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Foods That Last Forever Great Prepper Survival Foods

Foods That Last Forever Great Prepper Survival Foods

hi its AlaskaGranny I’m out at my
bunker and I’m going over my food storage and I thought I would talk to
you today about foods that last for ever they don’t expire it’s something you can
store it away and no matter what happens you have some very long term
food there will always be available to foods that last forever top survival foods you to feed your family and help you
survive no matter what comes along just remember store top survival food in a cool dark dry
environment a good starting place in foods that will keep forever would be beans
and rice you can find them already sealed in number 10 cans and they have a
thirty years shelf life which is like the minimum because if you keep these stored
correctly this food should last forever so I actually got mine from these number 10
cans from the LDS Church they have it
already packaged in these types of containers they have a large selection
of other kinds of foods as well they’re reasonably priced they are basic nutrition
and they’re delivered free to your home you can’t go wrong with that top survival foods so make sure you are stocking up on beans
and rice and other food that will last forever are things like vinegar not only is vinegar good
for cleaning everything but it flavors pickles preserves things that you might have fresh along
the way but then it won’t last and you can use vinegar to make it last and also
have the benefit of something to clean disinfect and sanitize and honey honey
last forever they’ve found it from the back at the
oldest relic time they ever found honey was always there honey may get dark and it may solidify
but if you warm it carefully you’ll be able to use it again vanilla lasts
forever because it has alcohol in it make sure you only use pure vanilla don’t use a vanilla flavoring use
pure vanilla extract which is made from alcohol and vanilla beans maple syrup is the same it will last
forever and if it gets solidified like honey you can warm it up and then it
will continue to be useful salt is a wonderful thing to have know if
it’s gets any moisture it does get hard so I put my salt into canning jars to
keep moisture out of it other food that I store for ever is sugar and sugar the same thing I
don’t want a 50 pound barrel of sugar at one time so I store it like this is not
going to spoil and then the moisture is kept out of it and it’s and if that is
convenient for me to use I hope that you’re storing some of these foods at least
making sure that you have something do something every single day don’t allow the future to scare you and
the uncertainty of what should I store make you afraid store something so that
no matter what happens you’re going to be okay foods that last forever top survival foods please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

30 thoughts on “Foods That Last Forever Great Prepper Survival Foods”

  1. Dried beans, rice, pasta, lentils, black eyed peas, barley, flour, baking powder, corn meal,  and more will keep if stored correctly. I'm….uh….frugal (cheap) so I buy these items from a farmers market or grocery store and pack them up myself. Lard is another storable item as is any fish (tuna, sardines, oysters, etc.) that are canned in oil.

  2. Its good for women to have a woman like yourself talk about preps—–my wife and daughter take suggestions from you much better than from me(they are onboard as far as prepping but it helps to have another woman speaking the same)thanks

  3. Sounds strange having a church selling prepper foods.
    But i guess churches attract all the crazies so guess it makes sense.

  4. we moved to our old home and we found a lot of sugar that have been there for 10 years.. will it be a problem if we use it… its really a lot.

  5. This is good and all but when your really out on a survival situation your going to need more than rice and beans I hope those aren't the only foods that last forever

  6. HI I kive in Gtrrcr and I have started to store food and necessities….I even started on soap and toilet paper….any more WEIRD things that I dhould buy?????Someone told me to stock up on cigarettes…even though we dont smoke….Thanks for all!!!!!!!

  7. Are the beans you store dry? I have both beans and rice stored in Mylar and buckets but I also have store bought baked beans, pork-n-beans etc… that we keep. Are those supposedly lifetime as well?

  8. Let me put a small fly in your ointment. The bottle of maple syrup will last a long time but if you open it be sure to use it quickly. Several years ago I opened a bottle for pancakes but we did not use the whole thing. We put the remainder of the bottle in the pantry. As good as it is we did not use it again until several months later. Well, we couldn't use it because there was a mold/fungus growing on the top of the syrup. Since then we have always put the partially used bottle in the 'frig. So when the SHTF and you open a bottle of maple syrup use it quickly. And, yes, I do store maple syrup. We'll just have pancakes everyday until we use it up. Yum!!!! I definitely store everything you've mentioned. Thanks!

  9. The cans of rice and beans are very large for two people. I already have cans of beans and dried beans. My concern on the large cans, we couldn't eat all that without preserving the leftovers. I will check the LDS website to see what THEY offer. Thank you.

  10. I have plenty of those items and keep them both in my main house and my old house next door for use if I run out of something in my main house and until this item can be replaced.

  11. As a retired Nurse and a business owner of a professional cleaning company, with more than 30 years of cleaning experience, I must advise you that it is a myth that White Vinegar has antibacterial properties and will aid in "proper" disinfection! Vinegar of any kind has only mild cleaning efficacy at best, and WILL NOT kill / destroy any of the dangerous "super bugs" that will be a major hazard in a shtf situation!
    Some of the most common / dangerous infectious diseases & viruses that will EXPLODE in shtf due to poor sanitary conditions and lack of clean drinking water, will include cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, polio, cryptosporidiosis, E-Coli., ascariasis, schistosomiasis, MRSA, Staphylococcus, and Strep – just to name a few… NONE OF WHICH ARE AFFECTED IN THE LEAST BY Vinegar!
    My recommendation would be to stock up on these products:
    1. Steramine Quaternary Sanitizing Tablets (found on Reasonably priced and shelf stable for many years, if not indefinitely. Use for daily sanitation of dishes and kitchen surfaces as well as hands when dissolved in appropriate amount of water. (Follow Directions on container!)
    2. (Stabilized)
    , Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets (found on Unlike liquid bleach the tablets are UV stabilized to prevent deterioration, (when stored properly in a cool, dry, dark place). Liquid bleach, left to sit for a year or more, looses it's efficacy over time as it breaks down into salts, thereby becoming useless for disinfecting anything! Chlorine Bleach is the old stand-by in hospitals for effectively killing drug resistant bacteria, viruses and blood born diseases and will definitely keep your family safe from the bacteria & diseases which are spread through human waste! (ALL OF THESE DISEASES / VIRUSES WILL BE A MAJOR PROBLEM IN SHTF!
    3. Certain Essential Oils – , Cinnamon,Thyme, Oregano, Tea Tree & Clove Bud have been proven to have broad spectrum antimicrobial / antibacterial properties in a recent scientific study –
    ( ), and performed more effectively than the prescription antibiotics they used in the controlled lab study!
    Consider learning how to make Lye Soap, along with these essential oils, for long term storage & use. Lye Soap infused with essential oils is shelf stable for ever… In a shtf situation this knowledge will be invaluable!

    P.S. For cleaning purposes, White Vinegar is great in your dishwasher for keeping water spots at bay as well as for cleaning windows / mirrors, and even for helping to neutralize certain pet stain odors – but THATS IT!
    You can really bump up Vinegar's effectiveness for sanitizing kitchen surfaces by using it in combination with peroxide however… Step 1 – Spray entire, work surface with liquid Peroxide leaving it very wet, then wait a few seconds. Step 2 – immediately follow by spraying white vinegar over the same work surface, getting it very wet. Step 3 – Wipe the entire surface dry with a clean, dry cloth. (DO NOT EVER MIX THESE 2 PRODUCTS TOGETHER IN THE SAME BOTTLE OR IT WILL NOT WORK BECAUSE THEY WILL DESTABILIZE ONE ANOTHER! These 2 products are proven to be food safe, when used as directed.
    Peroxide and white vinegar, used one right after the other, is extremely effective for disinfecting kitchen surfaces that have come into contact with food-borne and some other types of bacteria such as salmonella & e-coli! For shtf however, keep in mind that Peroxide starts to destabilize / become less & less effective each time you open the bottle – It will not last for years in storage, even if left unopened! The same holds true for rubbing alcohol btw!

    When SHTF the knowledge & skills you posses will be more valuable than the supplies you have stockpiled!
    Good luck and God Bless!

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