Freeze Dried Food Taste Test

– Can we identify food while it’s still in its freeze dried form? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer. – Yes, Rhett, I think you’re
gonna be excited today. – I am always excited. – Well you’re always excited about the impending apocalypse,
I don’t know why. – It’s always impending.
– It’s like, oh, the world’s gonna come to end.
– And I’m ready for it. – Boy am I excited. – Yeah, I’m ready for it. – It’s like because you
want to be able to utilize all the crap that you’ve bought. I’m not complaining, ’cause
you bought some for me, and I do appreciate that. – Yeah, you gonna be
showing up at my house with your family, I already know. – But here’s the thing, you’re gonna fail at the apocalypse if you can’t identify all those foods that you’re eating while still in their freeze dried from, because you don’t have enough
water to hydrate the stuff. – Oh, wow, okay. That’s why we’re gonna do this test today. Hopefully I’ll beat you,
and then win the apocalypse. – Ahhh, that’s what’s at stake. – It’s time for, I Freeze
Dried All My Food Tonight, It Must Have something You’ll Eat. As you can see, we can’t. – Okay, we’re going to be
tasting freeze dried food that is still freeze dried,
it has not been rehydrated. We’re gonna rehydrate it with our mouths. It will all be brought in
on the patent-pending stork, which is just a spork on a stick. – Oh, that’s ingenuitive, and the winner, is that a word?
– No. – And we are going to
dole out an amazing prize to whichever one of us
wins the apocalypse. (futuristic music)
– [Together] Round one. – Enter the storks. – There it is. Oh my, oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. – It’s so dry. – It’s so salty. – What in the crap is that? – Oh my gosh, there’s like
a powder, that’s salty and savory and then there’s like cubes. – Cubes, there’s cubes. It’s good, they’re good cubes, though. The cubes are good, don’t
you think they’re good? – I think the cubes are okay. – The cubes are good. – I wouldn’t say the cubes are great. – Where are these cubes
from, they’re good. I like cubes, they have six sides. – Okay, so now it’s turning
into dog food in my mouth. What is this, it tastes like dog food. – I’m just going with my first instinct as to what I thought I was eating, or what it tasted like, because it just, it felt like cubes, it was just cubes. – I’m getting a little
something from the cubes now, now that I’ve hydrated
it with my mouthpiece. – [Stevie] Okay, you ready? – Yeah.
– Three, two, one. – Beef stew.
– Vegetable stew. – Ooooh, we were so close, you, – I was gonna say beef stew, but, – I think the cubes are beef. – [Stevie] Alright, let’s bring it out so you can guys can see it. – They might be beef.
– Alright, here it is, let’s take a look.
– Oooh, it’s just vegetable stew, isn’t it?
– It’s chicken. – [Stevie] No, no, it’s
beef stew, Link was right. – Yes!
– Dang, that is a piece of beef. – Well the white things are what? The cubes a crouton. – Ahhh, I almost went out on
a limb and said beef stew, but I said, you know what, it tastes like the vegetable soup we used
to have in grade school, so I’m just gonna go with vegetable stew. (futuristic music)
– [Together] Round two. – Bring it out and put it in. – Oh gosh. – Also very salty, I’m
chipmunking this one. I’m developing a new technique. This one too has a
seasoning powder packet. – A seasoning powder packet. – It also has larger cubes. – No, they’re, no, they’re not cubes. – There’s a long cylinder of something. – Yeah, huh, huh, oh man, I don’t think, those were
definitely not cubes, they might have been spirals. – Very crunchy. – Is this a double helix? Are we eating DNA that has been upsized? – Or perhaps noodles. I think maybe noodles. – I was trying to throw you off. – [Stevie] You ready? – Okay, I’ve got a guess. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Ramen.
– Pasta with marinara. – Ooh man,
– Okay, let’s bring it out. – I can taste the marinara now. I said ramen. – [Stevie] I feel like we
gotta give it to you Rhett – This is spaghetti.
– Spaghetti, yep. – Yeah, I was gonna say,
– Spaghetti and meatballs. – Spaghetti, but I didn’t,
I wanted to go more general because I didn’t know if they had made it into tubes or what. Tubes or cubes, it’s
either tubes or cubes, man. – These tubes and cubes
taste good in my mouth, man. – They do, yeah. (futuristic music)
– [Together] Round three. – Stork us. – Oh my goodness, that’s a big ‘un. Oh, I got a little crunchy
thing, and a big thing, like a boulder, it’s like a
piece of driftwood in my mouth. – What is this taste?
– It’s like I put my mouth down on the edge of the river, and a wood piece drifted in there. – Unh, what is this taste? – It’s like a big ol’
– Quit talking. – Why can’t I talk? My talking has nothing to
do with your tasting, man. – Yeah, it does, it does. – Just for that reason I’m
not gonna stop talking. – What is that taste? It’s so familiar. It’s so familiar. – I have tasted it before,
but I can’t identify it. I know, I know what you’re saying too, ’cause I’ve tasted this before. – What is it though? – I made it into meat sauce in my mouth. – It’s such a mystery. – It’s meat.
– What kind of meat? – At first I thought
it was ranch dressing. ‘Cause it has like a ranch flavor to it. – It’s the sauce that’s on it. – Smoky ranch something. – Oh, okay, I got an answer. – Okay. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Bacon and eggs.
– Bacon and ranch something. – [Stevie] Okay, lets bring it out. – What did you say?
– Bacon and eggs. – I said bacon and ranch something. – Bacon and eggs!
– Dang it. – [Stevie] Bacon and eggs. – That taste was bacon. That taste that was so
mysterious to me was just bacon. – Yeah, all I tasted was
bacon, I didn’t taste any eggs. – But it was such a different
bacon, it was a new bacon, was that the new bacon? (futuristic music)
– [Together] Round four. – Alright, spork it up. Oooh, oooh, oooh goodness, everywhere. The immediate taste is nasty. It’s like when you get
a box out of your attic, you take out of the box
what you’re looking for, and then you see there’s a
bunch of turds down in there, like hardened turds rolling around. That’s happening in my mouth right now. – This is awful. This is dog food. – It’s definitely meat, but
it’s not smoky in any way like the bacon and ranch something was. – Oh man, it tastes like,
– Am I supposed to like it? – It tastes like dog food because dog food is flavored like meat and it’s dry. – Dog food is flavored
like meat and it’s dry, but this actually tastes
like dog food, as well. I mean, I can’t imagine this
becoming better with water. – I think I know what it is. I have my guess. – Okay, I got a guess. – It doesn’t taste anything
like what I’m guessing. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Liver and onions.
– Fried chicken. – [Stevie] Alright, let’s bring it in. – It’s liver man, there’s liver. – [Stevie] It’s ground beef. – Oh, ground beef.
– Oh what! – [Stevie] Where did the
fried chicken guess come from. – ‘Cause it was crunchy. – It looks like Grape Nuts, big Grape Nuts that are made of beef. – Tastes like brown nuts. (futuristic music)
– [Together] Round five. – Fly that stork in. – Okay, oh there it is. Huh, this is weird, it’s spongy. – These are big cubes.
– Big cubes. – These cubes were much bigger
than the cubes I’m used to. – And they’re spongier, too. – Spongy cubes. – It feels like I’m eating a mouthguard. Like some NBA player,
like (spit) his mouthguard on the court, and I like swooped it up. – What in the world is this? – It’s meat again. – It’s meat again everyone. Oh gosh, this apocalypse
sucks, it’s meat again. – I mean in my mouth
it’s becoming meat again. I mean now that I’m like hydrating it – We meet again. – We meet again.
– And eat meat again. – That’s gonna be my name
in the apocalypse, Meatigan. It’s always just one, it’s
just Meatigan McLaughlin. ‘Cause it’s gonna give
people the feeling of like, I wanna be around that
guy, bring in Meatigan. – We are all Meatigan. – Bring in Meatigan, no, the
guy Meatigan, the tall one that rules the world now, and dispenses the meat cubes to us. – You could have like a
ham covered in barbed wire. – He’s got that guy with
glasses that he keeps tied up around the neck. – Uh, I think he’s talking about me, and that ain’t gonna fly. Alright, I’m ready to guess. – Hold on, hold on, I’m
not, I’ve been thinking about my future.
– Alright Meatigan, why don’t you develop
a guess, we’re ready. – No, no, no. – [Stevie] Okay. – It does not taste good. This does taste like the apocalypse. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Bison?
– Ribs. – [Stevie] Let’s bring it out. – I think you might be right. – It’s white? – [Stevie] It’s diced chicken. (buzzer) – Diced chicken, it looks like chalk. – [Stevie] Just straight up chicken, yeah. – [Link] Dang y’all. – Meatigan is here, I brought meat again. – I don’t want any meat again. (futuristic music)
– [Together] Round six. – Now the thing is once
you tell me what it is, I can actually start to
believe that that’s chicken. – Yeah, you’re like, chicken cubes, yeah. – Or hamburger, and I’m like, I can stomach it, I can take meat again. – But looking at it, you wouldn’t know, you have to be told, you
gotta keep the packaging. – So keep the blindfold, but have someone read the packaginf,
that’s what I’m gonna do in the apocalypse. Bring it in. – You’ll be blindfolded the whole time. I just sniffed some of it. Oh, it just went in my nose. – It tastes sweet to me. It went up your nose? Well Chase tried to rip
the roof of my mouth out when he removed the stork. – [Chase] Sorry. – This is good. – Now this is the first
one that’s tasted good. It’s got sugar on it. I don’t even wanna say
anything, because I could win and I think I’ve got a really good chance. – Man, that’s good, that is so good! – Mmhmm, this is the best
thing I’ve ever eaten once my saliva got to it. Just add saliva, tastes amazing. – That is Meatigan’s philosophy. Once your saliva gets to
it, everything will be okay. If you stick with me,
you’ll be able to generate enough saliva to make it in this world. – I swallowed it. – I’m gonna have a mowhawk. – And I’m wanting more. – Meatigan with the mohwak is back. – Mohawkigan. When I take your mohawk
off and then it grows back, that’s what we’ll call you. – Okay, I got a guess. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – Sweet and sour chicken.
– Beef teriyaki. – [Stevie] Let’s bring it out. Oh Rhett you were so close. – It’s sweet and sour what? – Pork.
– Pork! – Sweet and sour porkage. We knew we were in the Asian food market. – We were, that’s good. I’ll eat some right now. – Man, look at this guys,
we’re onto something. – Okay, what do I win? – [Stevie] You win, what are calling them, frixy six, which you’ll see in More. – Frixy stix?
– They’re very exciting, yes. – I get some frixy stix. – Something tells me they’re
gonna be a little weird. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. Good work ol’ chap.
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