Freeze dried and canned food review

Here are some more that were of the same
maker. Banana slices of course. All of this freeze-dried so there won’t be any
moisture in it. And of course it’ll be crunchy. Some of it you know probably want to eat
when it’s crunchy. The sliced bananas I wouldn’t want to rehydrate and have. It’s up
to you but several different like this. We’ve got freeze dried cooked shrimp I don’t know what it looks
like, I don’t know what it tastes like. Creamed beef to put on toast, whatever. Rehydrated. Yes rehydrated. These are
freeze-dried you want to rehydrate these two. Here are some canned goods that are
not dehydrated. Basically here is bacon in it is actually ready to eat right out of the can. Probably
wish to heat it to get some of the bacon grease melted off of it But inside this you get forty to fifty
thin, thin slices of already cooked bacon. Great for camping! Here is something where
it’s cooked pork chunks. You know this is something that you could actually store
in the pantry it has a long shelf life, well over five years. At that point you
can use it regular meals and rotate if you wish to–rotate the stock of canned goods and you can
use it anytime. Heat. Serve. You could use it to make shredded tacos, something like that be very simple to do. Q: Do you have any favorites of the things
that you’ve tried? Oh well I’d say with the Mountain House brand they have a seafood
chowder that I really thought was very good. We’ve had that many times when prospecting
and everybody really enjoyed it. Q: And it’s just a matter of rehydrating it? Right
usually that will take–it’s best to use some warm water, hot water and you’ll have
to let it sit for a little while to rehydrate, but when done I thought it was
excellent. You can also buy some of these things in the camping section of Walmart.
They’ll come in a bag, it will be maybe two servings. But those too will have a great shelf life,
probably seven to 10 years it’s usually marked on it but it’s a good way to get
an idea what you’re buying is what you actually want to eat. So that’s the big
thing instead of buying a can this might be 50 or 60 dollars for this. Same
thing for this just because of what food it is. This has got meat in it. Meat is
expensive. Banana slices not that expensive so
depending on what your tastes are and of course you want to try it prior to
stocking, you know, your your pantry or shelter with foods that you find disgusting
after you’ve bought–not a good idea so there is some companies that are making some dehydrated foods
in smaller cans this size you might want to look for those because it will
give you an indication of what you would be buying. So you may buy one can of something and go, “this
was good” I can buy 2 of the large cans or you may just opt to buy the smaller can and buy many
of them if you don’t have a large family. This way you can use them up at your
pace as opposed to hurrying up trying to use it up within a month or less because
once you open it it’s exposed to everything. Our air is full of bacteria
it will start to go bad and stale so try in small portions before you buy in large just
because it says what you like it may not taste the way you think it
should. So before spending a lot of money try a smaller portion and make sure it’s what you want.

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