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Fixing Roof of Hut on Rainy Day

Fixing Roof of Hut on Rainy Day

This damage to the roof was caused either by vandalism or the wind In either case, I need to fix it before the rain begins The original roof is made of cattail leaves and has endured nearly two years so far I’m reusing old cordage from a past project Bundles of cattails are surprisingly durable This bundle is placed over the hole to close the gap I then push the extra cordage through the roof so that I can secure it to a pole on the inside I tightly tie the cordage to a pole that forms the frame of the roof Now I need to cover the hole in the top of the roof I am going to bind these sticks together with the cattail leaves in between them I allowed the rain to soften the cattail leaves so that I can bend them without breaking them I fully tighten the cordage and leave two strings hanging below to tie this to the top of the roof Now from the inside I can pull the two strings and tie them to the wood frame of the roof This certainly is not the best way to make the top for the roof but the rain came soon and I had no more time This will work as a temporary solution until I have time to make a better roof top

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  1. Very good friend, i like your building house in the forest, i support every times, because i'm build small mud house for feeding puppies on the mountain.

  2. The ones that find happinessare the ones who don't make excuses.
    If it's broken, they fix it.
    If it's wrong, they make it right.

    Author:I have no idea.

  3. Можно сделать с глины плитки,обжечь на огне и сделать крышу.она станет крепкая.правда эта работа займет больше времени

  4. You could also make a circular leather cap for the top of the hut that has poles attached and accessable inside. That way when you want a fire you raise the poles on one side of the cap and it will open a smoke vent for the fire while still keeping the inside dry.

  5. Seems like a simple patch up, but some work put into it…I did that with a small tent I made out of maple leaves,sticks,and branches,wasn't anything great,but kept me dry while fishing and looking for salamanders on the NY/PA state line…fun camping trip,always went off on my own as a kid, knew the land

  6. When I build a Hut I always have a leak when I'm out in the wilderness surviving. But I do love working out in the rain shirtless and barefoot

  7. Excelente amigo Chad!Queda reparar el resto luego,y parece que al momento de escribir la descripcion estabas pensando en Pollo jajaja.Saludos de argentina mi estimado!

  8. I got to ask, but is there something in case you get really REALLY bad storms?

    I mean, (trying not to be offensive) if a couple of punks came and trashed it, I don't think it would hold up.

  9. I miss these videos they were the best and one of the first videos I saw and if I ever find who did this they would never see the light of day love ur channel keep up the good work

  10. Lucky it wasn't an attack by the Brits from way back when, your home woulda been burnt, your crops to, and your family killed, and your pet dog pregnant

  11. Hey Chad. Sorry vandals messed with your roof. It’s clear a lot of hard effort goes into primitive builds!
    May I ask, do you live out there 24/7 or do you only do the primitive lifestyle for videos and showing people how etc?
    How do you charge the camera and laptop if you live out there all the time? I assume solar panels but could be wrong.

  12. It's like ASMR but much more better, barely heard, natural sounds makes me so relaxed and peaceful. Appreciate your work!

  13. awesome man, I will use this type of skills to cover my wood from the rain! Near your Hut do you have some Arundo donax or bamboo ? I have a large quantity and I don't know how to use it for some Smart idea

  14. Bom dia! Sugiro que vc aumenta a altura do abrigo com novos tijolos e faça telhas de argila. Creio que assim ficará mais seguro. O Brasil te assiste. Abraço!

  15. Chad, I feel bad about what happened to your hut. I think it's it's a really neat place. I know rhat you did alot of work on it when you built it. I know that you will do your very best to restore it. You are not the type of person to give up. I admire your fortitude. Blessings.

  16. The primitive hut series has been a long favorite of mine! Wish these people wouldn've discovered it, maybe it is time to move afterall :/ Can't have nice things this day and age it seems.

  17. Wooooooooooow wooooooooooow súper apenas a tiempo empeso A repararla porque se te vino la lluvia exelente choza con ventana jejejeje ahí vea la lluvia y el paisaje cuenta que sientes cuando ves por la ventana hacia afuera te sientes a gustó estar ahí como primitivo un pasatiempo

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