Founders Fortune Test (Deutsch) Der spaßige Survival Aufbau Sims Mix im Review [Gameplay German]

Moin moin, here is the Zap. In this episode I want to tell you interesting
Things About the Game Founders Fortune. I’ll show you what it’s about, what you get from the
Game and can expect and how well it plays. The game is by Oachkatzlschwoaf Interactive
from Bavaria developed and distributed, So it’s a small indie developer
Team. It currently costs 16 € on Steam and is located
in the early access. The developers have sent me kindly
a free test pattern As usual, this has no effect
on my review. My viewers and readers have top priority
and deserves an honest review. ► What is Founders Fortune?
Founders Fortune is a building strategy Game with Survival and Sims elements. You found a colony on an island
and must for survival and well-being his settlers worry. It starts with almost nothing and you must
all necessary things gradually explore and use the resources that the settlers then gather and craft. Main actors are the small inhabitants of the
Settlement that are not nameless beings. But they have, similar to in The Sims,
all their own names and personalities, Wishes and needs. They may like or dislike things,
Build friendships, learn professions and gain new levels in it. And the knackely people are not alone in
in their new home. Several native tribes of Tikis can
get to know them, trade with them, about diplomacy friendships and enmities
build up and then possibly even go to war. ► Early Access & Alpha
Founder’s Fortune is on Steam at Early Access for currently 16 € available. The developer studio Oachkatzlschwoaf called
the currently available version itself as Alpha. So they see themself in an early age
Development phase, and new features and whole new directions for the game may be
still in the planning stage. But there are bigger patches published right now
Recently, the diplomacy update that brought opposing Tiki villages into play
as well as diplomacy and struggle, and thus the Deciding whether to settle peaceful or combative. ► Gameplay in general
When the game starts, we create ourselves two settlers according to our ideas. These can have different likes and dislikes
have, for example, love the summer or hate the fall. You can also do certain professions especially
good or even have disadvantages, like eg limp or pessimism. With a small starting supply of material
and food arrived on the island we need to organize sleeping places. Then we can start, the most basic
Needs to be considered. At the beginning, that would be your sleeping place
is in a building, and a chair To rest. A storage box around the picked apples
store. And so wishes and needs expand
our little inhabitants more and more. Our settlers can use resources like wood,
Remove stones, cotton, even if that without Tool is very difficult for now. So we start researching and generating
for knowledge from the existing on the island Crystals and place first fields for food
on. We produce first tools that work
make something easier. And little by little our little one evolves
Society continues. New settlers arrive by ship, though
the previous ones are completely satisfied. So it’s important for us to grow
first all existing residents make happy. ► needs and wishes
Similar to “The Sims” have our inhabitants certain wishes. The fulfillment of a wish like “Would
sleep in a real bed “or” would like a vase in his room “brings us satisfaction. And if we accumulate enough satisfaction
then the settler rises in level and get a reward point. These points can then be spent on it
either get rid of bad qualities or to get new positives. If you like you can also buy negative ones. ► Occupations in Founders Fortune
The game offers a total of 6 professions. This starts with the basic work
for resource mining, like the forester, the Trees fall and cares for wood. The miner, the stones, iron ore and
Can chop off crystals. Then follow the farmers, not only for
the fields are responsible, so seeds look, Pour and harvest, but also start running
for example, to pick wild cotton. Then follow the creative professions. Here there are craftsmen who work on benches
Tools, weapons, clothing and armor to produce. Very important is also a scholar who is out
Crystals and later scrolls knowledge wins, which you then in a complex research tree
can invest, so that progress in our small settlement. And there are injuries and diseases too
Life of our settlers hard and partial can even be lethal
we treat fractions with a doctor, flu shots administer and cure other diseases. ► Research
The scholar profession enables research to operate, and here is a complex waiting
Research tree on us. Currently there are 28 different researches
included in the game. To be able to do research, either the
Miner or the Explorer himself crystals dismantle. These researches do not need gradually
only more and more crystals and time, but also from a certain point scrolls. But you can not break down scrolls
but you have to exchange them with the dealers. ► Base construction
The settlers are getting needs very fast for more comfort in her new home. So at the beginning of a sleeping bag, but soon enough
Do you want a bed. In the beginning it is okay, if all in
same room, but after some Time you want your own room
and later even each own house. And then there is more and more and more and more
Wishes and needs of the settlers want to have fulfilled. A flower pot in the room, or a clothes rack
and accompanying laundry. These are available for every profession and they are granted
Advantages of working. Then follow tools that work the same way
and need a tool cabinet. But these clothes and tools also provide
not only for making our people happier but also for faster work. ► Trade and currency
Not only is there a lot of goods in the game, which you mine and grow, finish and
can produce, but also the possibility to act with these. There are different dealer groups,
from time to time their ships moor on the coast. Here you can then sell goods for coins
and conversely, you also acquire things that you can can not make itself, such as
also the much needed scrolls for research. But the settlement also urgently needs coins,
because the inhabitants feel the need after some time have a payment for their work
to get. If the wage is not high enough, they will
unhappy. And with increasing professional level also rise
the wishes for their income. ► Social
The settlers not only have desires and needs, but also a mood. If this mood falls below a certain level
Worth, they start to dejected become. And from a certain degree of bad mood
they get a nervous breakdown, what they then completely for a time of the
Work holds off. There are a lot of things that affect the mood
the settlers influence. For example, there is the disadvantage of xenophobes,
whereby settlers do not like strangers, and so they get in a bad mood, if one
Dealer at the island. Or they have nightmares at night. Talks can make the mood both positive
as well as adversely affect. The settlers can hug each other, comfortably
relax in the meadow, the warmth of a Enjoy a campfire or a fireplace and
many more things. Here Founders Fortune shows an approach too
a social structure that is very similar as with Sims plays. And that makes our inhabitants fast
to small personalities that much more do as only work, eat and sleep. ► Dangers
Of course, not everything is always radiant Sunshine on our small island. The settlement has many dangers too
survive. This starts with injuries and illnesses,
which affect our inhabitants or even endanger their lives. Broken legs, flu and other diseases
and injuries hinder the work or make them even impossible, in the worst
Fall also threatens death. One of the biggest dangers is of course
hunger, lack of food can be very fast lead to death. Because there are seasons in the game and in the winter
nothing grows, we need supplies in time donate so our cuddly people do not
starve miserably in winter. And since that’s not enough, there are several
Tiki villages with bored people on the island, with whom we should be good otherwise
there may be some pillage. ► Diplomacy
There are several other villages on the island. These neighboring tribes often call
Claims from us and every tribe has one diplomatic relationship with our settlement. This diplomatic value improves when
we fulfill their demands, but sinks also generally with the time. And if we reject the demands, can
we also consider the ones we have drilled to be ours Make enemies. And then quickly threatens the attack on our
Settlement. ► Defense and fight
The native villages pose a danger represents. We can of course try this danger
to meet with extensive diplomacy. Then we have to give away many goods and
also train people in diplomacy, who then Improve relationships through conversations
can. But if that does not work, we have to get up
to prepare another way. There are also combat talents that are built
Need to become. For example, we can our inhabitants
to improve their combat values ​​on a training doll to let. And with melee and ranged weapons, armor
and associated storage furniture and Healing potions for injuries we have a lot
to prepare us for the fight. In addition, you can always get stronger walls
and build walls with which to build his settlement can also include, and later gives
there are also watchtowers. And the equipment for the fight begins
with simple wooden swords and simple Gambesons, and with plenty of research, will be
from it better weapons, first of stone and then metal. So there is the possibility in addition to diplomacy
to expel the other villages from the island and plunder their supplies. Here you can then as a player his way
go, depending on how you like, or just it economically better. ► Technology, graphics, engine, sound
The game uses the Unity Engine, what ever excludes the grossest teething troubles. It uses rather minimalistic graphics,
but still their own charm Has. You can tell the game but that the optics
at the moment not top priority in the Developers, but rather the depth
the simulation goes. Most textures still exist
from single-color areas or simple color gradients. But surprisingly well served its purpose. Nonetheless, Founder offers Fortune
a varied graphic. Due to the many different components
and objects, weather and effects also the lighting and shade affects the
World not boring. Everything about visual things is kept simple,
but still fulfills its purpose and overall Everything looks very coherent. The animations of the characters are so far in
Order. You realize what they are doing, but you are allowed here
do not expect miracles. There is still room for improvement here, with better ones
Animations could be the Wusel and Knuffel factor still increase greatly. A nice approach is here but that
the figures partly funny facial animations show and react to their environment. The sound is not the highlight yet
Title. A few dodgy, but not annoying pieces of music,
a few practical sounds here and there. None of this is really bad, but overall
still a bit too little setting. ► Condition of the game:
In the more than 10 hours of test time, the I have spent so far in the game is mine
Founders Fortune did not crash once, stalled or has other technical
Problems shown. Otherwise, I could, even when targeted
Looking for it, not finding any real bugs. The game is already in its current form
in a completely flawless technical Constitution and absolutely playable. That this product from its developers
officially titled as alpha version is almost incomprehensible. Because it’s not because it’s unfinished
would be, in terms of quality, but rather because the devs are probably ahead
have with this game. ► opinion & conclusion
When I saw the first screenshots from the game I was wavering. On the one hand, the figures are right
cute, on the other side was the Graphics, of course, quite easy. But when I first half an hour with
spent the bustling settlers on the island I was blown away. Founders Fortune offers a hugely interesting one
Mix of building strategy, survival, and sims-like Look after people. A bit of Banished mixed with Rimworld,
something Sims and own ideas, came out of it Founder’s Fortune. The depth of simulation already present in the game,
the scope of features and the many small ones Details have surprised me very positively. Actually, almost everything is already done
now make sense in this game. And the prospect of many more features
and planned mod support leave one Longevity, the very many others
Games can not offer. I’m really excited about Founders
Fortune and can only be any construction fan and Sims lovers recommend this game to heart. Here grows a real pearl, which one
should not miss. ► Rating
The following rating is subject to change consider. Because the game is currently in early access
and in a self-titled alpha version you can assume that it is
is far from finished and the developers This project is still going on for a very long time
care. But since it is sold, there is also one
Evaluation. The current price of 16 € is in mine
Eyes more than adequate. It belongs to the plan of the developers,
with upcoming features, then the price to increase. So an early entry could possibly
especially worthwhile. Taking into account the technically high quality,
the complexity of the simulation and the many nice ideas that are already in the game,
pay attention to the already absolutely existing Fun and brings that into proportion
at a low price, then is Founder’s Fortune worth an absolute recommendation. I want to score here for a rating of 88%
begin. Smaller deductions are then still for the
strong expandable graphics that so far only functional animations and the so far
still very weak sound. And here I subtract 8% again. So, in the end, there is one for the game
such small teams, a terrific 80% rating. Founders Fortune is a good game for
a fair price. I’m really curious where to go
Journey with Founders Fortune still works. In any case, a clear recommendation already
now from me. Whatever the developers are still everything
To make a bad game out of this great start no more. How do you like the game so far? Would you like to go away, or is you?
that is not enough? Write me your opinion in the comments,
I’m happy for that. We also like to visit my website in the local community Discuss forum about it. If you found this video really bad,
then you know which thumb fits, otherwise, please keep your fingers crossed. And if you have not subscribed yet,
maybe click on the subscription button and adjust the bell is ringing. Then I wish you a great day, let
you’re fine, ciao ciao, your Zap.

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