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Food Shortage 2019: Should We Panic? A Lesson on Food

Food Shortage 2019: Should We Panic? A Lesson on Food

hey y’all it’s prepsteader Bob and on this
edition of the prepsteader’s perspective we’re going to look at food shortage
2019 we’re gonna look at this a little bit different hopefully it’ll be a huge
benefit to you all make sure you like and subscribe you’re gonna enjoy this with all the different videos on YouTube
about the food shortage in 2019 what I want to do today is I actually give you
a short lesson on food production and how it goes from farm to table so that
you all can decide for yourself if there truly is a food shortage in 2019 you
know with 136 million hits on YouTube here in the last 28 days and then with
different articles like foreign policy magazine in August 20 19 just put out an
article called the global food crisis is here New York Times also put out one
called climate change threatens the world’s food supply and then of course
National Geographic put out one about billions face food and water shortages
and then of course you’ve got the latest one here from successful farming
magazine which just said that we’re having a bumper crop that’s going to
take years or decades in order to to eliminate so my thought is this morning
we’re just going to go on into the store I’ll show you how it goes from the farm
to your table one of the things we’re gonna do today
is look at some some numbers real things bear in mind when you’re considering if
there’s a food shortage a lot of people correlate all crops with farm produce
things on that line and that’s a common mistake that’s where
experience really matters and so that’s some of the things we’re going to talk
about today the other thing we’re going to look at as far as numbers is you know
look at some of the numbers that are out there for futures right now are down
pork still three dollars a bushel soybeans on the other hand are still at
nine hundred nine dollars of pushing and the futures are slowing it’s slowly
going down I know with all the late planting and with all the flooding and
all the early frost and things along that line there’s a lot of people out
there disparaging saying that there’s a food crisis coming on here’s some of the things that I want to
point out – we’re gonna go out by aisle and show you how to look at the
difference between what’s growing in row crops and what actually ends up on your
table a lot of the videos you see on food shortage 2019 will sit there and
show you different vegetables and different empty shelves things along
that line what they’re not necessarily telling you either they just don’t know
or perhaps they’re misleading is that when it comes to vegetables grow crop
farms in the Midwest and vegetables are not correlated at all a lot of our
vegetables are grown in California Washington Texas Florida Minnesota
Wisconsin all those areas have wonderful precipitation amounts they had an
overabundance and a lot lot of those areas produce an awful lot of estrogen
now in regards to del Monte which called some of their plants I’ve been in some
of those plants a lot of those plants are either uh outdated and they’re
shutting them down and doing it or farmers in those areas to stop growing
produce because well look prices are pretty cheap so in regards to row crops
and how it does affect food prices on your table we’re gonna look at what’s
called the factory for and I want to explain to you line by line aisle by
aisle the things that you should be looking for watching for price increases
didn’t know if there really is a food shortage that’s going on so follow me as
we go from I’ll die alright let’s talk about the first of the factory for the
first big one is best boil 90% of all vegetable oils here United States that
are used whether it’s for cooking frying or whatever is usually made out of
soybeans now soybeans a large share of the market seventy six million acres
here United States is genetically modified soybeans now a lot of those
took some hits and production and yield just because of the late planting or the
early Frost but still there we have an overabundance a lot of it due to the
trade war that we’re currently facing with China so there is an overabundance
this in in this day for soybean oil in this country now some of the other
genetically modified row crops that you’ll find on on your
grocery shelves are gonna be such as corn oil rapeseed peanut oil which is
not genetically modified but there’s a canola oils things along that line so
just watch some of these prices and then you’ll get a better understanding if
there’s a food shortage the second part we’re going to look at the big factory
for when it comes to crops produced at the farm that comes into your table is
sugar sugar 95% of all the sugar produced in this country comes from
sugar beets which are genetically modified it’s classified as a row crop
this year’s crop seems to be doing alright but it’s hard to tell the other
thing that you want to marry in mind if you’re wanting to eat a little better is
making sure that the label says that it’s pure cane sugar which is not
genetically modified and those are usually grown down south so it’s another
one of those things in the factory for its sugar prices go up food prices grew
up correspondingly now let’s narrow down to a little bit farther to the big
factory forward the big two number three we’re looking at soy soy beans and soy
derived ingredients make up an awful lot of what’s in our food system today with
76 million acres of soybeans planted in this country there was a lot that was
delayed in heart implanting there was a lot that has floated out but with the
trade war that were currently experiencing with China I I can tell you
based on what I’m seeing of the soy futures there’s not a shortage there’s
an overabundance and one the successful farming magazine suggesting that it may
take several years to get that surplus to come back down
so another thing that you can look for to know if there’s a food shortage is to
go ahead and look at different ingredients make sure see what it has as
far as on the ingredients list if it shows soy proteins soybean oil soy milk
soy flour laughs tusen is another thing those are
the things that watch for and just to make sure that the more it has those
ingredients in there the more likely those food prices are to rise now let’s
talk about the big one the number one factory for that’s used into all kinds
of different products to out the grocery store corn field corn and corn derived
ingredients make up an awful lot of the different products that were using in
this country why well born is number one proud produced crop around the world and
the United States is the number one producer of that kind of core now here’s
some facts that most of you probably don’t know with 95 million acres of corn
produced through this country alone most people don’t realize that ninety percent
of that road crop reform that you see out in the fields 90 percent of it
genetically modified ten percent of it is not and out of that 10 percent that’s
usually what they used to make corn for food based products but there’s an awful
lot of products that are made out of genetically modified corn that you might
want to consider so what art what is row crop corn that you when you’re running
up down the highway and you see rows and rows of field corn what’s that product
being used for well according to the latest reports that I’ve got 36 percent
of it is used for animal feed so a lot of that to an effect the next style
we’re gonna look into 40 percent of that field corn is used for ethanol
or put into your gas tank and that you’re using for your car going up and
down the road 20 percent of that in the US alone is being exported to countries
all across the world and of course with the trade war going on here in China are
with China you know those provide a sports aren’t
as high as what everybody expected them to be less than four percent of what you
see out in the field or in the Rose is actually making it into our food system
and what is that number one ingredient that’s made from that less than four
percent of the corn being harvested in this country high fructose corn syrup
some of the very things that you and I probably should be eating in the first
place so when it comes to looking at different ingredients in the story the
best thing is grab a bag look on the back look at the ingredients the more it
has one of the big factory fours in there chances are that’s where prices
will increase they’re not going to increase much this year that’s why all
the hype and everything is there because everybody’s trying to plate prices
either out of fear or panic or through the lack of dollars probably the last
thing we’re going to talk about is with corn the corn derived ingredients and
most of it’s being used as finchy either for ethanol production
or animal feed one of my favorites bacon as the just watch the price of
bacon if you watch bacon going up that you don’t corn prices are increasing you
know there’s through the possibilities of shortages but what we’ve experienced
in our areas the shelves are all full and then the prices are slowly going
down watching the corn and soybean futures helps you to understand a little
bit about if there’s a food shortage in this country but only based on row crops
row cropping doesn’t always make it into the food system as much as everybody’s
afraid that it is the best thing to do is to be informed and to look for people
that are making commentaries from an experience standpoint that’ll help you
to better understand what’s coming ahead so when wrapping up this little video on
food shortage 2019 a couple little comments is there gonna be a food crisis
in 2019 I don’t think so from this year’s crop
but there’s a lot of other issues to bear in mind one of the things I want to
look at is our list we’re putting together a prep setters pantry because
that’s gonna be important to go ahead and stock up whenever you have items
that are on sale it’s always good to have a pantry the bigger questions to
answer these is there a food shortage coming for that if you’re interested in
a comment section down below let me know if you’re interested and I’ll be happy
to put together a series of why we became Preppers and homesteaders back in
the 90s these are the issues that are just as relevant today as they are back
then and there are some things coming that we might want to talk about so all
the hype all the hysteria just not gonna happen this year
be prepared live well all things are possible you

100 thoughts on “Food Shortage 2019: Should We Panic? A Lesson on Food”

  1. Our local Kroger DID have a shortage on canned vegetable, however they clearly stated at the time that the shortages were caused by a manufacturing delay, AND were for store brands only. Everything else was fully stocked. When I dug further I found out Kroger was in the middle of a contract negotiation with one of the major brands that relabeled their product with Kroger labels. It wasn't a real shortage at all. I was told by a store employee that this particular company also provides store brands for other major grocery chains and THEY were also in contract negotiations. This employee posited that THIS was the actual cause of the panic, not actual shortages. This information caused me to consider that the cannery was attempting to use the "panic" to gouge their customers. I wish I knew which chain it was, because I would boycott them, if enough people took on greedy companies maybe prices would be affordable. [Given the fact that the China embargo has caused there to be a surplus of many of the same crops prices should be going down, not up, never to return to "normal" LOL

  2. Stocking up on food is common sense not just for some national emergency but for times when you might be unemployed and you don't know when your next paycheck is coming in, Having your personal stores stocked up just in case when money isn't their .

  3. Wow are we really still having this conversation. Do you know how much food is thrown away in this country everyday. We might be having a problem with getting the food to the stores, but I'm sure they will fix this issue as well soon.

  4. I don’t mean to be disrespectful but there was a lot of things you left out. Not only that but there are a lot of corn products that I eat. You left out thickener and I use that to thicken my liquid so I can drink. That is made of modified corn starch. There is grits for breakfast cereal. There are all kind of cereals on top of that. There is corn for eating. There is soymilk which people that are allergic to milk drink. And it must be non-genetically altered. Skews my grammar it must not be genetically modified. There is corn bread. Beans and legumes took a major hit. And because the crops took a hit it will not really be affected in 2019 prices will go up for 2020. Probably at the end of this year to the beginning of next. People have stored up because items were put on the shelf from the 2018 crops. Things were already canned and boxed from the 2018 crops. So I don’t think the shortage is happening right in 2019 necessarily. I see it starting in 2020. At least it’s a very strong, strong possibility. Please forgive me because I don’t mean to be argumentative or disrespectful. I’m just trying to let you see where I am coming from. And please also forgive me for any dictation errors.

  5. Thank you for replying to me. Thank you for hearing me as well. Your videos are quite informative, I do want you to know that. Some people make videos on prepping just to sell food. However you are quite informative. I would be interested in more of your videos.

  6. Some of the empty shelves in the past few years are related to the way stores are managing their stock. They are reliant upon a computerized system, rather than human inventory control, so the computer will indicate that x number of items are on the shelf, but due to theft, product misplacement, and breakage, the number may be lower.

  7. This isn’t the year of the food shortages & rising prices… fall of 2020 will be the beginning…
    This year you can stock up … look at corned beef and spam… long shelf life.
    Beans, rice, powdered foods like milk & eggs, etc… can be traded.

    Don’t think nothing is going to happen… too many variables…
    political upheavals, Grand Solar Minimum, terror cells, etc.

    We should not live in fear but live prepared for whatever comes.

  8. you should not eat any GM foods or any vegetable oils as they are for GM seeds ,& MOST USE LOTS OF ROUNDUP .. only use olive or coconut oils as not GM but the best is BUTTER. FREE RANGE GRASS FEED & FINISHED BEEF ,PIG or SHEEP FAT Is also very good .

  9. This was a great video. Very informative.
    I can see how some people might feel better about corn and soy beans.
    The vegetables and fruits are what took a hit in the market place. Prices did go up.
    Fruits and vegetables come to the United States from all around the world so I can't say how California's produce did compared to any other nations producers.
    My farming friends in Wisconsin said that their production was very much lower because of the short season. It would be great to hear from some other farmers from around the United States.

  10. Subbed as you explain food better than anyone on this channel. I know that beef hit lows with the flooding as cattle went floating down the river. I'm interested in your homesteading putting by attitude. I've canned for years. This year our berries went wild so, jam was made. We planted some grapes and 2different berries. I've been sick and I'm 68 but still veggie garden. Got sweet spuds in my front flower bed vining all over the place. The fines blend in with the rest of the flowers.
    Just one thing, the coupons in the paper on Sunday hasn't had food coupons in them for several months. Beauty products and cleaning items are abundant but not food coupons. Your opinion.

  11. This is why I grow 90% of my food, can/dehydrate and raise chickens/pigs and beef steers. The sugar? I have Dixie Crystal sugar shipped to me. I detest Beet Sugar! Tastes funny.

  12. THERE IS A FOOD SHORTAGE AND FOOD WE SHOULD BE EATING. THE KIND WITHOUT RAT POISON. It's not that there are trade wars. It's that China doesnt want it either. No one abroad does.

  13. grand solar minimum and man made geo climate manipulation by HAARP, chem trail, and other practices with the intention of genociding the masses will be inevitable. ytube: ishallnotbesilent. Walt Disney 1959 on man made climate manipulation. Georgia guidstones.

  14. Awesome! I am getting tired of the over the top fear mongering all over Youtube….but I remind myself, FEAR SELLS! That being said, it's practical to store food long term for convenience, or for a natural disaster, or job loss etc…. Keep making videos like this because it's good to bring a voice of reason and facts to counter the extreme fear sources. People in generations wayyy before us, had many ups and downs in the farming and weather cycles. Humanity is still around! haha 😛

  15. Debbie-Texas yes please a series of why you became a prepper/homesteader would be awesome. Im a new subscriber. Looking forward to your cha nel.

  16. Yes Bob. Please CONTINUE on 2020 fake food crisis. Love from MICHIGAN. Praying with YOU in JESUS'S NAME. MR.& MRS. B

  17. I WATCH YOU LIVE SUNDAY NIGHT'S. Even thou you DONOT see my name. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 THANK YOU VET'S FOR SUPPORTING. U.S.A. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸. YES SIGN ME ☝ UP TO BE PREPARED 2019/2020 & 2021

  18. Northern Wisconsin here.. we had about 40% of our normal soy harvest this year!!! We couldn't even plant about 20% of our fields due to flooding!! I know the potato farmers in central Wis did not do so well.

  19. An 8×10 enclosed space and hydroponic (primarily vertical) gardening will feed a family of 4 year round plus excess. A couple I met here in my town has been growing this way for a few years now. They happen to use half of their 2 car garage. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

  20. I’m a new subscriber! I’m Superman’s Wife-Ruby. Thank you for this good informative video. Glad I found you. God bless you sir. I’m in Texas & I have been seeing stores out of certain things.,

  21. Hi! I want to know what’s going on with the meat it’s looking weird. It’s all red around but in the middle it’s not pink. My mother has even noticed it because she asked me about it. I have also seen meat that looks so nasty & like it’s spoiled. There is no red on the meat at all. I have taken pics of it too. Lol. ( Superman’s Wife )

  22. Did you know that Smithfield is owned by China? I didn't until this week. Definitely interested in what the average person should do right now in response to the crop failures this year and a grande minimum solar change event. Thank you for your information.

  23. Corn, soy..they're feeding us like WE are the cattle in a feed lot factory farm. No wonder there are so many health problems!

  24. The food doesn't go from farm to plate, we're eating last yr crops ,I'm sure it deep which crop and if it's canned ,and just cause their food in the store doesn't mean this yr crop was great cause it wasn't stop spreading bs

  25. I don't buy processed foods and limit store bought meat. So my GMO intake is dairy and cooking oil. I am looking into the possibility of producing my own cooking oil.

  26. FINALLY a Prepper who is balanced and not freaking people out until they need to be freaked out😉👍🙏🙏. YES I would LOVE for you to put together a video stating why you and your wife became preppers and homesteaders in the 90’s thru today😀.THANK YOU! And I loved your video❤️

  27. So when are you going to stop the fear yelling, 2019 is almost over and I have not seen any signs of food shortage, you dam peppers are the prob you just want to keep people in fear , why don't you put on a tutu and start yelling the sky is falling?

  28. New to your channel, and I like what I've seen so far. A voice (of reason) crying in the wilderness (of a supermarket parking lot, but you get the idea). Thanks for presenting the issue calmly and clearly. Yes, would love to hear your back story. Keep up the good work!

  29. The food shortage is not in 2019 but it i in 2020. Look to this" FAO "united nations report
    food prices globally are increasing look to the FAO index , it is expected that food shortages will be visible starting 2023 due to Grand Solar Minimum

  30. Wow. This is the best video you have made that I have seen. You talked about everything that I have tried to tell people, so they will stop panicking. The doomsday videos re: food shortages cherry pick and distort information to the point where their followers are convinced the world is going into famine mode, and that it has already started. Headlines of farmer's plights don't help, and if you glue it all together, you can make a case for just about anything. People who do this take no responsibility of how many thousands of people they have traumatized into turning their home into a combination of general store and a bunker. Every day is a scary thing to get through. I hope this video reaches them. Thank you for a concise and factual video that will hopefully cut through all the hype.

  31. The gent spent a lot of time talking about white sugar, vegetable oil, corn, and soy. Anyone whose diet relies heavily on these "products" is already in trouble.

  32. I'm in hurricane country and a lot of ready and canned foods got wiped out because of our 3rd storm in a row. I have also been up to stores to get canned stuff and it looked like others had been up doing the same thing. I'm trying not to panic but its thought provoking though.

  33. I'm interested in why you became a prepper & homesteader. I'm always suspicious when I see hype around an issue. I just asked Preppernurse1 if he's going to do a video where he makes an apology for hyping the food shortage issue, if it doesn't materialize. We'll see if that gets any kind of response. I'm not going to hold my breath, but I'm open to be wrong. Interesting video. I appreciate the more objective perspective.

  34. Prices are NOT cheap! I'm saving the seeds from the fruits and vegetables I buy so I can grow my own. Over a dollar for one squash??? Not cheap.

  35. What Bob does not take into consideration is the world as a whole and because of this he fails to properly inform all of you. Notice how he mentioned a trade war issue, if that is resolved by Russia willing to pay more as well as China, we will see a dramatic change here in the USA. Just because futures do not reflect a shortage does not mean there isn't one. First off those holding those futures know that food will not last forever so they dump the failing assets due to the trade war. They don't know what is going to happen so that uncertainty added to the storage length of the food results in their dumping the futures in food for a better investment.

    YES there is a food shortage. A better gauge is to look at prices and best of all is crop yield. They are down and that in and of itself will show up shortly. Also look at national food reserves. Flooding in the midwest wiped out s lot. Add these things up and you have yourself a food shortage on the horizon.

  36. Hi Bob an Mrs B, from some things ive seen on YT of ppl dumpster diving, hard to believe theres a food shortage by what grocery stores throw away.

  37. I miss Piggly Wiggly pre 1980s. Our stores are huge, and beyond decadent now. Unsustainable. They offer everything and their mother. Shelves filled with processed and un organic chemical GMO filled foods. We willingly allowed for this to happen. Food shortage? I don’t call that food. When corn is no longer corn. Its not going to end well. Grow your own. Can and store your own. Grass fed and pasture raised. Stay out of the grocery stores. They are designed to make you dependent and SICK.

  38. Yes please more videos on this and related subjects. Thank you for your calm demeanor and explanation. I so appreciate information and opinion that doesn't get so wrapped on scaring people. Cooler heads prevail😊

  39. They talk about a feed shortage because of the weather, but if we're not exporting corn to China because of the trade war maybe it's not a problem?
    Or maybe this concern is why the administration is giving blending exemptions to so many refineries?

  40. Don't you Americans have at least a 15 to 25 year reserve stockpiles just like you did during the 1950s during the Cold War Years? Canned foods were actually designed and made and manufactured to last for 50 to 100 years, that the hell happened to you Americans?



  42. Our family has 300 acres and has farmed for almost 100 years. It's getting almost impossible for the small farmer to get by. Everyone taxed to death, and cannot compete to be profitable. I hear the same thing from small business owners. What happens when those big companies fail, or a few bad years of harvests for them…..? Prepare while food is cheap. Pack it away when on sale, to not put a dent in the budget. A food shortage is only a really bad season away. Thank you for a great video.

  43. My husband drives cross country. He saw first hand the devastation with all the rain, not being abale to get crops planted, short growing season and early frost. Canada is a big producer of sugar beets and they have lost 70% of their crops becauae of frost. This is last year's and I have seen a substantial price increase in meat, produce and can veggies. You wait it will get much worse. Take some advice. Learn to grow your own food.

  44. I am double down on my garden next year and doing twice as much canning to be safe. But we had a drought for nearly 3 months this year was hard. We're already preparing for a 2 acre garden instead of 1 and investing in a solar powered greenhouse.

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