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Film Theory: Creator of The Walking Dead PROVES ME WRONG!

Film Theory: Creator of The Walking Dead PROVES ME WRONG!

” No, the world we know is gone” “but keeping our humanity,” “That’s a choice.” MatPat: Oh, is it Dale. I beg to differ *AWESOME Film Theory intro music* Hello internet Welcome to Film Theory The most brain dead shown on all the internet And wouldn’t you know it, The Walking Dead is back. Now, I love talking about zombies and the Walking Dead Where to survive, what weapons to use, zombie decomposition *Zombie growling sound* “That’s gonna leave a mark.” But one thing that I love about the walking dead is that it does perhaps the best job of exploring the mental toll and physical realities of what it would be like to live in this biter filled world day after day. Well… realities all except for the deafness of the survivors Yeah Bobby Kirks, I’m not letting that one die! oh yeah and the fact that the blood born insects would transmit the disease. “You guys really work hard to find out scientific reasons for all this stuff and then I go” “I don’t know. Mosquitos Nah, too hard.” “Great” (back to voice over): Truth hurts That Robert Kirkman, by the way, The creator himself who I got to interview and grill about some of the fan communities theories about the show. He confirmed (Live action): “Who have you been most sad to see die off the show?” “Tyreece, definitely Tyreece.” (voice over) and denied (Live action): Has Rick been in a coma this whole time?”
“No” (voice over) Some huge things about the show including some of my own theories but I’ll save more on that until the end of this episode. Because first I want to focus on another realization that hit me as I watched Negan bash out someones eye with a barb-wire bat The sheer density of just awful awful, depraved, sick human beings Rick and the group encounter on a regular basis Remember, these guys are taking a few hikes through the American South in the span of less than 2 years according to online sources, the end of season 5 was only about 514 days after the initial outbreak but in that year and a half, they’ve run into murderous dictators, flesh-eating cannibals, and more roadside criminals than you can shake a lucielle at Now at first I thought this was just for story-telling purposes You know, we need to have drama in a story so let’s sprinkle in a fresh helping of ruthless maniacs every so often to see how the group responds but then I stopped and realized something That if the events of The Walking Dead happen in real life, You’d see the exact same thing happen This isn’t a fictional system built on false stakes An apocalypse like this actually gives a survival advantage to certain personality types. Specifically, Psychopaths The demands of a zombie apocalypse in particular means you’d start to develope a significantly higher proportion of sociopaths in the surviving population so, what exactly does that mean? and how does it affect Rick and the Pips? well prepare yourself for one eye-popping conclusion First, we need to define our terms because even in researching for this episode I was literally pulling my hair out trying to get it all straight because no one standard of definition really exists so more often then not, the word psychopathy is referring to “a mental disorder that causes a person to not feel guilt” Psychopaths tend to be unfeeling and have a difficult time connecting to the emotions of others they’re arrogant and manipulative and tend to be huge risk-takers Sociopathy, from all my reading is basically the same thing but with one small difference in general usage, psychopaths are born while sociopaths are bred. Nature vs. nurture Severe trauma or some sort of abuse are the most likely culprits of creating a sociopath someone with disaffected emotion and great skill in manipulation however, it’s worth noting that both fall under the category of anti-social personality disorder or ASPD So, got all that? Well, even if you don’t I think this quote from someone who is actually suffering from ASPD will clear it up for you. quote (reading on screen text) So clearly we’re talking about individuals who have a hard time reading the emotions of others while also not really caring about those emotions or those people much in the first place now, part of the reason we all love zombie fiction so much is that we assume it’s our chance to be a badass (accent) look at me getting to wield crowbars and shotguns and spiked bats looting homes and having all sorts of creative kills. BOOM. Headshot except, there’s that operative word of kill. something most of us overlook is that zombies still look very human and psychologically speaking we’re programmed not to kill each other and that’s not even mentioning having to kill loved ones who are just bitten we see this situation played out time and time again in The Walking Dead Daryl is forced to kill Dale Morgan must kill his wife Carl steps up to be the one to put his mother out of her misery so as you can imagine, being able to separate yourself emotionally from other humans is going to be super helpful when your very survival is dependent you stabbing human looking figures through the brain all the time I.e. the trait that literally defines Anti-social personality disorder and that’s something The Walking Dead nails time and time again throughout this series we see men who could be diagnosed with some form of ASPD in positions of power Negan, the head of the saviors, who manipulates people with his charm uses fear to keep people in line and makes killing into a game From issue 114 of the comic quote (reading text appearing on screen) All signs of a sociopath through and through then there’s Joe, leader of the claimers (text on screen being spoken by Joe) and then really finds his place during the apocalypse and of course you can’t forget the Governor. A smooth talking manipulator (text on screen read by the Governor) Who rules with an iron fist. Killing anyone who threatens him without hesitation including his own men. (on screen text spoken by the Governor) Then there are the people who are changed by the apocalypse not changed in the sense that they became a zombie but rather the traumas of the apocalypse changed them into sociopaths and perhaps no one exemplifies this better than Gareth Head of Terminus. A group of literal cannibals Terminus started as a community to help others who needed it in the aftermath of the zombies but when a violent road gang took advantage of their good will and started killing them imprisoning them and raping them he changed from this To this Becoming murderous, becoming distrustful and manipulating others only to betray them Turning into a sociopath was a survival advantage for him and his crew So as we see with Gareth, you would think that communities who don’t have ASPD the ones who look for peaceful solutions and work towards community minded goals people like Rick and the Grimes would get swallowed up by these characters Are doomed If you’re not willing to pull the trigger first, the sociopath gonna do it for ya (Rick) We can all live together. There’s enough room for all of us. *Music* “Kill em all” *Sound effects So is that it? do the sociopaths slowly weed out everyone else in the zombie apocalypse until it’s just a world of Negans and Governors? Well, not according to the show and not according to science the sociopathic leaders and ruthless criminals that we run into throughout the series all seem to get themselves pick off one way or another by the prolific Grimes Gang Sure, it isn’t alway easy but Ricks ranger always make it while these supposedly perfect survival machines always ended up taking a biter to the face but why? Well it turns out that this post-apocalypse is just another round of good old fashion Darwinian survival of the fittest and here’s what I mean. Darwinian evolution was first based on individual evolution the best individuals survive fish grows feet, beaks get optimized, all that jazz but over time, evolutionary biologists have found that that’s not actually the whole story. enter Group Survival Theory and Multi-Level Selection Theory two, haha, evolutions of Darwins original ideas. these are both really complicated and go into a lot of genetics and cell biology but at their core, the theories look to explain why animals of the same species cooperate with each other shouldn’t every Dalmatian be trying to compete with all the other Dalmatians for Dalmatian DNA Domination? try saying that one 5 times fast in reality, it’s not what you see. Instead, you animals working together in groups and packs and using altruism to promote the survival of the species as a whole well it turns out that when you take away the basic necessities for human survival like toilet paper and Iphones, we’re still just a species trying to survive togther and not get eaten alive or go deaf by shooting guns to close to our ears and we function by the same rules as other species especially when it comes to group survival and Multi-Level Selection Theory Humans in cooperative groups survive better than lone wolves as long as the groups are genuinely cooperative, like Ricks. the key is that the benefits of a group need to outway the benefit of going it alone and in The Walking Dead, loners don’t last. So, when the show spends all that time slow grinding through group dynamics it’s not just so that we can see Daryl and Carol have yet another stunted heart to heart in the moonlight it’s because that’s the stuff that’s actually keeping every one of those characters alive. So, where does that leave our villains? Well, like I said group survival theory only works when members cooperate. And when there’s genuine altruism know who doesn’t do altruism. unchecked sociopaths, unchecked psychopaths, people with ASPD They do narcissism a pathological over-confidence in their own abilities that drives them away from group survival theory forget about helping others that requires empathy and concern for people’s survival Something that sociopaths not only don’t feel but biologically cannot feel Personally, I can’t stand the character of Carl But, he has one amazing quote in issue 125 of the comics that summarizes all of this perfectly quote his advice is more practical than it seems becoming numb to fear and anxiety about losing people isn’t just a matter of convenience it’s a matter of survival Fear drives people toward group survival theory and without being able to feel fear, you’re no longer the best equipt to survive the egoism the sociopaths in the series have in spades still can’t make for that fact that you can’t function in a group in the long term if you need a perfect example of it take a look at the Governors storyline in the comics which looks a little bit different than it does in the TV show in the comic, it’s not Michonne who ultimately kills him it’s his own army who eventually refuses to kill more innocent people on his orders but it also does hold true in the AMC series in the TV show before Michonne kills the Governor, he has to survive another attempt on his life from Meryle a member of his supposed survival group who turns on him, only to side with his brother so in the end even though it seems like sociopaths would be the best fit for survival in The Walking Dead, their lack of empathy and their inability to participate in group survival ultimately spells their downfall every time. Contrary to what the critics say, The Walking Dead does have a message of hope. even if it is buried under mean characters who get their eyes beaten out or their jugulars torn from their throat or old loveable doctors who lose their legs and eventually their heads I guess in the end I got to hand it to Robert Kirkman in the interview I asked him about this theory having not done the research yet I was assuming that it would end that sociopaths have the best chance of survival in the apocalypse. He told me this “you know, walking dead is very much about” “how much we care for our family and loved ones and how we struggle to, you know” “take care of them, protect them, how it effects us, you know, when something bad happens to them. I think it’s that” “you know the humanity of that and the core aspect of Walking Dead is universal” and speaking of that interview, I’m gonna leave you now with that because it full with a bunch of theory talk that I think you’re gonna really enjoy so in the meantime guys remember that’s just a theory a film theory actually, more accuratly: a bunch of TV theories annnd, here’s that interview mat: you heard it here
Robert: that would be the worst Mat: stop it with the comas
Robert: that would be the absolute worst thing ever R: like if seems like it’s gonna be the absolute worst thing ever then it’s not true. R: “that seems like a sound theory but it would be terrible” R: we should shoot that scene just to mess with people though M: one of the things that we noticed across the walking dead TV show is that the zombies have seemed to more and more decayed or decomposed as the seasons have gone on. M: cause we calculated it
R: what did you guys calculate? M: because they’re on the surface exposed to the elements and because of the extreme heat of the American South they would be fully decayed by about 2 months in R: yeah that’s something that Greg Nicotero and his team at KMB they sit down between every season and try and figure out like what’s the new advancement we can do with a zombie or what’s a way that we can make them look a little different the idea there is that you know time is going on M: so is there a period of time that you’ve kind of had in you head where that first mega of wave of zombies that we see in season 1 dies out or passes on or kind of returns to the dust? R: around like 16 season or so *laughing and stammering* M: when the audience uh starts to move away from the show M: who have you been most sad to see you know, die off in the show? R: it’s hard to play favorites R: just because you know, I do like them all but Tyreece, definitely Tyreece it’s hard with the show cause they’re all so connected to actors and it’s like I miss all of the actors
M: of course R: you know, you go to press events and there not there and all the sudden you like “wait, where’s Steven Yeun? Why isn’t Steven here? Did he not come to this one?” R: oh
M:oh, he passed on R: “that was a mistake I really liked hanging out with that guy.” *laughing*
R: but uhh it’s gotten to a point where I’m the guy on the show that’s like “hey, wouldn’t it be weird if we did a season where we didn’t kill anybody?” M: it be a shock M: it would be a shock
R: yeah it’s like yeah that’s how you shock people now R: you don’t kill people. Can we just not kill people R: and then it’s always like well there’s this story that needs this but it’s wearing me down is what I’m saying. It’s too much death
M: I get it M: killing people is emotionally taxing R: I know. It’s the worst R: I don’t know how the serial killers do it. M: speaking of Tyreece, as the theory guy
R: oh tell me more M:there’s a lot of online theories that there are hidden secrets as to the end of the series in kind of his death sequence or kind of the death hallucinations that he’s having in his final moments M: any truth or…
R: huh. huh R: I’m not gonna deny anything R: i think you might be onto something
M: 16 years down the road R: I don’t know if it necessarily points to the end but you know M: maybe some future events
R: sure sure M: you gotta settle the age old debate R: yes. I love settling debates okay
M: who would win in a fight, who would win in a fight
R: not me M: okay done well then that’s, that’s the question. You heard it here first not Robert R: who was it against, just to be sure? M: the debate was uh, Carl vs, Michonne vs. Daryl M: I know… the choice is obvious to me
R: geez R: all three at the same time?
M: yeah R: I feel like that would be
M: Battle Royale R: you know, they’re gonna have trouble hurting Carl and Carl’s gonna win. Not because he’s the better fighter but just because the other 2 are gonna be at a disadvantage because of their humanity and they’re gonna underestimate the kid but you know look straight out, the physical ability and I kinda give it to Michonne Daryl is cried more in the show like way more that Michonne has way more M: but he has a ranged weapon R: ranged weapon pfff R: whatever
M: What! R: he shoots one off, she takes it in the shoulder he’s reloading she cuts his head off M: I think a lot of people who are aspiring creators especially who watch this show would love to kind of know what it’s like when you’ve quote unquote “made it” you know did you ever expect to get here? R: it’s tough, it’s real tough
M: and what is it now? R: no I don’t know I mean the the neuroses those never go away. I’m still insecure I still hate everything that I do, I still I still try to make everything better than I possibly can and I’m always disappointed when I don’t reach that level all that creative torment that I felt in the beginning Totally still present M: has it increased now that achieved such a level of immense popularity that “oh, I’m gonna let down the fans” or “oh” “I don’t wanna disappoint them” or do you kind of like as a sociopath, relish in those moments of like “oh man they’re gonna love me for this.”? R: if I start paying attention to that while I’m trying to write I’m never gonna get anything done you know. Every time I sit down to work I’m trying to make it good. If I try to add an extra layer of pressure because it’s gonna be seen by more people uh I feel like it’s just gonna make the work bad as a creative person if you’re out there trying to worry about whether or not the thing you’re doing is gonna be successful or if it’s gonna be received by an audience uh you’re kinda knee capping yourself because what you really should be focusing on is you know, does it speak to you? then also eat your vegetables M: and with that we conclude thearapy with Robert M: Thank you, thank you so much
R: great time R: awesome R: lots of fun
M: thank you for proving that he’s not in a coma R: definitely not in a coma
M: literally the worst R: that’d terrible
M: so bad
R: it’s terrible

100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Creator of The Walking Dead PROVES ME WRONG!”

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  2. Well yes generally but the thing is that they will eventually weed them selves into groups for survival not emotionally but logically and strategically they will be able to leave people behind without risking them selves meaning they survive longer over all

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  5. I actually suffer from kinemortophobia (which is just the fear of zombies) due to vivid night terrors growing up where I had to kill zombies and usually ended in me killing my recently turned siblings trying to eat me… lemme tell you… that ish SUCKS and its terrifying and really shakes you well enough

  6. So I'm writing a zombie-esque story myself, and while it has new and unique characters, a new zombie virus, and a new plot, I'm worried that it may be perceived as a twd rip off because it has similar plot points of finding family, moving from place to place (though for not nearly as long, only the first and second of eight books), killing off major characters, and having some similar characters to twd characters. I am not intentionally ripping it off, but I am heavily influenced by twd. Is that enough to qualify as a rip off?

  7. Guess im a psychopath then

    Or a sociopath?

    I thought it was normal to not feel empathy

    I was confused when I went to a funeral and everyone cried as I just realized that I didn’t feel sad I faked a cry and went home

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  10. My little brother and my cousin both have aspd and it's hard seeing people like them be dehumanized so heavily in media… I wish more people talked about it as an actual disorder that you can't control rather than them just being asylum patients

  11. I have a theory that I hope Reachesl somebody. My theory is that the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. Remember when Rick walked out of the hospital and saw the helicopter? I think at the end of the series the helicopter that picked him up was that helicopter. Then he woke up in the hospital. I think it's a multi-dimensional repeat of itself. As Above So Below, A in the beginning, So in the

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  15. A Psychopathy unfeeling, no emotions, have hard time connecting with others, take big risks… Huh sounds like a Jedi.

  16. Actually Matt Pat you are correct I am a diagnosed Sociopath

    Imagining that I was the governor in the situation which I think would be a lot more in tuned with my personal personality versus how Nighan ran his society with an iron fist I like the governor would rule was silent anger

    I would formulate a council to ensure that I don’t make decisions that ultimately would damage my image because I lack the self awareness of how other people feel I would avoid doing extremely heinous acts such cutting down my own army for insubordination or having pits of walkers inside of the town

    I would use an ambassador to speak to new groups before bringing their leader to speak to me so that there are more prepared for my demeanor

    I would trade food and supplies and I would also not have killed the military The governor caught by surprise. I would have brought them into the town to serve for my settlement using them to the falls benefit (training, guard duty, war tactics)

    I would have any artists construct a flag for a symbol for everyone to unite around I will give people a nationalist attitude and slowly lead them to believe that our colony should be the model of all other colonies

    I would not be quick to warfare and would attempt to live as peacefully with other settlements as possible but I would make sure that the people will support the decision for war before conducting more as the support of the masses is important in any military

    I feel that it is important to not let people become stagnant and I would initiate emergency procedures with in the camp to simulate real danger

    Every once in a while I would authorize the opening of the main gates to allow walkers to enter into the city and have the citizens combat them for training purposes and to remember that we have walls because they are very much does exist a threat

    It would be important to have dreams and goals of expanding. to have education and to have an effective Millitary. because I am a sociopath the loss of my daughter and keeping her as a keepsake would not affect me and I will be able to rule with clarity

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  18. 3:47 that’s what I say but I’m a social person I’ve had no trauma and I have a lot of friends
    Could it be because I’ve always been home alone in my childhood and my parents separated and gotten back together like 4 times and all the recent deaths in my family

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  23. Many aspd are high functioning. I'm a primal person who loves to learn, but I honestly feel more animal like. Because of this and never been proven wrong for being a dangerous fighter, which I love fighting. I still offer my skills and help to anyone who asks if they are family or friends, otherwise it will cost ya. Because of how my brain and body act and react I have been told by a psychologist that I exhibit psychopathic traits, but I feel empathy. Mine is a duality, I love to fight, but I respect anyone willing to face me enough to take care of them. I really don't care if they suffer permanent damage or if I do as long as I can fight, I will do so with anyone I see worthy of it. Just to summarize I would be perfectly suited for a walking dead zombie outbreak, mostly because I have the wherewithal to fight someone or a group of people who can be my checks and balances while still technically being a psychopath. Violence and learning and learning how to be more efficient at violence makes me a smarter version of a guard dog

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