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Forefoot Running is THE Engine of Endurance Running

Forefoot Running is THE Engine of Endurance Running

Hi everyone, I’m Brettta Riches or barefoot Bretta and I would like to welcome you to my YouTube channel Run Forefoot, where I strongly advocate and educate the performance and health benefits of forefoot running as well as barefoot running and minimalist running and I work to increase the awareness on the health-harming effects and dangers of heel strike running as well as the traditional running shoe. I’m also very delighted to talk about forefoot running and barefoot running, simply because of the impact they both have on advancing ones running performance. Improving running performance is a constant effort and because of this, my YouTube channel is dedicated to providing constant, repetitive educational effort to help you make more progress in your forefoot running journey. My goal is to help continue the really important work that is being done on the research regarding forefoot running, barefoot running and minimalist running, so that we can better rationalize why forefoot running or natural running is better than heel strike running on many fronts because there really isn’t much basis that heel strike running and traditional footwear gets you the results you want, but rather heel strike running and traditional running shoes perpetuate injuries and erodes running performance. There is this unfortunate pendulum in the running community that goes back and forth where if you start running and you get hurt you try something new, most likely in terms of new footwear and then you go try running again, but you get hurt again and then you go back to the drawing board and try different footwear. This is why so many runners are turning to barefoot running and minimalist running because running with less on your feet initiates mechanical behavior that results in less impact and has transformative results on your foot strength and your motor coordination because proper, safe running mechanics is sensory-driven. That’s why a vast majority of runners get injured because the nerves in the bottom of the feet are completely cut off from sensory feedback due to traditional footwear; the feet are suffering strength deficits because traditional running shoes completely dis-engages muscle activity in the foot. This is why I have high regards for running barefoot because sensory input isn’t blurry and running becomes a less complicated task when you can actually feel the ground and feel where and how you are stepping with your foot when you run. Barefoot running really goes to the core at helping you maintain good forefoot strike accuracy and barefooting comes to the forefront on helping you develop stronger foot arches and ankles This is why you have every reason to be hopeful that increasing your barefoot activity will give you greater opportunity to prosper as a runner because you will have more efficient forefoot running mechanics. I truly believe that forefoot running is the engine of endurance running. I personally know the difference running barefoot makes and because of barefoot running, I’m able to run everyday without injury. I really want to share my experience of having switched from heel strike running in traditional running shoes to forefoot running while using barefoot running as a solid base to help me transition with greater ease. I want to share my enthusiasm, based on my transition experience and bring my perspective on natural running to help change the attitudes about barefoot running because I truly believe barefoot running is the all-star tool that can do more to help you achieve your running goals, get you off to a better start when learning forefoot running and of course you will see immediate improvements in foot strength and function that get even better with time the more you go barefoot, but of course not everywhere is barefoot- friendly or barefoot conducive, so I also talk about the importance of barefoot- like minimalist running shoes. I’m not talking about the Nike Free’s because in my opinion, the Nike Free’s aren’t a true minimalist running shoe. I’m talking about the Vibram FiveFingers, Vivobarefoot, Sockwa’s, barefoot- like footwear that actually produce real results because they get your foot muscles more engaged, they streamline sensory input to put and keep you on a steady course for when you can’t go barefoot. In all my videos, I provide validity on natural running in terms of the research to help legitimize the fact that you’re going to have a better shot at eliminating your heel strike running style if you wear less on your feet. If you are not satisfied as a runner, if you are frustrated because of ongoing running injuries subscribe to my YouTube channel, hopefully I can turn your frustrations into resolve and help you more capable of learning for forefoot running without any problems. For more information on forefoot running vs heel strike running, please visit my blog Thanks so much for listening and watching. Have fun out there on the roads and trails! Bye for now

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  1. I just started my transition 8 months ago. Feet and calves never got stronger. After found your blog has become in one of my favorites. I even ordered a pair of merrel gloves thanks to your reviews. I love them as much as xero sandals. But for some reason I can't run anymore on shoes. basically I just do it barefoot. Still adapting of course. But the changes are not questionable and the benefits are real. The key is definitely don't do much too soon. Great videos!!

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