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Feral plays Alien: Isolation on Nintendo Switch — In-depth gameplay

Feral plays Alien: Isolation on Nintendo Switch — In-depth gameplay

Welcome to the Nintendo Switch version of Alien: Isolation, a survival horror game inspired by Ridley Scott’s 1979 masterpiece, Alien. Rooted in the original film’s terrifying
atmosphere and haunting art direction, Alien: Isolation is set fifteen years later. You take the role of Amanda Ripley, Ellen
Ripley’s daughter, as she strives to unravel the truth behind her mother’s mysterious disappearance – while an unidentified predator stalks from the shadows. Amanda is an engineer with the Weyland-Yutani
Corporation, her mother’s old employer. She is informed by The Company that the Nostromo’s
flight recorder has been recovered and is being held on a remote space station Sevastopol. When offered a position on the recovery team, it is impossible for Amanda to resist the opportunity to understand what happened to her mother. But upon entering Sevastopol,
Amanda finds herself faced with a chaotic and horrifying situation. Playing as Amanda, your mission is to navigate
the dangerous, decaying station to retrieve the flight recorder. But there is something very wrong. The Alien, the ultimate hunter, is on board
stalking your every move. It is relentless, reactive, and can track
its prey with ease. Survival depends on your ability to improvise
and learn. The Alien is also learning and will adapt
to repeated strategies. Try to be unpredictable; vary your movements and avoid using the same equipment or hiding places repeatedly. You cannot kill the Alien, but you can try
to outsmart and evade it. You may even briefly scare it away with Flamethrowers
or Molotov Cocktails. But the Alien is not the only threat on Sevastopol:
there are surviving crew members prone to panic and aggression as they struggle with
the horror that has befallen them. You also have to contend with Working Joe
synthetics – rudimentary androids placed on board Sevastopol to assist the crew. But with the ship now in quarantine, their
centralised AI is instructing some very unfriendly behaviors. As you explore the space station, move slowly
to avoid attracting attention and stay alert to every sound, from sliding doors to approaching
footsteps. Using your wits, the environment, and scavenged
materials, you must improvise to survive. Keep your eyes peeled for hiding places. Lockers, cabinets and even tables can provide
some cover, but never assume you’re safe; if it gets close, the Alien can hear you breathe. And while Sevastopol’s miles of concealed
air vents might seem safe, the Alien also uses them… and it’s much faster than you. When spotted, you need to either fight or
run. If you choose to stand your ground, use your
weapons wisely. For example, the silent Stun Baton is great
for close-range but useless at a distance, and the Boltgun is powerful but makes a lot of noise – which may attract more unwelcome attention. You can craft Molotov Cocktails and other
explosives, as well as Medkits for healing, Smoke Bombs for evasion, and others like Noisemakers
and Flashbangs. Be aware, useful materials are in short supply
and you’ll need to search and scavenge. But stay vigilant; crafting leaves you vulnerable if you spend too much time unaware of your surroundings. Use your Motion Tracker regularly to determine
the direction of nearby threats, but turn it off quickly if it’s making too much noise. Rewiring boxes allows you to hack nearby electrical
and environmental systems, from cutting off lights to overriding door locks. Now let’s look at some of the features unique
to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. Alien: Isolation has been fully optimised
for TV, tabletop and handheld mode. The clips shown here are from playing the
game in TV mode. You’ll be playing out your mission using
classic console controls, and you can also choose to use gyroscopic aim. By tilting your Switch or Joy-Con, you can
fine-tune the camera movement when aiming weapons, using your Motion Tracker, or looking around. HD Rumble lets you feel even the slightest
sounds and movements, immersing you even further in the danger that surrounds you. Alien: Isolation for Switch comes loaded with
all seven DLC packs. Across the five survival mode missions there are fifteen formidable challenges to be completed as quickly as possible. In Crew Expendable and Last Survivor, relive
Ellen Ripley’s final mission on board the starfreighter USCSS Nostromo, the setting
of Ridley Scott’s Alien. The ship is crewed by characters from the
film and voiced by the original cast, including Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley. So pick up your Nintendo Switch, step aboard
Sevastopol, and feel the fear… anywhere, anytime. Nowhere is safe.

61 thoughts on “Feral plays Alien: Isolation on Nintendo Switch — In-depth gameplay”

  1. Dont know why im watching this. I already bought this for the 3rd time on my Switch yesterday 😂😂😂 cant wait for 12/5!

  2. Looks really nice 🙂 Already bought the game on the PS4 and Xbox One, but i cant wait to check out the Switch version

  3. I've already played this on Xbox One and PS4, I did everything it has to offer and found everything on both. So why am I excited to replay it again on Switch!? Looking to be an excellent port, fantastic work Feral!
    Seriously though, if you're an Alien fan (or a fan of horror games), you should absolutely play this game. It's such a great love letter to the original film, and fits perfectly into the canon. I recommend playing with with headphones on, the sound design goes a long way to making this game great.

  4. Anxiety, the game.

    Bought it on PC day one, never got past the first hours. My armpits and hands are soaked just from the trailer, hehe.

  5. Just watching this makes me sweat. The game looks amazing. I wish I have the courage to play this but I’m not strong enough to do so. :p I hope it does well on the Switch.

  6. You guys know you are the best, right?
    I still have so much to play in Grid Autosport and Ghostbusters, but I will definitely buy this one too. Awesome ports!

  7. Little tidbit they don’t mention, pay attention to the number on the bottom left of your motion tracker. It’ll help when seeing how close the Alien is.

  8. Already preloaded.
    Now. PHYSICAL RELEASE PLEASE! Limited Run Games will publish. Charge $50 to cover the cartridge costs, plus it won’t eat into digital sales since it would release later. And since they only order however many people lock in with preorders, no concern of overstock. It’s a win win.

  9. I bought t this game digitally and beat it on PS4. Love it. I’m still interest in a Switch release, but I was thinking I’d buy a physical release this time to add to my collection. Please make it available. Preferably in a special packaging.

  10. I pre-ordered it within minutes of it going up. Simply superb. Will Digital Foundry be doing a tech-analysis I wonder? I think that would superb publicity.

  11. Still can't believe how this looks better than on PS4 and One. I fear the file size, price and digital-only release will seriously hamper its success though. I hope there will be a physical release at some point because I don't want to see this masterpiece getting overlooked _again_.

  12. Does anyone still have questions that Tomb Raider trilogy does not run on Nintendo Switch?
    Look how magnificent this game was on the Nintendo Switch.

  13. After Grid Autosport and now this port of Alien Isolation its great to know we have Panic Button and Feral Interactive here to deal with ports to the Switch, I would like the online multiplayer patch for Grid to come soon though, I really am dying to get into that online properly 😉

  14. This has tons of shimmering on the PS4 version and this gameplay of the switch version has barely any ??? … I think this version looks better than the version on PS4 which is amazing !!

  15. Yet again the Switch blows my mind with what it can do in terms of graphics. This looks absolutely gorgeous.
    Can't wait to play this for the first time

  16. I never played this Game but…Instand buy! Thanks for the Gyro Controls Guys, I love this option in Doom. But hey, Digital only ? Give us a Physical Copy!

  17. Blown away by the hard work. It's really sad to me how here you are, optimizing your game in 1080p 60fps on Nintendo, yet you're not the third-party game they choose to promote.

  18. forget the ps4 ( maybe also xbox ) version, i bought the game for PC and PS4pro and i noticed very big controller input lag on the console, unplayable for me. on PC it is works very smooth. i dont know why they didnt fix it yet. hope the switch hasnt controller input lag

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