sunday’s in Europe and then you can place the
pillar and did you ever like this and of course an extent some food or even
higher whatever you prefer but if you don’t
like the way it looks from the top because here now you have this over here
simply democracy and then you have to do something else demoralized assuming and these two walls lose another shooting year lows of
information on the inside and then you can please the pillar and you can place
another wall again and of course assuming to finish it off and you have
the same result but now the top is clean so that’s one way to use it you can also
use for example breaking this down losing assuming on the inside losing printer nation on the inside and
of course you need to demolish a wall is going to demolish them decide up there
and compete to demolish it on and work and if you like to have it open like
this just leave it open displays of all so you can decorate you’ll also like
this so it’s a little bit different and it’s up to you what you like and of
course you can do down here but you can’t go up only can go down so if you
want to extend up then you have to play defense for days in higher ed to
demolish the walls up there so let’s go on to the next week another thing is you can do is
especially handy for PvP is building doubles on one single foundation and to
do this you need to use phen-fen nations place for information on Animal
Foundation and always look from the outside to the inside so he can see a
wall placed on the foundation so this one is on a foundation to do right now
it’s nap to the ventilation and you can just place a novel wall in front of it
if it works would meet him and like I said I need to work from the outside to
the inside so now you can see you ever Dhaliwal so it’s double strengthened and
you can do it for example if you want to outside with stone and inside you can
lose a medal so it’s even stronger and you can also do the same with this
having double ceilings so this evening is on the fence from nation will and
issuing is on the foundation wall noting own now only sticking out they’ll do the
same roof on the outside to the inside so this is on the foundation and Israel
is on the fence foundation well it’s not on offense for days but on
the ceiling fans for news so plays it did you can place the order one like the
earth so now you have a double double ceiling and a double wall so you’re PPP
base is extra fortified so did a quick dip intended to use and I showed
russia’s gaming so credits goes out to him and you can use the same as well well the final tip on the show you is
how to create a pillar in the middle of the center of around our like this you
can see I’ve done its and on the Internet it looks ridiculous but on the
outside you have a nice right in the center so how are you going to do this
well places healing foundation and it is healing but you’re close of offense in
the nation and a ceiling on two ways two sides of insulation will snap in the
middle but it doesn’t let me play Sonata ceiling but it doesn’t on the other side
I don’t know why it’s only does on one side but as you can see on this side is
real not snap in the middle only under side but you can also use it
for decoration kind of stuff well now you can place a pillar as you can see
you can play spoiler here I keep it here and then take place another information
and you have to look for the middle and of course I’m flying now and you can
also do it just by walking because I’ve shown earth mi casa bill tutorial closed
another pillow not on that one I needed on this one well it’s not totally normal so I’m not
satisfied so let’s continue need to come on now it works well this
is more in the middle so let’s play the ceiling here not only animal so we just
do whatever you like whatever you prefer but at least now you know how to make
the pillow on the inside in the middle of the tower so good luck with it so
that’s it for this video shown you how you can close gaps between the wall and
the ground with defenseman nations have shown you how to create a pillow in the
middle of a tower with the use of fen-phen nations have shown you how to
be creative in decorative pillows in walls reduce defense foundations and
reduce defense foundations like this and where to use offense relations to create
doubles double ceilings and doubles again to have an extra strong PvP base
so you can use it as well and you can see the different techniques are used
with a foundation in defense of our nation so good luck with these tips and
tricks and if you want to see more of this in future well let me know in a comment below what
kind of Midland you run into and I can help you out at like always leave a like
and comment below and if you haven’t already tense mess that subscribe like
maniak and I’ll see you all in electric bill

24 thoughts on “Fence Foundations building Tips and Tricks Ark Survival Evolved”

  1. Hey.

    I was wondering how one would upgrade their fence foundations without destroying all the walls it is attached to?

    Maybe you got some experience with this πŸ™‚


  2. Please…. Please watch with english subtitles xp
    "It will snap to the ceiling over here so I need to demolish disputing Gaza" … WTF!?!?

  3. I have only been playing a month (solo) and am just building my first big base on a montain slope. This will help a lot with the building and walls. 😊

  4. When helping out some new players we had a small stone house but I used fence foundations to build a series of thatch/wooden/stone walls around it and raiders didn't get inside for 3 days till we gave up (it was such an ugly base but it worked)

  5. i cannot get them to face the same fucking way, i litterally tear down more waplls than i place. i collect 30 destroy 20 😠 like what in the flying fuck! as the system works it defaults to flipping the second wall of a fence no matter what! to the opposite direction 😠😠 leaving you with literally 1 unbelievably time consuming process of placing 1 single fence followed by one single wall that you have to look at from both sides to make sure its placing correctly 😳 who in the fuuuuuuckkkk designed this garbled piece of shit block placing system. they need to up the price on this game if they used this to build ark itself.. cause by my math they woulda had to started working on it in 1911 😠

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