Forged in Fire: Survival Knife Tests (Season 5) | History

All right, gentlemen,
welcome to the strength test. Now, everybody knows
in a Hollywood movie there comes a point where
the hero– that’s me– is being chased by a
group of inept villains. That’s them. Now, the survival knife has to
be capable of dismantling booby traps. To test the strength and overall
construction of your blade, I’ll be using your knife
to break the spikes off our man killer over here. Mike, you’re up first. You ready?
– I’m ready. OK. The test I saw earlier just
goes to show that they’re going to have no
mercy on these knives, so I am a little bit nervous. [rock music playing] I’d put that in a movie. [laughs] It indexes beautifully. And your finger wells line
up really, really nicely. Your blade, there’s
not a mark on it. Nicely done. Thank you. Trystan, you’re up. Are you ready? Yes, sir. I already know I
have a hard edge. But these tests are brutal, and
they really can bring out all the flaws in anyone’s blade. So it’s still anyone’s game. [rock music playing] Nice. All right, Trystan, you’ve
got right here just a small roll that I can feel. There’s another glint
down here on the edge. But the biggest
issue is that pommel has kicked over to
the side because it was whacking into my wrist. Designing a knife,
having a spike come this way towards your hand,
is really never a good idea. Thank you. I’ll remember that for
the rest of my life. All right, Brian,
you ready for this? I’m ready. I don’t know if the knife is. Seeing this log with all the
spikes sticking out of it, it reminds me of the movies,
you know, “Predator” or “Rambo.” It’s very exciting
to see the test and watch David do what he does. That is– David picks up my knife. He’s taken a look at
it, trying to figure out where to put the lanyard. And he puts it
back in his pocket. This isn’t a good sign. Brian, I really appreciate
a good work around. And you’re really
shooting for one here. And you worked really hard. That last 30 minutes,
you pushed hard. But this isn’t a through
tang with a pommel. This is a hidden tang
and a frame handle. Understood. Brian, your blade failed
to meet round 2 parameters. For that reason, I have to ask
you to please leave the forge. Thank you. I completely agree
with the judges, and I understand
why I’m going home. But my family, we don’t
throw in the towel. We always keep going. When I get home, I’m going to
hug my kiddos, kiss my wife, probably take a sweet nap,
and then get back to forging.

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