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Foraging wild edibles – uk winter – wild leeks

Foraging wild edibles – uk winter – wild leeks

I’m Fraser Christian from coastal
survival down on the beach in the middle of winter on a lovely crisp clear
beautiful day it’s lovely and warm I’ve just finished a video on collecting
plants up in the woodlands and I really want to demonstrate why
hunter-gatherers lived thrived and migrated along the coast especially in
winter with stacks of wild food down here now I’m going to show you some food
today focus on plants that really are considered by Michelin and very highly
rated chefs as gourmet wild vegetables so this plant definitely one of the
gourmet wild vegetables hopefully you can see what it is straight away it’s
not a daffodil and this is what I thought they were only first of all past
them so I actually sat down I find this plant backs things I sat on it and it
once it’s crushed it’s really obviously part of the Allium or the onion family
and this is a wild leek a coastal leek okay growing up on the shingle again
they will grow in the sides of the banks they’re quite rare to find this is where
these ones you really need to get your eyes open you can see just that growing
in amongst the grass which they do they’re growing work behind me here it’s
really hard to spot back where the shingles blown up after the storm last
year it’s really blanched these it just but it forces the vegetable up at the
grain and you can see straight away the white on there the beautiful white
fashion to get these out you need to get your hands as far down as you can and
just pull really carefully and what happens is your snap it off and you’ll
leave a bowl goes a slight bulb with shape at the bottom they’re not gonna
dig the whole plant up and that will regenerate and regrow this is an amazing
vegetable or just peel that off there and show you how beautiful that is so
this is the same sort of sizes you get a baby leak at the moment and one of the
gourmet restaurants beautiful vegetable really juicy it’s
got loads of liquid in there okay doesn’t need hardly anything doing to it
to cook it you can just braise this a little bit of olive oil a little bit of
white wine literally just char grill it as it is it’s an amazing rich
almost garlic flavor to this plant this is the willd coastal leeks as i just said
also it can be used all of the greens put these into stocks and soups there’s only
two grown just here but I’m literally just out of shot there’s hundreds and
hundreds when it’s a really great community so what will does definitely
this one here to regenerate and I’ll just take this one I’ll just cover that
back up now I don’t see what else is growing

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