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Foods to Kickstart A Food Storage Plan

Foods to Kickstart A Food Storage Plan

foods to kickstart food storage plan hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you looking for a great way to kick start your long-term food storage well here’s a list of basic foods that you can stockpile so you will have enough food on hand no matter what comes your way become a prepper with easy food storage ideas what food should you stockpile first start with basic dry foods get some beans rice pasta oatmeal and just add water pancake mix then choose whole meal canned foods like stews hearty soups pasta meals chili things that you can open the can and eat and would be considered a whole complete meal serving now fill in your food storage with canned fruits vegetables and assorted meats peanut butter jelly honey pancake syrup salsa things that you know your family enjoys eating on a regular basis now go for the real basics like salt sugar cooking oil and always make sure that you have plenty of water stored on hand you’re going to need water your stock pile of coffee tea powder drink mixes beverages that your family would choose to drink remember food storage doesn’t have to be complicated and it should not be somebody else’s random list of foods to stockpile and store choose foods that your family likes to eat if you buy food you don’t normally eat you are less likely to eat them in an emergency store your food in a cool dry place and then rotate them make sure you’re using these foods as part of your menu plan so that your family is familiar with the food you have stored and you know how to make simple basic meals from the food in your stockpile and remember to replenish and grow your food stockpile as big as you feel is necessary so that no matter what comes your way you and your family will always have the things they need kickstart your food storage plan reasons to store food and how to get started storing food learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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  1. Some good ideas………Im very worried about Syria…..Assad is winning why would he use chemicals now…..doesnt sound right ……stay safe my friend

  2. Very good, logical explanation of how to start and stock a pantry. This is good advice for singles, too. tuy what you eat and rotate regularly. Thanks for a well done tutorial, Alaska Granny!

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