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Foods That Disappear First: What To Store and Stockpile For Emergencies Survival

Foods That Disappear First: What To Store and Stockpile For Emergencies Survival

foods that disappear first what to stockpile for emergency survival situations hi it’s AlaskaGranny Economic hardships in Latin America, and how individuals are coping with the lack of things they need, or the poor quality of goods available at inflated prices are disturbing trends. We live in a global society so all of us are affected by disappearing foods and supplies. Look at what food and other items are scarce in places like Venezuela, and see if they are things you may want to stockpile while you have a chance. What food and supplies are most important to have in an emergency situation? What items would you most need in a long term economic downturn or long term emergency situation. What foods should you store? What emergency items may no longer be available? Prepare for crisis in the economy. I’ve been reading about the
economic hardships in Latin America countries and the goods that people are saying they’re severely
limited quality is poor or the value the cost of them has become prohibitive so I’m thinking wow we
are a global society and bad things that are coming to other
countries should be a wake-up call of what could possibly be ahead for us so I
looked at things that people were saying they were
unable to get they were poor quality where they were
just too expensive and decide those were things that were
important to me and I want to make sure that I had
enough those so I thought if they are important to me possibly could be
to you too share with you the items that people in hardship situations and Latin America are saying that they wish they had sugar sugar seems to be in ample supply to us so I it’s a good thing I’m going
to make sure that I have plenty oil is another item that they are complaining is either unavailable or
extremely poor quality I don’t want to take a
chance that I don’t have a basic food so that’s something I want to make sure
I have enough flour has also been the prices rising dramatically that’s a basic food we love to eat bread and things like that make sure that you have enough of basic food items those basic milk is something that is also scarce in other places so milk is a food we need nutritionally for many of the people family members and it’s also
nice for lots of the foods that we prepare so figure out how to find milk for an emergency situation because what
you’re going to have in your refrigerator is not going to last very long some powdered milks are just horrid maybe we need to be on the lookout find one
we enjoy make sure you have some shelf-stable packages be sure you are rotating because
they just don’t last forever tea is something that people have been
unable to find tea is something I enjoy daily basis so I
make sure that I have enough that and toilet paper some countries the government has taken over the
businesses and because they have made an economic climate that is simply not supportive to private industry so the government is
taking over and they have toilet paper but it is extremely poor quality that to me is basic need I know that I can’t eat it and it can’t keep me alive but
certainly enhance my life I want to make sure that I’m
comfortable I have plenty of that and I think my whole family feels the
same way so that’s some of the things those 6 items are things I took from what I read and decided make sure to have sugar sugar oil flour milk toilet paper tea so think about the things that are
most important to you that would actually basics you would need for your care and comfort have enough of your necessities and make
sure that you have enough them you keep ready supply know how to use it things that you store rotate the things that you store please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

20 thoughts on “Foods That Disappear First: What To Store and Stockpile For Emergencies Survival”

  1. We are NOT a global society. When one part of the world suffers, we are barely effected and most of the time, not…

    Corporations are now global.

    This is an important understanding and we must stand against globalization!!!

  2. toilet paper is not for me a must as in many part off the world people wash using no paper; the paper is unsafe as you spread "dirt" on your body instead off getting it away, for me washing is much more safe than using paper.

  3. Bless you…. you are correct!  As an avid lover of true story pioneer tales, as well as surviving the holocaust and great depression, what I learned that people longed for, was things that are difficult and costly to manufacture during wartime or in a disaster period.  These items are :  SUGAR, COCOA, COFFEE, SOAP… which are the main ingredients people missed. But your list is extremely important as well, especially the toilet paper and DO NOT FORGET feminine supplies along with that!!!  I know of no woman who wants to go back to the 1800's in that area!  LOL

  4. Id say compliment tp with baby wipes and your tp will last longer. Buy baby wipes by the box 800 for $15 Al WM

  5. I took a long hard look at what was important to me and I came up with toilet paper, shower and ice. I purchased a propane heated shower. I also picked up (on sale) a 'counter' ice machine, and I had so much toilet tissue (300 DOUBLE rolls).
    I decided to see how long 300 double rolls would last. It lasted my family (3 of us) right at one year. Not too shabby.
    I also stack pads and tampons and I cut up rags… you know… just in case.

  6. Aaah man..I'm gonna die..I don't know what to do with flour, oil, or sugar. I can't make food with that…! Guess I'll just fill up a storage unit with toilet paper and trade that for food… Thanks for the heads up ..many blessings granny

  7. That's fine if it's a relatively rapid descent into chaos but if you look at Venezuela, it occurred over decades. I remember going to Caracas in 1992 and even then there were lineups at the ATM and once the ATM's were loaded with cash, they were out in 20 minutes, payphones (it was 1992) were unusable because the coin box would be full. You need to have alternative means to aquire these items and or alternatives to the items completely not just a small cache. They weren't complaining about the poor quality because the good stuff disappeared overnight, they disappeared over years to decades.

  8. Never liked creamer for coffee, greasy tasting; I've used powdered milk for decades as it doesn't cool it off, and I can use a lot to make it extra creamy! I now use 'NIDO', sold in a big round canister instead, as it tastes much better and has loads of nutrients and is kind of like formula for toddlers. Don't get the one with yellow lid, get the one with RED LID; pay a dollar more, yellow lid NASTY TASTING!! They are available at Wal-Mart, Lucky or Target in Hispanic Foods aisle, cheapest at Lucky.

  9. I recently read an article written by a survivor of the Bosnian war in the 90's. Strength in numbers, alone you would be killed. They had no electricity for 1 year, and everyone stayed in their homes which they had to protect with guns. Water was collected in barrels from the roof. Items he mentions that were needed are guns, ammo, food, candles, lighters, antibiotics, fuel, batteries, hygiene, LOTS of liquor, garbage bags, duct tape, paper cups, paper plates, hand sanitizer, soap and antibiotics. He also said "it is good to have a generator, but it is better to have 1000 Bic lighters" for trade. Other trade items: pocket knives, lighters, flints, cigarettes, candles, batteries, liquor and food. One comment that made me think is: "You can shoot a pigeon or collect edible plants, but you can't shoot hand sanitizer."

  10. Sugar can be stored directly in sealed five-gallon buckets without Mylar or oxygen absorbers. Just keep those sugar buckets in a vermin-free, cool, dry location and the sugar can store forever. Raw honey will also store forever even though it may turn dark or may crystalize over time. When storing salt, another store forever item, choose iodized salt because the iodine will prevent development of goiter. Wheat grain can be stored for thirty years in a cool, dry, vermin-free location.

    The main thing with wheat is to be sure to kill the microscopic eggs of grain-eating insects that may be present. There are two main ways to do this. You can seal the wheat in Mylar bags (inside food buckets) with oxygen absorbers and the lack of oxygen will eventually kill the insect eggs. The other way is to freeze the wheat for at least 72 hours and then let the wheat come back to room temperature before sealing it in food buckets without Mylar or oxygen absorbers. This second method means that the dormant wheat seeds will stay alive and capable of sprouting for many years.

    Sprouted wheat is a good source for vitamins that are not present in unsprouted, cooked wheat grain. Sprouted wheat can be eaten raw as a salad green or stir-fried with some rehydrated dried vegetables and served over rice or pasta. You can have an unlimited amount of fresh whole wheat flour for making pancakes, muffins, pasta and bread if you also have a grain mill. Yes, there are good quality hand-cranked grain mills if you do not have a generator to power an electric grain mill during a power outage.

    Another thing that will store for a very long time and help prevent development of scurvy is powdered ascorbic acid (Vitamin C). Powdered ascorbic acid looks like sugar and has a tart flavor similar to lemon juice. Just dissolve some in a chilled beverage (water, tea, instant lemonade…) or sprinkle some over a plate of food. Dried pinto beans, white rice, and plain pasta (spaghetti pasta and macaroni) made from white flour are all inexpensive right now and can easily store for 20 years sealed in Mylar with oxygen absorbers. You can also buy boxes or bags of powdered non-fat milk at your local supermarket and re-package in Mylar with oxygen absorbers if you cannot afford the higher cost of buying #10 cans of powdered milk or milk alternative. Powdered milk is a good source for Vitamin D. Powdered milk packaged for long-term storage will store for ten years in a cool, vermin-free location. Unopened glass bottles of cooking oil can store for 2 to 4 years in a cool, dark location before going rancid. It is best to choose small bottles or jars of cooking oil packaged in glass with metal lids (all plastic is oxygen permeable). Virgin olive oil and coconut oil are your best choices for cooking oil. Avoid Crisco or other brands of hydrogenated vegetables oil — these are all trans-fats and medical researchers have closely linked consumption of trans-fats with coronary artery diseases. Buy only the amount of cooking oil you can use before it goes rancid and be sure to rotate/replace some of your stored oil every year and do write the month and year of purchase on the bottle labels so you are using the oldest oil first.

    If you want to lay in a year's supply of food storage without going into debt, now is the time to start buying and re-packaging basic food storage items because currently food staples are in plentiful supply and their prices are low. Do not wait until there is widespread drought/flooding and poor crop production, an economic depression and widespread unemployment or another world war before building your supply of emergency food. Buy while basic foods are inexpensive and plentiful, re-package them for long-term storage and store them in a cool, dry, dark, vermin-free location. Food storage is better than money in the bank and provides insurance against hunger should you suddenly become unemployed and have difficulty finding another source of income.

  11. Prepping and storing food what I have noticed the one thing that disappears the fastest canned spam yep that stuff disappears real fast because you can dice up canned spam and mix it with your powdered eggs in the morning for breakfast it's not bad it's like a omelet or you can slice it up and fry it and use it like lunch meat or just eat it like that so yeah that's the one thing I notice it disappears quicker than probably anything else well- tuna disappears pretty quick to but you don't see anybody ever eating it for breakfast but yeah some canned spam diced up and fried mixed with some cooked ramen noodles ain't bad

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