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Fishing Catch & Cook Catfish, Day 6 Of 7 / Wilderness Living Challenge S04E07 Survival

Fishing Catch & Cook Catfish, Day 6 Of 7 /  Wilderness Living Challenge  S04E07  Survival

– [Zach] Oh beautiful fish!
– Isn’t it? You know what the
specialty of this fish is? – [Zach] What? I’m Zachary Fowler and that’s The Wooded
Beardsman and this is– – Season Four of The
Wilderness Living Challenge. (upbeat music) (gunshots) Yes! – [Zach] The goal of the
challenge is to gain or maintain our body weight while eating
nothing but wild foods. So last October, I headed up
to the backwoods of Canada to meet up with The Wooded Beardsman and do just that for seven days. (upbeat music) Last time on Wilderness
Living Challenge, Season Four. (gunshot) Woohoo! He’s down, he’s right in
the river, let’s get him. – Cool, let’s go! Can always do a sniff test. This will keep for two
weeks and probably it’s even becoming more tender. – [Zach] That’s gonna be good! It’s best to have a hobo reel be smooth at the top so you can zing your line out there and let it slide off the end of here. Oh my goodness
(eerie music) Looks like a palace! Somethin’ from a Steven King movie. – [Chris] Looks kinda comfy this is like the perfect
place to film a horror movie. – [Zach] And now, day six of Seven Day Wilderness Living Challenge. Uch, it’s wet, it’s cold and I don’t wanna get out
of my nice warm hammock. So cozy, but we’re changing lodgings. Sooner we get goin’ the sooner
we can get on to new things, hopefully some catfish, rabbits, rabbits in the new place, there weren’t any here. We’ve gone through all the
resources that are here for the most part and
found them fairly thin. So it’s more prudent to move on now. Here we go! (upbeat music) ♪ Go go go go ♪ (upbeat music) Once again the most beautiful
part of the hammock, last thing comes down is your covering if it had been raining during
this whole packing process I would’ve been safe and
secure until I rolled up the last piece of my gear, yee-haw and I could even take it with
me just loose and covered stuff up in the boat. Love this warbonnet hammocking
thing, awesome stuff! I would tell ya what, I will
just be happy to be away from sleeping next to
this blare witch hole, creepy hole thing next to me (laughs). Stick it my craw (laughing). (upbeat music) Yee-haw, onto new places! (upbeat music) There we go, we’re out of here! I try to leave every campsite
that I come to better than it was when I arrived and no bits of garbage. (upbeat music) Looks good! Let’s get out of here. (upbeat music) Alright, pockets are emptied, we’re gonna see if we’ve lost any weight, Chris is up first! Let’s see what you got, how’d you do? (soft music) – Alright, 140 even, that’s not too bad, I think it’s a pound four. A pound eight I think, pound
four I think is what I’m down five days, that’s not too bad. (upbeat music) 200.2 so I am down five pounds. That’s like a pound a day,
I might’ve already been on a downhill slide of losing
weight already because of the ketogenic diet so just goes to show you, eating fat does not make you gain weight. (upbeat music) (wind blowing) When you’re determined to go
fishing and your ex wife’s car won’t make it up into the bushes, says no parking, not no
re-landscaping so you can drive around said fence through the woods. Nailed it, yee-hoo! (soft music) We’re out here at our new location, catfishin’ central on the river! Looks to be good beautiful spot! Just like all of ’em here in Canada! Look at that! So I figured I could set my hammock up, or I could do a bit of fishing. I decided fishing was a better bet! So I’m just goin’ out
here with a little worm, nothin’ too special. Chris says there’s some bass
in here and some fall fish, fall fish we could use for
bait for the catfish and bass we could use for eatin’! Alright, got my first fish here in Canada! A small mouth bass and yee-haw, see if I can’t do it again. Definitely we’re gonna be
eatin’ this guy tonight, I am hungry for something
besides the ushhh— Oh okay got one! Look out! Oh, ‘nother small bass. There we go! – [Chris] Show it to me! – Somebodys got fish envy,
I got two and he’s got– no I’m just kidding (laughs). – [Chris] I wanted to make
sure it’s actually a rock bass. – It’s actually a gray squirrel, did you her that call in the woods? Another one! Got a fighter! There we go, three, this
ones a little small, puttin’ him back. Alright, I better stop and
get my campsite set up. We got bigger fish to fry, catfish! That’s the plan for tonight, so if I get my stuff set up in time, I could be out here at peak moment. As Chris was saying, they
bite bigger and harder at the beginning and that’s
what we’re lookin’ for, bigger fish, bigger food, more food. The more you eat, the less
you lose the challenge that’s the whole point of The
Wilderness Living Challenge is to maintain or gain weight while living off of wild food. If you are just tuning
in, make sure you go back and watch from the beginning, the playlists are down below. Chris’ channel, The Wooded
Beardsman and my channel, check it out! Lookin’ for a place for my hammock, the beauty of them is
they’re super forgiving ’cause all you need is some trees and unless you’re in the desert, there’s almost always some trees. This looks like a good spot. First I come to a main tree,
two main trees and then two outer trees to tie my
lines to so I don’t have to run around and put stakes
in and things like that. And somethin’ else very
important always look for deadfall, there’s a
dead standing one here if there’s a windstorm in the night, I don’t want to have to get out of my bed, you know rainstorm, windstorm, and check and see if I’m secure then. Do it now! (animal growling) There’s just somethin’ so manly
about pushing over a tree, go out in the woods, have a
nice walk, find a dead tree, push it over, be careful though,
’cause sometimes the tops will crack if they’re really rotten and fall back on your head
so you gotta be good at it. Lifetime of practice right here! I don’t wanna be at this all
night settin’ this hammock up, it’s beautiful, love the
warbonnet hammock but they take a little bit longer than tents. So I’m gonna do it the quick way. There we go! Doin’ it the fast way, all set
up so we can go catfishin’. – No bites yet.
– [Zach] No bites? – This is a little worrying – [Zach] Got your bell? – [Chris] I’m always
concerned that there’s not a bite when there should be a bite. – [Zach] Yep, got a bell! His line, fishing pole, headed out. (bell jingling) Nice, you got another bell for me? – Nope, you gotta make your own. – [Zach] Oh okay. – I found that in one of the trees. – Alright, so I gotta go
hunt myself down a bell, I think a soda can would do it – Yep!
– See what I can find. I haven’t had a chance
to really make anything when the two of us been hangin’ out, he never stops going! I mean that is the point
is to catch and cook as much stuff as possible,
not to lose weight in the challenge so let’s find
that bell see if we can’t get some catfish. All kinds of chip bags and other garbage. There better be, there’s
gotta be one beer can that I can make a bell out of. Oh there we go! (beer can jingling) – Always a relief to get the first fish then you know there’s
actually fish around. Not a big one but we’ll
see once it gets closer. So you felt the bite right? – [Zach] I felt the nibbling
when you walked away. – And it swam toward us
so that’s why the bell didn’t keep going. So it was always there. Alright, let’s see if we can get this. Ehhh, now it’s alive. He looks a little bit wide. Coax him into the net. There we go! First fish! We’re not skunked, my friend! – [Zach] Beautiful fish! – Isn’t it? Know what the specialty of this fish is? – [Zach] What?
– Picking up detritus. Just eating all the garbage on the bottom. But they taste great, I love cat– Catfish is like my new favorite fish. It’s pretty close to eating trout. Love ’em! When you hold a catfish, you hold ’em like I’m holding, right? Underneath, thumb finger. The reason you do that
is because they have very sharp barbs here, like
that’s hard as a rock here, sharp as a knife, both sides
and the dorsal fin as well. If you get jabbed with that,
I’ve never been jabbed with it so I can’t vouch for how much it hurts but I’ve been told it
feels like a bee sting or a wasp sting. So it’s not permanent, it’s
not gonna kill ya or anything but it does hurt so that’s what the fish
uses to protect himself against predators so if
another fish tries to grab it, it gets all that poison and
obviously doesn’t like it. So when you grab it, grab
underneath like I have it, cradle it, and you’ll be fine! – Alright, all rigged up to
get in on the catfish action. Basically got, at the end
of your line you got treble and then you got another one
tied on just a little bit below that, inch and a half two inches,
piece of yummy beaver meat Trading a few calories
for a bunch more calories, once we catch a catfish. Put both hooks into your
piece of beaver meat. Gonna send it out there and
see if I can’t catch a catfish. (beer can rattling) Just playin’ with it. Uch, just playin’ with it, I missed him. – [Chris] Alright so Zach
was snoozing and losing. (bell jingling) Fish here now, fish
here and bam we got ’em! Fish on! Oh shoot. Oh shoot. Oh shoot, the hooks not hooked properly. Woooo!
– [Zach] Nice! Nailed it!
– [Chris] That was so– oh no we’re good, we
had two hooks in there, that scared me though. Phew! – [Zach] Good job!
– [Chris] There we go! – [Zach] Two down!
– [Chris] Two down! – Got him! Unless I got the bottom. Here we go, three for Chris. If he can get him. Yee-haw!
– Yee-haw! We get to eat
– [Zach] Alright, alright! Get that fire goin’! Alright, there’s our catfish ready to go! Gutted, Chris got it down by the river and de-headed and we’re
just gonna put it over here on the fire on the coals, well we gotta get the coals there first. So we’re gonna go and put some of these, the two bass that I caught
earlier in the frying pan, this is a cast iron pan,
to clean a cast iron pan, you don’t wanna ruin the seasoning, you bring it to a boil, and you wipe it out,
that’s all you gotta do, otherwise you ruin the seasoning. There we go, boiled it, splashed it about, and looks like it’s brand
new, throw some fat in there, some of that bear fat, and then I’ll throw the fish in there, and we’ll be havin’ fried up bass! (fat crackling) Little Woodobo on the fish to bring out the wonderful flavors! Woo, hot fish! Alright, fish is done, take that off! Alright, look at that
bass fried up in bear fat, and I got a couple piece of
bear fat, crispy bear fat that I’m gonna have with
it, it’s gonna be good! First fish catch of the Season Four Wilderness Living Challenge, fried up in bear fat, ugh! – I think that’s the key
to some variety, right? – Mhm!
– Get some fish finally. Goin’ after the big game
stuff, need to get the fats now and all that stuff to have some fish. Different texture, different flavor, it’s good!
– You know, I never got sick of fish
– No, when you’re out there? – No
– Talkin’ about bein’ on Alone
– 87 days, 63 fish. – If you guys don’t know, he was on Alone. – Yeah (laughs) on the history channel
– On the history channel – You can watch it on Amazon now – Survived 87 days eating fish. – Yep! – I don’t know how you did it, man! Soak it up in the bear fat. – Oh I wish I had some bear fat out there. Like fish chowder,
almost eat that everyday, it doesn’t get weird. – Not like beaver meat? – No, not like beaver meat
after four days of eating it. Have a nice day, hello
Sir, welcome to Canada! – [Chris] Get of the road! – [Zach] Bienvenue! – [Chris] He’s gonna get hit! (car horn honking)
– [Zach] Oh just a second! Welcome to Canada! – [Chris] Say cheese!
– [Zach] Cheeeeese! Alright, coals are just
right, flames have died down so we’re gonna put the catfish on. Boom, there you have it! Right on the hot coals, cook it up! Cook for 10 minutes on hot coals, give her a flip with the
old coal steel shovel. Let her cook for 10 more. Oh, ready to be eaten, I’m so hungry! Skin peels right back, protected it while it cooked on the coals. Oh, look at that! Mmmmmmmm. That is so good! Mmmmmmm! Catfish is awesome! Next time on Wilderness
Living Challenge Season Four, we head to our final location, harvesting some new food along the way and really feast for the last
48 hours of the challenge. Bone marrow for breakfast! – [Chris] That’s good! – All those delicious sounds! (upbeat music) (fat crackling) Alright it’s almost bed
time, got the fire going, put the stew pot on so it
heats it up to sanitize it. Little bit of leftover fish
in the fry pan for the mornin’ and the trash pandas have been
out so we cleaned everything up around here and made sure
our meat that we have left is hanging and out of the way. And we took our two fish down there and we had to put them in
the river but we put a rock on it and put ’em out into
almost like 10 12 feet out so they don’t come along and
just snag ’em off the edge where they were tied up
floating for tomorrow’s food. (rock music) Yeah, in your tent? Alright, it is bed time! Chris apparently climbed
right into his tent as I was climbin’ into mine, a hammock here, and the
trash pandas came back and they were licking the
pots right next to the fire, that frying pan that had
the fish in it apparently. So we cleaned up all the
food except for that one thinking of leaving it
right like next to the fire like an inch from the fire. It was on a rock next to the fire, like the fire pit rock and they’re pretty nervy. They’re hungry, tryin’ to
put on some weight for winter and we’re not very scary
to them apparently so stick a fork in me, I’m done! Thanks for watchin’, see ya next time, Fowler out!

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