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Find shelter and food, Sumatra vs Wild, episode 1

Find shelter and food, Sumatra vs Wild, episode 1

To be survived in the nature with basic tools we need more knowledge and experience There are non-edible plants which can be made into weapons or traps This forest here has a typical rock terrain so it’s not easy to move This will be different with the European or south American forests There will be water inside the bamboo Sometimes the water inside the bamboo is bitter like this one It’s safety, however The wild cassava has their tubes which are deep in the ground Exactly it If lucky, a tube can be eaten several days It’s not easy A really big tube Wild palm tree is very common in Indonesia The outer shell can be used as sponge Their leaves are very durable, so they are used to shield Simple shelter is built temporarily beside the cliff side Điều này rất quan trọng với một nơi hoàn toàn xa lạ
It’s important in a strange place The cliff side can help to shield the wind and limit the enemies’ danger Fire is an necessary factor A small groundwater It’s not ripe yet but still eatable

41 thoughts on “Find shelter and food, Sumatra vs Wild, episode 1”

  1. I have eaten mountain yam. It doesn't have much taste, but does have some starch in it. Hopefully he can find something better to eat or he will be starving to death.

  2. The thing is all the subscribers here already become the fans of Nolan, it is quite difficult for the new guy to make way.

  3. As long as I know, Minangkabau tribe is in West Sumatera, Sumatera Island, Indonesia.
    Does he from another tribe of Minangkabau?

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